Tim and Sid: Uncut Radio Intro.

“It’s the Kid Famous. Follow me on Twitter @thekidfamous.
Hey yo Tim, Sid – Let’s Go!
Let me run this bitch, Sid and Tim: Uncut, givin’ their opinions.
What’s hot, what’s not, what’s pop, and what’s real hip-hop.”

“Movies, Sports, Stats, Gossip, haha, Straight jokes,
Aaron, quit askin’ stupid questions and sound them horns.
Not just a podcast, but a radio show from 4 – 5,
Online, thescore.com – the Sirius 98 we live.
Shout-out to Hainser Nation, DJ Bennett, Noon,
Pizzo Posse, Tim and Sidizens this one goes out to you!”

Do you overstand? Rewind selector,
The Score, Home of the Hardcore Sirius, nothing’s better.
The sound of Kid Sid, and the Kid Famous, and Uncle Tim.
The podcast – #1 in the Nation, real talk, let’s begin!

(There are 2 lines in the introduction that are damn hard to hear or understand. If anyone can fill me in on the correct wording, please drop a comment)


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