Ron Hextall & Yo Gabba Gabba

“Boucher looks soft against Boston, the Capitals looked soft against Tampa, and the Mavs right now are making it hard – on the Lakers. That’s the theme of today. And no it’s not like that, it’s purely sexual.” In today’s Thursday edition of Tim and Sid: Uncut, some topics up for discussion included Ron Artest, NFL in Toronto, making payroll, Cinco de Mayo, the cost of water, and Tim’s car hunt continues. While Friday is always an exciting day, I generally enjoy the Thursday’s podcast. It’s a good send off into the weekend. Fridays kind of don’t mean shit because most people really don’t work and surrounding co-workers tend to be just gearing up for the weekend.

In today’s show the boys got the ball rolling by discussing Tim’s current car hunt. It appears they’ve touched a nerve with all the Tim and Sidizens. While Sid was breaking into a couple of car emails sent in from listeners, I could hear Tim mutter to himself sarcastically, “forget the sports talk. It’s all about me getting a new car.”  Some fans have even gone as far to send emails listing a couple of cars that they have available for sale and telling Tim to “make his move!” While he’s open to the idea of getting a used vehicle, it’s all about ensuring he has a safe, reliable, cheap on gas car that he can scoot to work with. Anyone that drives a vehicle is well aware of the rising prices of gas and oil. It baffles Tim because Canada has more oil than most countries and it’s “bullshit” to make us pay more for gas. Both agree with the sentiment that we are getting “cornholed”. Sid’s “okay with a used car as long as it doesn’t smell like balls.” Tim went on to say that his car of choice will most likely come from Ford and that he’ll be heading to Oakland Ford in Oakville, Ontario this evening to check out a possible new vehicle.

*To Tim: From a viewer’s perspective to someone who is somewhat of a sports “star” in the public eye, it might be best not to broadcast where you’re going and when you’re going to be there. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but you could end up with a line-up of crazy ass fans looking for sport talk. Remember, you have over 10,000 followers on twitter…people seem to like you.

I remember Tim saying that one of the reasons behind getting a Ford is because he can get a discount. I tried to do some research for Tim and Sidizens to find out what kind of a discount we are talking about here. I called one dealership and was given the standard, “we can’t divulge that information sir.” – basically telling me to go fuck myself. So I went online and did some further research and apparently deals for friends/family members can vary depending on the Ford dealership. Some deals found online include:
1. That each employee can enable the purchase of 2 cars per year using their “ticket”, but they don’t actually have to buy them themselves. Friends or family members can buy them.
2. Friends/family are entitled to a 20-28% discount on new cars.

“Bitch Please! Water is $4.75?”
As mentioned above, the boys spent some time discussing the fact that gas is “Way Too Damn High”. And to follow up with that, both Bronsteter and Sid shared an experience over the weekend at UFC 129 that demonstrated another “scam on men.” (don’t forget the ladies too). Basically, during UFC 129, Sid and Bronsteter were sitting near the media section. Sid, in true, cheap bastard tradition (I kid), assumed or thought that drinks, etc. in their section was comped. During the fight, he asked one of the vendors in the section for a bottle of water. She came up to Sid and he hesitantly hands her some money (not entirely sure at this point whether it’s free or not) thinking maybe the water is $2. In actuality, he paid $4.75 for the bottle. C’mon man, are you kidding me?” I agree with Sid 100% here – complete rip-off.

Bruce “BBQ” Boudreau
Talk eventually shifted into the NHL playoffs. Last night the Tampa Bay Lighting in convincing fashion finished off the Washington Capitals four games to none. A huge disappointment for a team that won the Southeast for the 4th year in a row and expected to be in the finals. The question was whether or not Bruce Boudreau, the coach, would be still around after this season. Sid figures that it will be dependent on whether or not George McPhee comes back as the GM. Both Tim and Sid believe that “BBQ” Boudreau should be given one more season, but in reality, Micallef thinks Bruce will in fact, be fired. It does baffle me though that the Capitals have been unable to show up in the playoffs over the past four seasons. In my opinion, I actually question the heart of some of these players. Ex. I don’t see the same intensity or “desire to win” in Ovechkin like some other players in the league, past and present (i.e. Crosby, Yzerman, Gretzky). When things aren’t going well, they don’t dig deep and at times become completely lethargic.

