“It’s 85 f**king feet!”

We built that! It’s eighty-five feet. Eighty-five fucking feet!”

“It’s like Dallas’ Texas Stadium on steroids.”
– Rogers Centre for UFC 129

Last night’s UFC event was the biggest in it’s history, as UFC 129 was held in the Rogers Centre in front of a little more than 55,000 fans in Toronto, ON. Unfortunately, there was still possibly thousands of individuals, some Tim and Sidizens included, that were left without tickets and had to watch the event from their couches on PPV. However, Dana White, in one of his Daily Video Blogs that he usually does prior to all UFC events, gave an amazing tour of the stadium and gives the fans a little idea of what to expect prior to the festivities. White gives a run-down of equipment used, the views from the $50 section to the $800 section, and the areas for fans to buy merchandise, take pictures, etc. for a full interactive experience.

What I was most impressed by throughout the whole video however, was what seemed to be a genuine love for the UFC and ensuring that fans really have a great time at a UFC event. The tag line, “A fat kid in a smartie store” doesn’t do it justice. He seemd pretty excited to finally be putting off an MMA event Canada – White really loves what he does and really believes in the sport of MMA. While alot of people have different views of Dana White as a person/owner, there’s one thing we all have to agree on – the guy knows how to market the shit out of the UFC.

Finally, it’s the dreaded Monday tomorrow, but that only means another new week of Tim and Sid:Uncut. I have no idea what the boys have lined up, but I’m sure it will be jam-packed with goodness. The daily reviews will begin again.


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