Bronsteter’s T.V. Ratings Challenge

Earlier this week on Tim and Sid: Uncut, Aaron Bronsteter threw out a good question regarding the T.V. Ratings for the NBA playoffs. Bronsteter asked Sid if he thought the ratings for the Eastern Conference Finals would be better than the NBA Finals? (especially with the players involved: Bosh, Wade, James, and Rose). Bronsteter believes there’s a possibility that if the Heat lose the series against the Bulls, viewership in the finals will decline – whether it’s an OKC/CHI or DAL/CHI match-up. Sid didn’t quite agree, and threw out what I believe to be a challenge, “I see where you’re going though Bronsteter, but I think you’re so fucking wrong, it’s unbelievable.”

I’m going to begin keeping a running tally so we can keep track of the T.V. ratings for both series. Currently, the Eastern Conference Finals are taking place and the numbers so far are:

Game #1: 11.1 Million
Game #2: 10.0 Million

* Friday’s Tim and Sid: Uncut review will be posted tomorrow. Have a great May 2-4 weekend Tim and Sidizens.


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