“…pull it out, stab u in the leg…”

For many of the Tim and Sidizens that listen to the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show, it’s quite obvious that music plays an important part in the production. Whether it’s the Kid Famous’ intro., soundbites for a particular segment, or straight-up background tunes, music, especially hip hop, is quite relevant at times for the show. And from listening to the show/podcast, it’s apparent that Tim, Sid, Noon, Pizzo, and Bronsteter are all quite knowledgable when it comes to music.

But were you aware that Tim and Sid were once lyrical masters, spittin’ rhymes like it was nobody’s business? A little history lesson – Tim and Sid used to help host a show called the Score Tonight. According to Wikipedia, “it was the flagship news and highlights program that aired weeknights on the network.” Either way, Tim, Sid, along with other artists, used to promo the show through commercials. While they weren’t “straight out of compton” or “crazy muthafuckers that mumbled and rumbled”, their rhyming skills are somewhat legit. Either way, I laugh every time I watch these little bits.

*All videos are property of the Score.
Update: Thursday’s review daily will be posted this morning 


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