Ron Swanson vs. Ben Chang

“….Rashard Mendenhall loses a sponsor, and John Noon has Chlamydia.” (the headlines prior to the theme song was cut short when transferred to the podcast – however Noon’s current plight was really the only highlight from the intro.). Another week has come and gone and the weekend is upon us. Some of the topics up for grabs today were: Ron Artest, Jimmy Howard, Horses, Shaquille O’Neal, Dirk Nowitzki, and Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately, Noon was absent for today’s episode, but Bronsteter was joined by Dave Coulson behind the glass. Apparently, Noon has chlamydia………or that was at least how Seixeiro interpreted it. And since Sid was ripped for his pink-eye incident several week’s ago, he was going to let John have it. Like Tim said, “Vengeance will be Seixeiro’s”. In actuality, Noon was absent for the following reason, excerpt: email to the Score: “keeping with the long standing tradition of athletic failures in radio, I, John Noon, have screwed my neck and shoulder up by crashing into the boards at hockey. I’ll be available via phone and email. Apologies for the short notice. Signed John Noon”. All I can say is, use protection Noon, use protection.”

The OHF: Micallef vs. Pizzo Rd. 1
A huge discussion today on the news that came out Friday morning regarding the Ontario Hockey Federation’s decision to ban body-checking for recreational players between the ages of 6 and 21. Basically, there will be no more hitting allowed in House League and Select teams comprised of the top house league players. With regards to “rep”, A, AA, and AAA, the rule is not in effect. From many of the message boards, Tim could see there was alot of mixed reactions through Ontario and Canada. Many people believe that the rule change is great for hockey – making it a safe environment for children to learn skills while also reducing the possible injuries. Tim voiced the same sentiment and figures “if you’re not good enough to play in the 3rd level of hockey, then there’s no need to learn hitting.” Sid wondered though if banning checking in hockey, could hinder a possible pro career in “rep”? The guys brought Pizzo into the conversation because he’s a huge hockey guy – he’s the #7 Canadian hockey broadcaster based on the Klout System. Pizzo, however, has a completely different take on the recent ruling. He thinks it’s a terrible idea. It has nothing to do with whether a person goes pro or not. It’s just a natural progression where one kid could play house league for a couple of years and then improve their game to a point where they could play in “rep” league. Pizzo believes that because that particular kid “never had the experience of learning the art of hits or how to avoid hits; he’s going to get creamed. An important part of hitting is knowing how to take hits so you don’t get hurt.” In response to this comment, Tim doesn’t know what the big issue is. He believes a child could learn how to hit in less than 2 minutes – that’s how he learned when he was younger. Pizzo is not buying that argument though and an agreement regarding the OHF topic between the two is not happening anytime soon.

Both guys definitely present views from each side of the argument that I agree with to an extent. Tim’s point is valid because it’s important that kids do have a safe environment to play hockey in without the risk of injury. It’s the true meaning of playing the game for “fun with risks”. But at the same time, what’s hockey without hitting? Body-checking has been a part of the game since….well, forever possibly. And I truly believe that a kid who is exposed to hitting at a young age, will be better prepared for hitting as he gets older, especially if he moves up to “rep” league. I understand that injuries are a huge possibility but for the parents who don’t want their kids to get hurt, maybe try another sport? Children play football and rugby at a young age as well, some even as young at 9 & 10 – both are sports where hitting is a huge part of the game. Why only focused on hockey? As my better half, MK, said, “Hockey ain’t ballet. That’s what figure skating is for.”

NHL Playoff Chatter
Once the heated debate finished, conversation shifted to the NHL playoffs. Ryan Kesler has really stepped his game up and helped Vancouver win the last two games against Nashville. Tim believes that he’s actually “put the team on his back in the last two games.” Both Tim and Sid believe the series is a wrap and the Canucks are on their way to the Western Conference Finals. But once there, then what? Can they beat the Sharks? (assuming the Sharks beat the Red Wings). Sid made a good point here with regards to the Canucks “exorcising their demons”. There’s one demon left – Anti Niemi. Can they beat that guy? With regards to the BOS/PHI series, everyone believes the series to be over. Pronger is still injured and there’s no chance for a comeback. The same goes for the Sharks and Red Wings series. It seems that the Red Wings have dug a hole to deep to climb out of. Chat then shifted to whether Modano and Lidstrom will retire should they get knocked out by Detroit? The “Swedish D” and the “Highest Points Scoring American” might consider making it a career. It’s ironic that Modano became the All-time American point leader in a game against the Sharks. It looks like it will also be the team to send him into retirement.

