Roenick’s “Gutless” Metrics

Def: Gutless: 1. Lacking courage or drive.
                            2. Lacking substance; weak or insignificant.

For the last couple of days on Tim and Sid: Uncut, Seixeiro has periodically brought up the recent story involving Jeremy Roenick’s comments on San Jose Sharks’ Patrick Marleau. With the Sharks clinging to a 3-2 series lead against the Wings with Game 6 set for Tuesday night at the Joe Louis Arena, Roenick was disgusted by Marleau’s performance in an ugly 4-3 loss game 5. According to Roenick, “A gutless, gutless, performance by Patrick Marleau,” he told the viewers. “Count them: Zero points in this series. And he had a game like that.” In the same segment, he was later asked by another broadcaster if Marleau was hurt; to which Roenick pointed to his heart and replied, “He’s hurt, he’s hurt right here, but we’ll talk about that later.”

Listening to Sid on the show, it’s clear that he believes that Roenick crossed the line. Even Kelly Hrudey, CBC Hockey analyst, weighed in on the topic and agreed with Sid to an extent. While he understood it’s the job of broadcasters at times to criticize athletes, he didn’t agree with Roenick’s statement that Marleau was “gutless”. Don’t get me wrong, Marleau is not having one of his better series, but you can’t apply the term gutless to Marleau as a person or hockey player. It did get me thinking however…..if Marleau’s numbers in this year’s playoffs can be reason to call him gutless, could we also apply this term to Roenick when he played? Here’s a breakdown of the last 5 playoffs for both players:

Jeremy Roenick

Season GP G A Pts
2001 – 02 5 0 0 0
2002 – 03 13 3 5 8
2003 – 04 18 4 9 13
2007 – 08 12 2 3 5
2008 – 09 6 0 1 1

Patrick Marleau

Season GP G A Pts
2006 – 07 11 3 3 6
2007 – 08 13 4 4 8
2008 – 09 6 2 1 3
2009 – 10 14 8 5 13
2010 – 11 13 3 3 6

Hmmm, If I’m using Roenick’s douchebag metrics to determine whether a player is “gutless” based on his playoffs statistics, I’d have to say that J.R. was gutless in ’01 – ’02, on the edge of being gutless in ’02 – ’03, gutless & heartless in ’07 – ’08, and gutless again in ’08 – ’09. It’s kind of like calling the kettle black. I completely understand that Roenick is an emotional and outspoken character and I think he’s a good hockey analyst at times but, as M.K. (my better half) said, “Insult the play, not the player.”


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