Messiahs Be Workin’ OT

The man Sid Seixeiro, sports broadcaster & co-host of Tim and Sid: Uncut, has just joined the ranks of other sports anchors, journalists, and announcers who have come forth with the belief that they’ve cracked a code that would help people determine the outcome of a particular game, series, or event. A bold move for someone who gets his news from twitter, but a valient effort by someone who is looking to climb out of the “P-List” celebrity category. Let’s run through a number of “said laws” before we officially introduce Seixeiro’s equation.

“The Law of Gus” – Bill Simmons
If Gus Johnson is calling an NFL game, the odds quintuple that (A) the lead will change hands in the fourth quarter; (B) someone will complete a long pass in a big moment that will make Gus’ voice hit an octave only dogs can hear; and (C) the game will go into overtime or at least come damned close. (exerpt from:

“Lawler’s Law” – Ralph Lawler
An NBA law made by Ralph Lawler, the Los Angeles Clippers commentator. His law states that the “first to 100 points wins the game”. This law been found to be true 91-92% of the time.

“The Lead is Safe Calculator” – Bill James
This little law basically tells when a college basketball game is out of reach by using an algorithm to calculate how safe a lead is based on a few variables: margin of lead, time left on the clock, and who has the ball. According to James, “the game is over when the number of points you are ahead (or behind) is more than one-tenth the numbers of seconds.” This law does seem hard to understand, however there’s an app available for the iPhone which makes it much easier to calculate.

“Gus Johnson Alert” – Tim Micallef
I’m not 100% sure of this law and I could be completely wrong, but if I remember correctly, last year during one of the podcasts, Tim mentioned something about adopting the Bill Simmon’s law and tweeking it to be called the “Gus Johnson Alert”. I believe I’ve seen Tim tweet this in the past during a game that Johnson was announcing. Tim will have to confirm this law.

And finally….

“Sid’s Statute” – Sid Seixeiro
Statistical savant Seixeiro, with the help of Nadine Liverpool, came up with the following: “The first team to win three games in a series wins 92 % of the time.” So far, this has rang true for 22 of 24 playoffs series this year I think. If this is incorrect, someone call me out please. I don’t have any numbers in front of me.

So Congrats Sid, your name has been added to the list of algorithm crazies coming up with numbers to help make sports predictable. Bodog loves you.


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