*After last night’s games, the Flyers are officially out and the Red Wings survived for another night – the series is now 3 games to 1.

Interesting Facts From PIMP, Rob Pizzo
1. Little chatter on which show is better? Community or Parks and Recreation. There’s a lot of love for Parks and Rec., but Tim thinks Modern Family is better than both shows. I have to agree with that statement.
2. Klout scores were released recently for NBA players and teams. Players such as James, Durant, Odom, Wade, and Nash lead the league. With regards to teams, the Lakers interact the most with their fans via social media.
3. recently updated their homepage with a photo of the Canucks’ Green men. Strange, seeing as they condemned them for being a nuisance in the area a couple of days prior. In typically NHL fashion – back-peddling at it’s best.
4. At a recent weigh-in for a boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Brian Nielson, Nielson mooned the entire crowd. Another gong show for Holyfield – time for him to hang them up. The guys discussed some past press conferences and everyone agreed that Iron Mike had some of the best soundbites in history.

What We Learned This Week
A little segment run by Bronsteter here. He’s done these before in the past, but they usually are near the end of the show. This was a good little break. The things learned during this week’s shows were that:
– Tim and Sidizens found out who and where Sauce Kid is from.
– Bronsteter should be more precise in his requests. Especially when they are directed at Hainser.
– It’s never to early for ice cream.
– Tim does business around the corner from Roy Foss.
– Osama Bin Laden is taking his talents to hell after being killed during Operation Neptune.
– Jason Jackson’s friends call him “Jacks”.
– Sid paid $4.75 for water.
– Most Tim and Sidizens think MINIs are straight foss.
– Tim’s future car has more seats than the Liberals.

NBA #realtalk
The next segment involved whether or not the Lakers and Celtics see their respective Conference Finals. Both L.A and Boston are down two games to none against the Heat and Mavs. It’s hard to believe considering that everyone in the sports world believed that at least one of these teams would be there. Tim and Sid agree that you can’t count out either one of these teams until we see the result of game 3. Both teams are recent NBA Champions and know what it takes to win – you can’t rule them out. (However, I just finished watching the Lakers/Mavs game 3 and the Lakers collapsed like the Berlin Wall). With regards to the Hawks/Bulls series, there’s nothing to intriguing happening. Other than Rose’s injury, which they believe he’ll overcome, the Bulls should finish off Atlanta. Derrick is a young guy and has the ability to play through pain, and come through for his team.

Some other news of interest that came up near the end of the show involved the announcement of GSP’s payday. It appears that George made $400,000 for last week’s fight against Jake Shields. Puppy shit compared to what UFC 129 actually brought in for putting off the event. Tim can’t believe that UFC fighters haven’t stepped up and challenged Dana White yet with the threat of leaving. Compared to boxing, UFC fighters are making pocket change. Ex. Manny Pacquiao is pulling in $15 million this week for fighting Shane Mosley. Tim is ready to become a UFC agent – time to step up.

Rapid Fire
Nick Diaz is fighting Jeff Lacy soon. Will an MMA fighter be able to excel in boxing? Sid’s not sure and Tim doesn’t think so. I kind of agree with Tim – while Diaz has some boxing skills, there’s no way MMA fighters have the same fist speed or stamina as full-time boxers.
If Nicklas Lidstrom retires after the series against the Sharks, where will he rank amongst all-time defencemen? Everyone agrees he’s in the Top 3. I’d go as far as maybe #1. He has the trophies and Stanley Cups to prove it. He’s durability has been huge.
Rashard Mendenhall lost his endorsement with Champion. Is this a good look for Champion? In the long run, I think so. He made some pretty fucked up statements. From a marketing standpoint, if they continued with him, sales would have most likely decreased.
Hooters has a recent Mother’s Day promotion for moms: They get free chicken wings for showing up. Is this a good idea? CUT all around! No moms allowed.

Today’s show was up there. The OHF’s decision to ban body-checking is a huge topic and I’m glad the guys decided to talk about it. It was obvious that both Micallef and Pizzo are passionate about the sport of hockey, and it came through in their defence for each of their viewpoints. It’ll definitely be something talked about in the hockey world for the next while. For the heated debate and Sid’s ability to not interrupt, this show gets a 10/10 from me.


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