The Sport of Kings

This is going to be a semi-difficult entry into the Sid and Tim: Cut blog. However, it’s all about celebrating what’s Tim and Sid and the Score. Approximately 2 hrs. ago, the 137th Kentucky Derby took place in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. with Animal Kingdom finishing in first place after a burst of speed near the finish line. Why am I talking about the 2011 Kentucky Derby? Well, if you happened to catch Tim and Sid: Uncut yesterday afternoon, you would have heard the boys gambling picks and who they thought would win. Uncle Timmy choose Nehro to win, but also suggested that he’s longshot pick was Animal Kingdom. WOOOOO! Pretty successful picks if you ask me. Animal Kingdom came through and won followed closely by Nehro. It’s not often, especially in horse-racing, that someone guesses 1st and 2nd place finishes. Either way, any Tim and Sidizens that listened to Tim and threw down some serious coin – Congrats, you’re probably laughing all the way to the bank. Taken from Headline News, “Animal Kingdom paid $43.80, $19.60 and $13 on a $2 bet. Nehro, which pushed Animal Kingdom but came up short, returned $8.80 and $6.40. Mucho Macho Man, considered among the favorites, paid $7”. If you didn’t bet, maybe you should listen to the radio show next year around the same time and go for gold at the 138th Kentucky Derby.

* The Sport of Kings: another name used by many for Thoroughbred horse-racing

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