Hainser’s Corner & Skeletor

“The Canucks bury the Preds, Miami is about to bury the Celtics, while Twitter continues to bury careers?….yikes.” It appears to be a good line-up for Tuesday’s show. Some of the topics on Sid’s list include: Ryan Kesler, Twitter, L.A Lakers, Rondo’s elbow, Hainser, Arnold “The Terminator”, Sean Avery, and Fatigue.

BREAKING NEWS! Sid Seixeiro is tired – he is feeling fatigued. Poor bastard had to walk to work today, his anger towards having a little bit of exercise tells me #SidDon’tDoDiets. It took him an hour and a half to make it to the building and by 4pm this afternoon, he sounds like he’s looking for the couch. But like the trooper he is, he’ll prevail. The reason for Sid’s little hike is due to the increasing gas prices. According to Sid, “Southern Ontario is getting hammered with the rising costs of gas. The rumour is that it’s going to hit $1.40 / litre at midnight this evening.” Sid doesn’t understand why – “They killed every dictator in the world. You’re raising gas prices due to the rivers rising in Mississippi? Get the fuck out of here!”. Either way, Sid is broke and cheap – he won’t be paying for gas at this price. Have fun with the afternoon hikes then Sid, it doesn’t look like it’s going to decrease anytime soon. The little oil/gas talk was followed by Sid’s current weed problem; it has now doubled since yesterday. He loved the suggestions given by listeners through twitter, but he’s pretty sure that the salt suggestion isn’t going to do anything but kill his grass – thanks anyways.

Once Sid got his complaints out of the way, he started in on the NBA playoffs – in particular, the MIA/BOS series. He figures that game 4 was monumental for the Miami Heat. Basically, if the Heat win the Championship, Sid feels that what happened in game 4 last night (OT win over BOS – 35 pts. by James and a huge bucket by Bosh) could be the defining moment of the season for the team. Sid was impressed that both Bosh and James, who’ve had terrible games in the past at TD building, actually showed up – even after getting pounded by the media. This should bode well for both of them psychologically. Miami is now up 3 – 1 in the series. We all know Sid will rip anyone if they deserve it, but for their effort in game 4, Sid says he gives the guys credit.

Matt Sekeres and the Vancouver Canucks
Sid’s first guest was the Globe and Mail’s sports correspondent, Matt Sekeres. Sekeres covers the Vancouver Canucks and both guys immediately got into the Canucks game 6 win the night before. The Vancouver Canucks came through, not just for the fans, but all off Canada – they’re the last Canadian team left in the NHL playoffs. Sid asked Sekeres his thoughts on the Nashville hockey team and their fans. He’s tired of hearing all this bullshit in the media about how amazing the Nashville market is (If I remember correctly, Kevin Weekes was mouthing off how awesome it was down there on his last visit to the show). Matt was down there for games 3 and 4, but opted to stay home for game 6. Apparently, when Sekeres was down there, scalpers had tickets as thick as phone books for sale, ranging from $25 – $125. Sekeres said, “Nashville is definitely not a great hockey town if the best ticket available in the second round only goes for $125.” But Matt does give them credit for getting a small following – they are doing better than Phoenix and Atlanta. Sid followed up asking Matt who he thought Canuck nation would like to see in the next round? Sekeres thinks that most people would say Detroit because they’re beaten up and going through injuries, but there’s also a strong case for San Jose. One, being in the same time zone is a bonus, and two, Detroit has a bunch of guys that have been there before (finals, cups) and San Jose would be a team on a similar level to that of Vancouver. There was also some question about Henrik Sedin and his recent play. There are rumours that he’s injured and from what Sekeres can tell us, that may be the case. He was late for media the other day because he was in the trainer’s room; nothings confirmed, but something could be there. The boys also talked a little about unsung heroes for the Canucks – several names thrown out included: Luongo, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Burrows, and Higgins.

