Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 1

Hainser’s Corner #1
In Rapid Fire form, Sid throws out questions to Hainser and asks for his opinion on particular topics on the very first ever, Hainser’s Corner.
1. Bin Laden? “Adios Amigo.” (there was a 2 min. break here so Sid could stop laughing)
2. Ryan Kesler? “Virtuoso Performance.” Sid asked him if he knew what virtuoso means, and apparently, he does.
3. Arnold Swarchenegger splitting with Maria Shriver (she looks like Skeletor from He-Man)? “About to get some young tail. Why else would he split with her?”
4. The L.A Lakers? “Smorgasbord of fuck-ups.”
5. Gas Prices? “Way too high. But I don’t drive though, so it really doesn’t affect me at all.”
6. The NFL Lockout? “Can we get a damn decision already?”


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