Pippa, Pints, & Princes

It’s Friday ladies and gentlemen, the end of the April is upon us, and it’s the Royal Wedding Day – WOOOOO! Tim was working alone again today – Sexy Sid is off covering UFC 129 and should be back on Monday. I’m sure Sid will have lots to talk about come next week. Tim had a little pre-sulk at the beginning of the show with regards to Thursday’s action in both the NHL and NBA. And who could blame him. Lakers, Hawks, and Mavericks all pulled out wins and finished their respective series – No games 7’s baby. And the first game in the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs (VAN vs. NSH) didn’t quite live up to previous games in the first round. Sport fans have been spoiled in both sports over the last couple of weeks.

Today’s show includes retired American professional hockey player, once Vancouver Canuck – Bret Hedican, the Score’s James Sharman, Royal Wedding talk, and random guest of the week….the man who sells $15 sneakers and plays for the Foshan Dralions – Stephon Marbury.

*Disclaimer – Bronsteter decided to try something out for today’s show, an experiment if you will. He texted Tim last night and threw out the idea of trying to get Marbury on the show. It sounded like the initial reaction by Tim was, “What the hell?”, but hey, that’s what the show is all about, expect the unexpected. 

1988 NHL Entry Draft Pick, 198th Overall, Bret Hedican @BretHedican
Tim wasted no time getting into this segment of the show. To be honest, the transition took me by surprise, but that’s the way I like. Immediately get into the meat of the interview. Brets loved the playoffs so far and has really been impressed with the level of play. With regards to his former team, he really likes the way the Vancouver Canucks are playing. After last night’s win over the Predators, he suggests that Nashville really need to step up their game if they want to win. Tim inquired about Ballard’s hit on Jordin Tootoo and he felt is was great hit. Unfortunately clipping was called by the refs, but that’s part of the NHL. While Bret didn’t like the call, he understands how difficult it can be at times to be a referee.

Tim followed with a great question: Who has more pressure? Luongo or Thornton? Bret found this a tough one to answer. He did give some pretty cool insight however and an answer I didn’t expect. He believed that Lui struggled during the Gold medal Olympic run. And while he did play great at times, he never stole the spotlight and it was his teammates in front of him who were the stars. He thinks Lui might have some self-doubt. But like all professional athletes, that’s part of the game. They need to find the desire and have to dig deep. With regards to the Sharks, Tim wonders whether or not time is running out for them to win the cup? Bret figures age is catching up to the boys – they’re not as fast as they once were. They’re more of a puck control group; they need to make their run now. Some of Hedican’s “games to watch” for the second round include the PHI/BOS and DET/SHARKS. He truly believes secondary players are the ones that will make the difference in these games.

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. Some UFC fighters believe vibrations caused by music during weigh-ins increases one’s weight. Sounds like someone got hit in the head too many times.
2. In response to a sportswriter who called the Atlanta Hawks “bird brains”. Josh Smith channeled his inner Sid Seixeiro after they beat the Magic and told the reporter, “In Yo Face.”
3. Mick Foley, known to many as Mankind, is in financial trouble. In order to recoup some of his money, he’s having a firesale on Ebay. You can check all his items available for sale at the following link: pickels01 Let’s hope this 10-yr old kid who bought William Perry’s ring buys all of Foley’s stuff and gives it back to him as well.
4. The guy who designed Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is trying to shut down Hangover 2. Apparently he says he owns the right to the tattoo and claims copyright infringement. (Ed Helms’ character is seen sporting the tattoo in the new trailer)
5. And Gloria Allred is once again in the news. I can’t even sum up this update and I’d advise that you check out the video below. I definitely don’t agree with what Roger McDowell is accused of doing, but to demonstrate in front of your kids? Not the best thing.

James “The Brit” Sharman
What a treat for Tim and Sidizens – producer and sportscaster on the Score was a special correspondent for the Royal Wedding. Well, not quite. Our boy Sharman was actually doing some stories on the upcoming Olympics, sport academies, and how bright sports is looking in the country. However he did have some insightful thoughts on the big wedding day.
1. Pippa (Kate’s sister) stole the show. “Pippa, Bloody Hell
2. “Harry better be in that. If you’re the Prince, you better get some.” (re: Pippa)
3. The Monarchy is not what it once was. There are no more beheadings.
4. James Sharman considers drinking beer a sport. 
5. “The pub is packed, beers are flowing beautifully, and the girls are lovely.”

I was still at work when this segment of the show came on and had to stop listening. Sharman is a funny guy and he seems to bring out the foul language and laughter with Timmy. I couldn’t stop laughing myself and this doesn’t bode well when all my co-workers are staring at me (I usually listen to the show with my earphones). Best part though was when Tim was ending the interview and saying goodbye. Tim’s exact words, “I’m going to leave you so you can get back to your 8th pint.”  silence….silence….Sharman had already hung up. You really can’t let your beer get cold.

Timmy RANT!!!!
Time was running short but I could tell by the sound of his voice, Tim was ready for a mini-rant on the recent NFL draft. He basically wanted to say that all the hype surrounding the NFL draft is “Bullshit!“. Most sports, especially the NFL, hype up ever single player that’s drafted. Every guy is a considered a pro, and no one has the balls to say he’s a bust. We’re all made to believe that dudes drafted in the 4th round are better than they actually are. He goes on to make a great point – some of these players drafted will make half the money that some older, veteran secondary players are currently making. It’s all about saving money. Cut the old dude and hire the “bust” in order to save money. I agree with him completely. Tim also throws out a great stat that I never really thought of: 50% of the first round draft picks in pretty much ever sport are busts. Both himself and Bronsteter gave lots of examples to prove their points.

Rapid Fire
As with every Friday, Bronsteter does a run down of things learned throughout the show in the past week. Some important items were:
1. Tim and Sid: Uncut have a new unofficial blog. Thanks for reading guys.
2. The show is moving from channel 98 to channel 158.
3. Tim and Sidizens had the honour of learning that Ranallo is uncut.
4. Tim can call Kevin Weekes – “Weeksie” (Tim is not 100% sure of this though)
5. Eddie Olczyk thinks Ilya Bryzgalov should go to goalie school, especially in Winnipeg.
6. It’s time to put a dagger in Chelsea Dagger for now.
7. Noon would rather a Hole-in-one than a free BMW.

Rapid Fire was a huge improvement over yesterday’s. Maybe it was just the topics available, who knows…it’s only my opinion.
– What food would you want to make a sculpture of your head with? Ribs and Frozen Guinness was mentioned. I’m going to go with stacked meat patties.
– Moosehead with Ketchup Chips vs. Pickles with Ketchup: Natalie Portman, when pregnant, loved pickles and ketchup. I think this is CUT. However Noon would like to see Portman eat a pickle. Timmy mentioned she eat a pickle with mayo instead, and well you know, the question went downhill from there… 🙂
– Who was your favourite member of the Royal Family? Tim just killed the Royal family. He called the Queen, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’m going to pick Big Willie, he flies choppers.

End of a great week. With the help of Noon and Bronsteter, Uncle Timmy did a great job. There has to be a lot of prep work required for all the interviews and special guests. While today’s show had less sport talk, I really enjoyed it. It’s all about edu-tainment Tim and Sidizens. It keeps my better-half tuned in periodically – she’s not a big sports follower. To me, the show ends on a high note. 10/10

P.S. Thanks for all the responses, comments, suggestions this past week. Your support has been huge and it means a lot. I even appreciate all the shit from the trolls, haters, and dickheads – guess what? you guys matter too. The way I look at, if you’re not getting shit on from time to time, you’re not doing a good job. TF


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