BizNasty2point0 Tryst Tale?

As reported on Tim and Sid: Uncut yesterday afternoon, some NHL boys, Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul, & Paul Bissonnette (aka BizNasty2point0) had spent the night on the town in Las Vegas. According to twitter and other media outlets, the guys racked up a bill of approximately $189,000.  A lot of people have been requesting the photo of said bill; see below.

But last night on twitter, it appears that Bobby Ryan came clean and said the Tryst bill was not theirs, even after the boys started tweeting it around for all twitter world to see. I understand they didn’t outright say it belonged to them in the original tweet, but all it takes is speculation. Maybe a prank? Or just looking for some street cred? My only thought on this whole thing, I would have liked to of been the person who received the tip. cha-ching!

* It also should be noted that Ray Whitney of the Edmonton Oilers was the original tweeter (courtesy of Nooner). Then RT, after RT, after RT……and the ball got going.


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