Diaries & Cam Stewart’s Ear Sweat

“The Celtics are out, Lebron moves on, and for the first time in awhile, Tiger stops playing with plenty of holes still left in front of him. Too soon? Not too soon?” I can’t believe another week has pretty much come and gone. And to top it off, we’re already into mid-May – t-shirt/shorts weather. Anyways, another great line-up for today’s show. I’m looking forward to Sid’s interview and chat with CBC Hockey Analyst, Kelly Hrudey. Other topics on Sid’s list include: Tiger Woods, Game 7, Kendrick Perkins, ESPN.com, the Coyotes, Dwayne Wade, Hainser’s Corner, Tim Micallef, and Osama Bin Laden.

Before Sid began the show, he called a quick audible to discuss the current ear phone situation the hosts use for each radio show. Basically, there are 2 pairs in the booth – 1 modern pair (Sid hates these) and an older style pair. Sid put on the usual older ones he likes and they were dripping wet. Apparently Cam Stewart, broadcaster at the Score, had them on prior to Tim and Sid: Uncut and sweat the be-jesus in them. Nervous? Or just beat out from another buffet? Sid, “I love Cam, but the ear sweat has to stop.”

BREAKING NEWS! Osama Bin Laden’s diary has been found announced CNN. According to Sid, when the raid happened at Bin Laden’s compound, they found a diary. The diary was of importance because it contained information such as the dates of when he wanted attacks to take place, where the attacks would take place, and phone numbers.This particular headline immediately got Sid’s brain rolling and he wondered what Bin Laden would write in his diary. The guys introduced the game for twitter users, Dear Diary, ________.
Some great suggestions from Sid, Noon, and Bronsteter were:
“Death to America.” – Bronsteter
“I found this BizNasty2point0 guy on twitter today, he brings it for real man. Death to America. I hate my sister.” – Sid
“I lost my beard comb today. It’s going to be a bad week.” – Noon

Discussion then drifted into the recent news about NHL players who rang up an expensive bill at a club called Tryst in Las Vegas. It would appear that Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul, and Paul Bissonnette rang up a $189,000 bill. The boys obviously had a good time drinking Dom Perignon, Red Bulls, Fiji Waters, Grey Goose, Dom P Luminous, Bud Lights, etc. And a nice bonus for the waitress; she collected approximately $25,000. There were alot of people who were ripping on Bissonnette but the way Sid looks at, if you have the money, have a good time.

Kelly Hrudey and the NHL Playoffs

* Who remembers these cards? I used to curse Hrudey because he was in every pack of cards I bought – to the point where you couldn’t give them away #childhoodmemories

Great to have Kelly Hrudey, retired NHL goaltender, and now CBC hockey broadcaster on the show today. Hrudey has been to the Stanley Cup Finals (1993) and it’s great to have an analyst on the show that can give views from both sides – as a player and broadcaster. Both Sid and Kelly get into the VAN/SJS series. Sid asks Hrudey what would happen if the Sharks were to lose tonight after being up 3 – 0 in the series, does ownership clean house? Kelly knows for a fact that ownership won’t be content if they do lose to the Red Wings, but based on their contracts, moving everyone might not be a possibility. But being a big fan of Patrick Marleau, Hrudey hopes the team manages a win in tonight’s game 7, especially against a dangerous Detroit team. Sid also had some questions for Hrudey regarding the recent comments made by Jeremy Roenick on Patrick Marleau; calling him “gutless”. Hrudey is not happy with the comment obviously – Marleau is a great guy – but understands that’s the business. And someone like J.R. is always going to make shocking comments, etc., he’s emotional and outspoken, he’s paid to do that. Kelly also commented on the decision by the NHL to not have a Saturday night game on CBC. In his experience, while not something ideal for them, they’ll make it work/adlib. But there’s no question that they’d rather have the VAN/SJS or DET game on Saturday night.

The boys did talk a little bit about the upcoming TBL/BOS series. Hrudey is pretty sure it will be a seven game series – the front line is similar, goaltending is pretty evenly matched, and both teams have the best 3rd line in the playoffs right now. According to Hrudey, it’s going to be a great series.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. If the Chicago Bulls finish out their series with the Hawks tonight, the game will have to be moved from Monday to Sunday because the United Centre is being used for filming one of Oprah Winfrey’s last television shows. She is moving the NBA playoffs people. Women be shoppin’.
2. It looks like professional golfers are using the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 video game to scout out courses on the PGA tour. Who remembers NES’ Open Tournament Golf?

3. As we are all aware, Micallef is currently on vacation. However, yesterday, he was seen by listeners doing a little tweeting. Sid believes this is fine, but Noon shot off a tweet to Tim asking him to look up the meaning of “Vacation”. When Sid goes on holidays in a couple of weeks, he’s going to see if he can sign off twitter for the duration of his vacation.

LBJ’s Remdemption
Once the boys finished discussion on Tim’s vacation tweeting violations, Sid got straight into discussion of the NBA playoffs and the defeat of the Boston Celtics at the hands of the Miami Heat. He’s main focus was in regards to the way James reacted after the game. A little history – the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 2 times in recent playoffs series and celebrated the fact they beat Lebron James. They even went as far as blaring tunes in their locker room post-victory claiming to have “defeated the King.” But last night the tables were turned. Lebron scorched the Celtics and scored the last 10 points – he slayed the dragons. Instead of bragging, he actually gave thanks to Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics, quoting, “You can never take your foot off the gas against that team.” He showed utmost respect for them. Sid was quite impressed on how Lebron handled himself.

FIFA, Bribery Fuck
Sid quickly touched on the story regarding allegations of corruption with 6 FIFA executives. A member of England’s bidding committee has accused a slew of FIFA executives of asking for bids. Some allegations include:
– Members receiving 1.5 million dollars from Qatar
– Requesting schools to be built in their home country
– Request by a member for a honorary knighthood. WTF?
Let’s hope for England’s sake that these allegations and accusations don’t kick them is the ass.

Rapid Fire
Keeping with Bin Laden’s diary story, Men having a diary. CUT or UNCUT? Cut unless it’s for world domination or you’re a submarine captain (Noon’s idea).
Men who wear tank tops. CUT or UNCUT? Sid thinks it is cut – it’s kind of douchy.
Men getting highlights in their hair. Cut or UNCUT? Sid pretty much thinks it’s CUT. I fully support this CUT. Dudes should not be highlighting their hair.
Watching porn with your wife or girlfriend in the room. CUT or UNCUT? Sid loves his wife so he’ll say cut. Completely cut, I think it’s a definite no-no.
Using a bank teller to withdraw $100 or less. CUT or UNCUT? Uncut. There’s people out there who refuse to use debit or just don’t have it. ex. grandmothers.
Still using a portable CD player today. CUT or UNCUT? Cut! Get an iPod, it’ll change your fucking life.
Lebron crying after the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. CUT or UNCUT? Sid chooses uncut. What the hell? As Bronsteter said in a tweet after that game, “Does Lebron believe this is better than the Olympic Gold medal game?” You can’t be crying at this series. He’s been to the finals before!

Really liked the interview with Kelly Hrudey. He’s a great guy and probably one of the nicest sports broadcasters out there. And of course, Hainser’s Corner knocked it out of the ballpark again. I really can’t see the issue with having this guy come on every couple of days while Tim is away. I wonder if Micallef would be up for continuing this when Sid’s gone. Great show, bring on Friday and the weekend. Think about having Paul Brothers in Sid! 9.5/10


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