Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 3

Hainser’s Corner #3
Baby Head was in the booth today and another edition of Hainser’s Corner was upon Tim and Sidizens. This segment won’t get old anytime soon. Sid attempted to give Hainser a suggestion about not going on his “Charlie-esque” rants like he did in the last episode, but Hainser only interrupted and began plugging his Red Heat radio show. I’m glad Sid cut him off; show him who’s boss.
1. Maria Shriver? Money, Alimony, Lawyer. (Sid, “Those are words.”) In reverse order, Lawyer, Money, Alimony. 
2. Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk Diggler. How can a guy who has so much game on the court, have so little game off it, eh, remember the little tryst he had awhile back. (Sid, “Jesus Christ”)
3. Ben Eager? Eager to get penalties. Ben Eager is a joke. He should of, ah, stopped chirping after the score was 7 – 3. (Sid, “I liked how you worked Eager in your answer.”) It was witty word play.
4. Ralph Macchio? From the Karate Kid fame? Guy’s a winner. Yeah, he’s, uh, fuckin’ those cranes he used to do were, ah, amazing.
5. Tea? Tea? As in Green Tea? Something you drink? (Sid, “Next question.”)
6. Girls who aren’t hot, but have great personalities? Nice to know you. (Sid, laughter). I saved the best for the last Sid. You know I always come correct. Okay, movin’ on.
7. Tyler Seguin? That kid has burners, wheels. He can skate.
8. Adele? What is this Adele stuff? She some singer? I don’t even know who she is.
9. Dan Gilbert? Dan Gilbert, uh, how much did you give your son to buy his, uh, for his….(Sid, “Woow, stop you right there. I’m not even gonna let you finish that.”)
10. Donald Trump? Get a new haircut buddy. It ain’t workin’.  


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