Swedish Idol & “Ranger” Ranallo

“Never underestimate the heart of a champion” – Tim Micallef
As Tim put it this afternoon, if he had hair, he would of lost it all in the last couple of days. From the Spurs saving their dynasty, to KD’s clutch shooting, and the Bruins delivering the final knock-out blow, it was an eventful Wednesday evening. And who’s to blame him? If you’re a genuine sports fan, both the NHL and NBA first-round playoffs have really delivered the goods. Let’s hope this stuff keeps up. As Tim put it, “He feels like a Mosquito in a nudist colony” (where does he come up with this shit – amazing).

I’m finally going to comment on Sid’s absenteeism. I understand the guy is covering UFC 129 and this week is probably full of events/Q & A’s that he has to attend. However, UFC is taking place in TORONTO, in his hometown – not the States. It couldn’t hurt calling into the show, or even showing up for a few mintues. As a fan, I do miss the guy and his fucked up Sid-isms. Mind you, this is coming from someone who doesn’t exactly know how or what is involved when it comes to covering a particular sports event and Sid being absent could very well be justified.

Today’s show includes special guests Sherman Hamilton from Raptors TV, Mauro Ranallo, and a possible chat with UFC champ, Jonny “Bones” Jones. However, Jones’ flight is currently delayed and may not make it. “Famous, run that ish…..ish…..” (Say Bitch for once Tim, it’s a female dog)

Sherman “Hole-in-One” Hamilton
Today we were treated to special guest Sherman Hamilton. Sherman, a retired professional basketball player and now basketball analyst for Raptors TV was brought in to talk about the crazy NBA playoffs that are currently taking place. As we all know, Tim’s a huge BBall fan and I was looking forward to two dudes having some #realtalk. First off the top, Micallef and Hamilton immediately began discussing the Spurs and Grizzlies series. The night before Gary Neal (that’s not a typo) hit the game tying shot to force OT. Pretty funny because I’m sure everyone on the court, in the stadium, and folks at home didn’t expect him to have the ball in his hand. But as Hamilton put it, lots of credit should go to Popovich. Popovich demands alot from his players but in saying that, he also has alot of trust in them. And the trust in Gary paid off. Tim asked whether or not this OT lose would hurt Memphis’ chance of pulling out the series. Sherman feels they should still win – he compared them to OKC; a team with lots of confidence and a team that’s running at a high level of intensity.

Tim threw out some questions regarding favourites in the West and East. Sherman loves the way the Thunder have been playing but believes the Lakers will come out of the West. With regards to the East, most talk surrounded the Boston vs. Miami series. After finishing off the 76ers, LeDouche James went on to say that the Heat were “just finishing breakfast” – the first round (the more this guys speaks, the more I dislike him). The discussion all came down to TEAM. While Miami has lots of talent, they still haven’t figured out how to play as a team. Boston on the otherhand, have been there before, the players know their role, and they all work as a unit. Sherman and Tim also threw out the fact of Who the hell is going to guard Rondo? And to finish off the East discussion, Sherman feels Atlanta blew a chance the other night and they better be careful. When a team’s down, you need to bury them. Don’t give their shooters confidence and give Superman his cape. He feels the Hawks better be ready to play (As I write this, THE HAWKS WIN, THE HAWKS WIN! – no more of that midget from the Wonka Factory, Mr. Van Gundy).

To end of the conversation, Tim threw out the question from the day before: Hole-in-one vs. BMW. Apparently, Sherman already has a hole-in-one so he comes from experience. His answer: “looking back on it now, I would want the car.” Sorry Noon.


Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. Looks like Noon took this BMV vs. Hole-in-one to twitter. He asked for Tiger Woods opinion. We’re still waiting for an answer.
2. The Toronto Maple have signed Swedish goaltender, Mark Owuya. What’s funny is that this guy was once on Swedish Idol. His nickname: Mark in Da Park. I’ve included a link to an old interview between Mark and Mr. Gerry Dee during the WJHC.
3. Little discussion on the Royal Wedding. Sounds like none of the boys will be waking up to tune in.
4. John Daly was recently interviewed and asked about Tiger Wood’s infidelities. They key line from this update came from Daly himself, “If you’re not going to give it to me, I’m going to go get it somewhere else.” What a fat bastard.

