Dear Mr. Colangelo…

As a fan of the Toronto Raptors for the past 8 years, I’ve seen the ups and downs of a team trying to find an identity. I’ve heard promises of new beginnings, witnessed signings of players who were to be cornerstones of the franchise, and I’ve watched kids purchase Raptors jerseys only to have that particular player traded/signed elsewhere. I understand that you’ve only been involved with the Toronto Raptors organization since 2006, and I don’t blame you for some of the moves made by the organization prior to the ’06 – ’07 season. Tim Micallef, a sports broadcaster for the Score, co-hosts a radio show called “Tim and Sid: Uncut” Mon. – Fri., 4pm – 5pm on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Canada (If you’re not aware of the show, you can download past episodes found on Apple’s iTunes). Mr. Micallef is a huge basketball fan and at times I hear him discuss what he likes to call “Raptor Cast-offs” – players who once played for the Raptors organization and are now playing elsewhere in the league. It seems Raptor cast-offs are something to joke about at the end of this year because it seems that some of the guys that couldn’t or didn’t work out in Toronto, are now playing better basketball; and in some cases, even having success in the 2011 playoffs (i.e. NOH, DAL). I’ve composed a list of some players from the 2010 – ’11 season that once played for the organization (their teams are in the ’11 playoffs) so you could an idea of what I’m speaking about specifically. I agree, there are some bums below and guys that I feel should have been traded/not re-signed by your organization. And yes, a few of them are past their prime – but what if they stayed with the Raptors? I can see some names on the list that I’m confident could beat your current starting 5 roster.

Shawn Marion
’08 – ’09 Reg. TOR: 14.3 pts. 8.3 reb.
’10 – ’11   Reg. DAL: 12.5 pts. 6.9 reb.
– Just helped defeat the defending Champions, L.A. Lakers in 2011 NBA Playoffs

Peja Stojakovic
’10 – ’11    Reg. TOR: 10.0 pts. 1.5 reb.
’10 – ’11    Reg. DAL: 8.6   pts. 2.6 reb.
– Just helped defeat the defending Champions, L.A. Lakers in 2011 NBA Playoffs

Marcus Camby
’97 – ’98 Reg. TOR: 12.1 pts.   7.4 reb.
’10 – ’11  Reg. POR:   4.7 pts. 10.3 reb.
– Defeated by Dallas in the first round but was solid – almost 10 rebs./game.

Chauncey Billups
’97 – ’98 Reg. TOR:              11.3 pts.   3.3 ast.
’10 – ’11  Reg. DEN/NYY:   16.8 pts.   5.4 ast.
– Injury stopped Billups playoff run short, but was solid in reg. games for NYY

Marco Belinelli
’09 – ’10 Reg. TOR:      7.1 pts.   1.4 reb.
’10 – ’11  Reg. NOH:  10.4 pts.   1.9 reb.
– Improvement from the previous year; helped push the Lakers to 6 games.

Chris Bosh
’09 – ’10 Reg. TOR: 24.0 pts.  10.8 reb.
’10 – ’11  Reg. MIA: 18.7  pts.   8.3  reb.
– Well, my feelings are: I can’t stand this guy – he just walked. But he is playing in Conference Semi-finals.

Other notable names include: 
Jason Kapono

Carlos Arroyo
Jermaine O’neal
Jarrett Jack
Trey Johnson 
David Anderson
Marcus Banks
Matt Bonner
Jannero Pargo
T.J Ford
Roger Mason Jr.
Hedo Turkoglu

Good luck with the upcoming season. I understand there are rumours you may or may not return to the organization. If you do indeed come back, no worries, I’m still going to cheer for the Raptors – I’ve invested too much time in them. But please, on behalf of myself and other Tim and Sidizens, put some players on the floor that are going to give it their all. Put some players on the floor that want to stay in Toronto. Put some players on the floor that you intend on keeping here so they can develop. And lastly, it’s alright to let go of assets that didn’t quite work out as intended (i.e. Bargs) – shit happens. I know they’re a young team and I love what I see in Davis and DeRozan so far; let’s hope for a high draft pick – put the puzzle pieces together Bryan, make them fit.

Signed a Tim and Sidizen, T.F

*Sid’s by himself tomorrow on Tim and Sid: Uncut and for the rest of the week. Language should be at an all-time high. I’m going to fully enjoy the show – 4pm can’t come soon enough.


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