Dancing Vagines & Repechages

“The Celtics show heart, the Lakers show little class, and Manny Pacquiao shows us something we’ve seen about thirty times before, but it was exciting….well, not really.” Sid Seixeiro was flying solo today – Tim is somewhere down South getting his tan on – and will have the helm for the next couple of weeks or so. But have no fear, Bronsteter was behind the glass, and Nooner returned from his weekend bout of……Chlamydia (actually, just a little injury from hockey). Some topics for Monday’s show ranged from Rondo, Twitter, Bin Laden, Kobe, UFC 130, and Phil Jackson.

Before the show got going though, Sid wanted to welcome Noon back from his little issue. As you might remember from Friday, Sid did a little ribbing on Noon for being absent and told the listeners that he had the VD. However, it turns out Noon had the last laugh when he released a conversation between himself and Sid. Noon wanted the listeners to know how thoughtful it was for Sid to reach out and make sure he was okay. The taped conversation went as follows:
“Hi, I’m Sid Seixeiro. I will eat your asshole dead and I’ll be honest about that. Just give it a whirl – Fuck. Anytime a story like this comes out, I alternate between bringing and spitting chlamydia. Did you see it? Fuck! I’m listening to you guys and I’m just thinking to myself. I heard my ass, pretty clear, especially in Ontario I find. Did you know that? I know sure as fuck, I screwed my vagina and shoulder up fucking the Billy Jim kinda the cool thing to do right now, that’s how I, that’s how I enjoy anal cavity search.“
Jesus! That was gold Noon. Lesson learned by everyone in the booth, especially Sid. You don’t mess with a guy who edits clips and knows his way around a computer. Sid knew this upcoming week was going to be a good one. With all that went on during the weekend, there were no shortages of items to talk about. But first, he wanted to bring up the fact that Roy Foss Motors had officially added him to twitter. While he won’t be visiting them any time soon, he did appreciate the follow. Conversation then shifted to discussion of Mother’s Day. Bronsteter went to his Aunt’s house, Noon told his wife what to do in the garden, and Sid spent his day pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. But what really burned Seixeiro was the fact that there’s now more weeds on the lawn then there was on the weekend. “FUCK!”. Sid discussed a little bit of the Bin Laden home videos that were released – nothing more than Osama watching a 5″ television.

The boys then got into some NBA Playoff talk. The first thing Sid wanted to discuss was Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics. There was so much going on during game 3 in Boston that it was hard to keep up with all the storylines. The  main storyline though was the  injury that occurred to Rondo. It had  to be one of the more gruesome  injuries Sid has seen in awhile (just  check out Big Baby’s reaction). After  a scrum with Dwayne Wade on  Saturday night, Rondo dislocated  his left elbow. What was miraculous  was that he returned to the game  with a heavy padding on the elbow  and then proceeded to help the  Celtics down the stretch to win the  game. “Rondo is Superman!” – Sid  Seixeiro. Questions arose though  between the guys on whether or not the injury was replayed too much on televsion. ABC even drew some criticism for the amount of times it was shown on the tube. But then on the other side, from Superman to dud, we have Shaquille O’Neal, who could “barely get up the court because of his titties.” Sid was wondering when it was time for Shaq to go/retire. That’s when the boys got into a little twitter fun with the hashtag, #youshouldwalkaway___________. Some twitter answers from listeners included:
– When you see the microphone #Bosh
– When you see Sid’s pinkeye
– When you kick the shit out of J.J Barea

The other story of interest involved with the MIA/BOS series was Chris Bosh. The guy has been invisible. He has failed to show up in another playoff game – As Sid said, “Joel Anthony was the all-star in game 3.” And to make matters worse, Bosh explained his poor play by saying, “I was nervous before game 3 and the crowd at TD Garden got to me.” UGH! What the hell! Sid made a good point and basically said that Bosh’s nerves could be due to the fact that he’s never played in a serious playoff game before and now he’s being thrown into one. Sid wonders what’s going to happen in Game 6 or 7 of the next round? What about the finals? If Bosh thinks there’s pressure now, wait until he gets deeper into the playoffs. Sid has no problem with an athlete feeling this way, but dude, you have to keep it to yourself. It just makes you looks soft.

