Sound Bytes B**tch!

Yesterday’s review of Tim and Sid: Uncut will be posted after lunch, but in the meantime I wanted to briefly comment on the use of sound bytes during the show.

Sound Byte. Def: a very short piece of a speech taken from a longer speech or an interview in which someone with authority or the average “man on the street” says something which is considered by those who edit the speech or interview to be the most important point. (Wikipedia)

Witty, smart, and definitely funny – the producers of the show really know how to put together some of the funnier sound bytes heard on radio. These “bytes” really give the listener a better picture of the sports story being told or the topic of discussion. Some memorable bytes include CSI’s “Oh Yeah”, Battle L.A, and the now exiled “DJ” tune.

However, the most common used sound bytes by Tim and Sid: Uncut occur after every radio show/podcast to cue the end of the show – the closing credits.

“Where do you think you’re going?”
Clark, I think it’s best if everyone just goes home.”
“It’s over.”
“Please don’t leave me!”
“Oh My God! Look at that whale.”
“It’s Over?”
“It’s Over! It’s over, ladies and gentlemen.”
“Th-th-th-that’s all Folks!”
“Listen to me, it’s gone okay. It’s over.”

Any Tim and Sidizens out there have a particular favorite?


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