Something that pissed both Sid and Matt off was in regards to the upcoming televised Western Conference Finals. It’s looks like NBC has the NHL by the balls and are calling the shots – no Saturday game. I repeat, a Canadian team in the Western Conference Finals and there is no Saturday game. Hello Sunday? No one is paying attention to Canada’s tradition – that’s right NHL, let’s keep pumping a demographic that are not interested in hockey. Once the interview finished up, Seixeiro wanted to tell a little story before Pizzo’s update. Over the weekend, after attending a Mother’s Day function, Sid came home, plunked on the couch and tuned into some Score highlights. As he was drifting in and out of sleep, he heard fellow employee Andy Baechler’s voice voicing highlights of the Chicago Cubs pack….“as he’s rounding the bases, he stumbles around like Sid Seixeiro after the Score’s Summer Party.” BOOYAA! Funny part was that Sid hasn’t been to a Score party in about 4 years and he spent the rest of the night putting out the fire with his wife (she was in the room during the highlight pack).

Interesting Facts Pizzo’s Update
1. It’s been reported that Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner was an FBI Informant. George assisted the government in a terrorism investigation.
2. It looks like the Gotti film is going to happen and it seems that Al Pacino is involved. Sid mentioned that Martin Scorsese was directing the film, but in a recent article, the film is actually being directed by Barry Levinson. The film will also star Lindsay Lohan, Joe Pesci, and Kelly Preston.
3. Cheerleader Gabriella  Pasqualotto, once employed by the Mumbai Indians, was recently sent home because she blogged about how players in the organization flirted with the girls and treated them like pieces of meat. Full details here. One of her posts included, “The men see your face, then your boobs, then your ass, then your boobs again, Ol’ Graeme Smith
 will flirt with anyone while his girlfriend walks behind him. The Australian cricketers are naughty, a certain someone played kissing catches with three girls. He told them, ‘Come to my room, I want to cuddle.” 

4. Jimmy Johnson was named Forbes most influential athlete today. Wow! Nascar has a huge following.

After Pizzo’s update, the guys randomly began discussion of having a Tim and Sid: Uncut golf tournament. Horns if you get a birdie (my guess is Noon would rather horns over a BMW) and speakers everywhere spitting out Bronsteter’s rolodex of sound bytes. They threw out some names such as The TS Open and The Real Talk Open; my suggestion is shown above.

The Los Angeles Lakers
Sid got into a little chat about the Lakers. According to Sid, “Any Laker fan who is getting on this team is a fucking moron. Appreciate what you had.” He believes Kobe will be happy with the past couple of years and his title wins without Shaq. He did discuss a little bit about Magic Johnson’s comments of blowing up the team. The way he looks at it, “unless they’re trading, they’re not blowing up anything.” Blake, Artest, Kobe, and Pau still have their contracts for a couple of more years. The only ones really available are Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown – so unless the Lakers are making deals, they don’t have many more options.

Hainser’s Corner
* See “Hainser’s Corner” at the top of the Home Page.

Rapid Fire
Bronsteter had a solid rapid fire for us this afternoon. He decided to go with the game “Either OR”. Since Tim was absent, Noon filled in on some of the questions.
Heads or Tails? Sid picked heads and Noon said it depends where he is at the time. I’m a Tails guy.
– Scrambled or Sunnyside up? Both Sid and Noon picked scrambled. I’m not an egg person. The closest thing I get to a scrambled egg is French Toast.
– The NBA draft or NFL draft? The NBA draft definitely. The players picked in this draft actually mean something. The guys in the NFL? Could take awhile before they play or make an impact.
Pen or Pencil? Sid goes with the pen. He’s a decisive person. I choose pencil, you can erase shit.
Rain or Snow? Sid says rain, I choose a big dump of snow.

Good rebound show from yesterday. Maybe being the first day without Tim or just a long lethargic weekend. The interview with Matt Sekeres was great and I enjoyed his view on the Nashville Predators and their so-called market. Great new segment with Hainser! I had a hard time keeping a straight face. Awesome day 9.5/10.


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