Chat then shifted to the Boston/Philadelphia series. It appears that the Bruins are on their way to finishing off the Flyers. The big question here is, “How many years do you get burnt by your goaltender?” The Flyers have gone through 6 goalie changes in these playoffs alone. Tim runs through some past Philly goalies and some of the names mentioned, I had completely forgotten about. From my own research, some past goalies of the Flyers include:
– Stephane Beauregard
– Michael Belhumeur
– Martin Biron
– Sean Burke
– Roman Cechmanek
– Frederic Chabot
– Marc D’Amour
– Jeff Hackett
– Ron Hextall
(Sid’s guy – he can’t say nothing bad about him.)
– Kenn Wregget
– Garth Snow
– Robbie Moore

Sid agrees that while the goalie situation is an issue, he truly believes that the subtraction of Chris Pronger also has been a huge issue for that team. Pronger is the rock on that backline. Around this time, they throw out a little game called “The Flyers have pulled their goalie more than blank?” Some answers included:
1. More than Hainser at 2 pm Eastern every day.
2. Haisner at an Asian Beauty Pageant.
3. Seixeiro at the thought of fried foods.

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. There was a shout-out to Rob Pizzo by Seixeiro. Scroll down the blog for further information on his recent accomplishment.
2. The recent Red Sox /Angels game went into extra innings – almost 5 hrs. of playing time and it didn’t end until 2:45am. And like most fans that stick around the ballpark late at night, they tend to get a little crazy. During one of the extra innings, fans starting singing Biz Markie’s, “Just a Friend” – hilarious stuff. But are you guys aware of what Biz has been up to lately? He periodically shows up giving lessons on how to beat box on the children’s hit show “Yo Gabba Gabba”. It’s entertaining for both kids and adults who take hallucinogens. Check out some of the videos below.

3. Teresa McCoy, a triathlete, was in a race recently when she came across two police officers who were surrounding a man on the ground who appeared to have collapsed. Teresa, a nurse, stopped and checked the man out only to find out he didn’t have a pulse. She proceeded to do CPR and saved the man’s life. And after all that? She continued on her way and finished the race. Horns for her!

Mavericks Channel Their Inner J.R. Ewing
To get discussion on the NBA playoffs going, the boys start chatting about some of the best TV show themes of all time. Bronsteter plays a little clip of a theme song from the 1980’s hit, Dallas. Some honourable mentions of great theme songs included: The Jefferesons, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A recognizable theme song for me personally includes Knight Rider and Miami Vice.

So what’s the deal with the Lakers? Down 0 – 2 against the Mavericks, the Lakers have a mini hill to climb. Ron Artest is gone for game 3 (which was stupid on his part), they can’t hit a shot from the 3-point line, and it seems that Dirk is hitting shots like nobody’s business – even when Pau plays great defense. Sid mentions something that I never thought about before;  he was questioning where the new blood was? In ’09 it was Gasol, in ’10 it was Artest, in ’11 it was….it was? There doesn’t seem to be “that” new guy who’s really hungry for a title. With regards to whether or not the Lakers comeback, Sid definitely won’t count this team out. Their defending Champions, they have Kobe Bryant, and he just has too much respect for them. All it takes is one loss for the Mavs to let self-doubt start creeping in.

During this time, Bronsteter interrupts with BREAKING NEWS. Gus Johnson is stepping down from CBS. See the full article here. And something that has no relevance to this story, Sid shares his own bit of news. ABC is rumoured to be bouncing General Hospital in favour of CBS’s Katie Couric’s own show – maybe a $20 million deal. Daaaaammmmmn.

Rapid Fire
A huge Thursday edition of CUT or UNCUT today – lots of things to discuss. It’s the bread and butter of the show sometimes.
Wearing an Adjustable hat if you’re over the age of 13 and under the age of 65?: Tim says it’s uncut while Sid disagrees. I think this is uncut too. What happens if a guy with a fitted hat gets a serious disease and has to shave his head? His fitted hat might be too big for him then. The Adjustable fixes that problem.
Using your neighbours WIFI if it’s not protected? Cut all around. However, Sid’s WIFI is currently unprotected. Between unsecure WIFI and geo-tagging, Sid needs to get tech savvy 😉
Reversible clothing?: I think the only piece of clothing where this is not uncut is with regards to a basketball jersey. I haven’t had a piece of reversible clothing circa ’96 – my Footlocker Georgetown practice jersey.
Collecting Cassette or VHS tapes because they are vintage?: This is cut because they’re irrelevant. Why collect shit that’ll take up space.
Liking the Foo Fighers more than Nirvana?: Both guys say it’s uncut. I agree with their statement. Good music is good music. The Foo Fighters are a great band and their music may appeal more to the kids born in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed Thursday’s radio show. The best part was Bronsteter’s CUT or UNCUT segment but I really like the run down of the Philly goalies from the past and present. I was definitely happy to hear some playoff talk – I hope this continues. The overpriced H2O story was also pretty funny – I would have paid to see Sid’s face. A solid 9/10 for the boys.


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