Seixeiro’s Manny Rant
Hilarious rant by Sid here regarding the Manny Pacquiao/Shane Mosley fight from Saturday night. While he didn’t watch the fight, he did read that Pacquiao dominated most of the match and in the last couple of rounds, Mosley did nothing but run from him. Sid gives Manny complete credit – he’s a great fighter, has great speed, huge respect for him….but as a guy who follows MMA, where the hell is the thrill in a boxing match? Especially in Pacquiao fights? “He’s running through guys like butter.” – Sexeiro. Sid is convinced that he’s seen more exciting MMA fights on Spike TV than he has on $70 pay-per-views boxing match-ups. And for as much shit and criticism that Dana White gets at times, the guy produces good fights, none of this “Dancing Vagine.” Like Sid said, “I don’t hate Manny Pacquiao, I just think his fights are shit.”

Interesting Facts From the #1 Sports Broadcaster in the World
1. Tiger Woods has recently dropped down in the PGA rankings. He is now #8 in the world. Hard to believe when he’s been at the top for the last 6 years. According to Sid, the guy wouldn’t even make a repechage.
* Repechage: A trial heat, especially in rowing, allowing competitors who have already lost a heat another chance to qualify for the semifinals. 

2. NHL News – Jay Mohr is hosting the NHL awards once again. Pizzo would consider watching it this year because Jay does a great impersonation of Tracy Morgan. Below is a little skit from last year’s NHL awards show.

3. In football news, it appears the NFL is looking into using WADA for its drug testing. This however, would only happen if the league is forced to lift the lockout.

Footy Fabulous w/ James Sharman
James Sharman of the Footy Show was back on Tim and Sid: Uncut. He was on several weeks ago discussing the Royal Wedding, but I had a feeling he was here to strictly talk football. There was a little chat about Liverpool and their success this past season. They were currently having a great game, up 5 – 1 against Fulham (they finished with a 5 – 2 win). Discussion then shifted to the success of Manchester United. Sid believes there’s no question that they are the best team in England and Man. U. and should be looking towards a match against Barcelona. Sid questioned whether or not Alex Ferguson leaves on a high note? Especially if they beat Barcelona – “he’s be on top of the world.” Sharman believes he might go, but the same can be said for him staying as well; Ferguson always has new goals, new challenges set for himself – Alex is a workhorse. Conversation then shifted to Chelsea and their ability to move to second place. They did a great job of getting there, but is there a real need to blow this team up after the season? Sharman doesn’t thinks so; players like John Terry are not going anywhere and dismantling the team is not the only option. Not every player on the team is old.

Rapid Fire
Interesting Rapid Fire by Aaron Bronsteter. I didn’t hear him or Noon comment at all during the Sharman segment so I’m guessing they’re not big football fans, but then again, neither am I. Orville had some great questions for Sid.
The Edgar-Maynard fight is off for UFC 130. Both guys are injured. How does the UFC make it up to it’s fans? Sid thinks they’ll do something, they have in the past. I’d actually like to see the PPV put on for free.
Is Phil Jackson the best coach in NBA league history? Phil’s got the rings to be the best. Sid believes that some coaches would say otherwise because of the players he had (i.e. Kobe, Shaq, Jordan). My thought is that he is/was the best coach in the NBA. I understand he’s always had the talent, but it also takes a good coach to harness that talent and get them to play cohesively. I don’t remember the coaches of L. James winning anything yet.
Jeremy Roenick recently called Patrick Marleau’s effort in game 5 “gutless“. Do you agree with him? J.R. is a douche. He’s there to make off-colour comments and stir up shit. Yes, I agree Marleau’s play has been crap, but anything Roenick has to say is just noise.

And Sid throws out a mini-Vancouver Canucks rant…..“Nut up and win a fucking elimination game. Just beat these fuckin’ Nashville Predators – beat these fuckin’ guys. You’re 1 – 4 in elimination games.” (Must of worked Sid, VAN just beat NSH with a score of 2 – 1).

Good first show with Sid all by his lonesome. I’m not a huge football fan but if you like the sport, I guess it was a good overall conversation with Sharman. Sid’s Manny rant was solid, I would have liked to have talked about the Lakers being ousted, but I understand the show is only 50 minutes long – I’m sure the boys will get to it tomorrow. There did seem to be some dead air at times – maybe flow of conversation? But hey, it’s Monday. Solid 8.9/10. 

* Also, huge shout-out to Raptors Republic for picking up the “Dear Mr. Colangelo….” blog entry about Tim and his Raptor Cast-offs today on their website. The Sid and Tim: Cut blog took in huge numbers today and I hope we have some new listeners to the show. Let’s make this show the #1 in Canada – in all genres.


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