Below is the video of Toronto’s new signing, Mark in Da Park – “BOYZ”

Mauro “Ranger” Ranallo @mauroranallo

I’ll be honest, I never heard of this guy before. I love the UFC but have never crossed paths with Mr. Ranallo. Ranallo is best known for his work as a commentator for PRIDE FC and, more recently, Showtime for Elite XC and Strikeforce broadcasts. Either way, I looked forward to hearing this guy speak. Before any MMA chat however, Tim threw out the random Vancouver rant. Apparently, Ranallo is originally from the West Coast, just outside of Vancouver and he gets alot of hate from Canuck fans. He was once a diehard Canuck fan, but after years of disappointment, especially after they lost in 1982, he bascially said, “Fuck this!” and began cheering for the New York Rangers. The story behind the the nickname “Ranger Ranallo” is that he once worked in radio and during the Rangers playoff run in the 90’s, he gave himself the name. This clearly stirred up shit for all his listeners – The Traitor! Obviously, all the talk in this segment was in regards to the upcoming UFC 129 in Toronto. This is huge both for Toronto fans, Canada, and the UFC. There was some discussion on the fighters and Mauro’s picks for UFC 129 on Saturday. He feels GSP should win in the 3rd or 4th round, feels Couture could go out a winner, and the unknown Canadian to make a name for himself will be Rory “The Waterboy” MacDonald. What I found really interesting about this segment and where I truly believe Tim should be given credit, was his ability to interview and speak on a topic that’s he’s not 100% into. Tim’s not a huge UFC or MMA fan but he still is a professional – the boy works. And I can sort of see where he’s coming from. Tim doesn’t feel emotionally connected to the sport and some of these MMA fighters come out of nowhere. What’s their upbringing? Where did they come from? What’s their back story? Tim seems to be all about the grassroots and the minor leagues. The more I review these shows, the more I respect the guy. He’s got values. Grassroot sports were a big area of my study in university and I think highly of a dude who also believes in their importance. On a sidenote, this interview was also hilarious. Ranallo is ball of energy – he’s like that kid at camp that you wanted to punch just once to calm him down. He’s clearly passionate at what he does.

Rapid Fire
I felt for Bronsteter during this segment. Not only did he get some shitty Cut or Uncut questions from fans, but he also had to give an instructional to Ranallo on how the segment works. It was pure gold. Ranallo also gave a little too much information in Rapid Fire when he claimed to be uncut. All I can say is, potential head cheese?…….I hope you wash yourself thoroughly (this fact is not proven, possibly a myth).
Taking a picture of a long line-up believing it to be mindblowing: Both Tim and Ranallo say cut. I personally think it’s a weird question, maybe the listener was at the recent iPad 2 launch?
Saying the first round series is better than the gold medal game: I would have to say this is uncut. Especially after listening to Weekes talk about it yesterday.
Wearing a short sleeve under a jacket: Ranallo believes this is uncut as he does wear short sleeves under jackets. I believe this to be pretty cut.
Spending a pile of money on a playoff game and leaving when the score is 4-0: What the hell! It’s professional sports! You never know what’s gonna happen.
Watching the movie Twilight with a hot chick vs. Watching the Playoffs (NHL or NBA): Until I got met my fiancee, I always worked the booty. I would just get updates from the Score.
Taking a picture of video with an iPad?: What the hell? Who is listening to this show and giving these suggestions?

Great job by Tim and the radio show team. Tim really showed his interview skills and ability to discuss a topic that he’s not quite into. Way to go bud! But some of those CUT or UNCUT questions were not that good  – it’s time to weed out some of the shitty ones. Pretty sad that Jonny Bones didn’t show, but not the show’s fault – airplanes baby. Great show overall – a solid 9/10.


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