Miss Elizabeth or Stacy Keibler

“The Thrashers are heading to Winnipeg? Did Lance Armstrong take performance enhancers? And is today the last day before the Rapture? A bit of a downer to start the show, I got to apologize, some serious questions.”

It’s the beginning of the long weekend Tim and Sidizens. Thanks Be To God – and screw the Rapture. Sorry for the delay in Friday’s review, I was in Toronto yesterday and today (checking out the Jays) and it was late this evening when I made it back to the ‘loo. Anyways, Tim’s back next week, Noon and Bronsteter are jerks because they have today off, and Sid’s backed by Geoffrey Fienberg and Dave Coulson behind the glass. I’m hoping they do a good job 😉 Topics for today’s show include: Atlanta, Russell Westbrook, Weddings, EPO, Derek Boogaard, Stephen Brunt, Tits McGee, Lance Armstrong, Maclean’s Magazine, and Highlights.

According to Sid, the Score was built on 2 things: The Ticker and the Highlights; it’s how Tim and Sid got their start and alot of other employees that currently work for the organization. So what a better way to celebrate the long weekend than to bring in dudes who work the highlights to help him have some #realtalk. Introducing Andy Baechler (Mr. Golden Hawk), Jason Thom (Mr. Basketball), and Phil Messina (Most Eligible Bachelor in Southern Ontario).

It was somber start to the show, but Seixeiro announced the passing of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Savage had died earlier in the day due to car accident. It is believed that he experienced a heart attack while driving, which led to him losing control of his vehicle. Savage was 58 at the time. I felt the same as Sid; I grew up with the WWF and at the time, and Macho Man was one the best wrestlers in the business. Not only was he one the best heels in history, he also knew how to work a crowd and own the mic. When Savage spoke, people listened and he could captivate thousands of people at one time. In honour of his passing, Sid watched one video in particular today – his match against Ricky “the Steamboat” Dragon during Wrestlemania III. It is suggested that this match was one of the greatest in wrestling history. You can catch the second half of the match in the video below.

And from the sounds of it, Macho Man’s manager Miss Elizabeth, was the reason Sid started masturbating. It’s obvious that both characters had a big influence on Sid as a teen. It’s definitely a sad day for any past or present wrestling fan.

Winnipeg Thrashers?
Well, speculation has begun again. On Thursday night, the twitter world was exploding with the news that True North had officially purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and the team were moving to Winnipeg. One of the persons responsible for breaking the story was Stephen Brunt, from the Globe and Mail. Brunt not only broke the news of the sale, but he even went as far to say that the Board of Governors had already okay’d the deal and for people to expect a news conference after the weekend. Sid said he gives Brunt credit, “The guy stuck his neck out so far on this story, it’s admirable. It just might be one of the biggest hockey stories in the last 5 – 10 years.” But what really pissed off Sid was the fact that everyone and their dog was giving Brunt a hard time for breaking the story. His colleagues, his employer, and other people in the NHL were dismissing his comments and suggesting that he was wrong – especially the dudes at the three-letter-network. What a bunch of cocks! There’s nothing like having your friends or people you work with dump on you for breaking a possible story. There was also some discussion amongst the guys about whether or not the NHL actually wants this sale to happen. In regards to Bettman, “A team going back to Canada fucks up his legacy.” It would be considered a failure if the team he once removed from Winnipeg return years later. The boys also chat about whether or not Bettman really does want another NHL team in Southern Ontario. Sid’s convinced that the Maple Leafs are a big reason there isn’t another team in Southern Ontario yet – the last thing Toronto wants is competition for sales and fans.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Pizzo wanted to give his two cents about the passing of Macho Man. He’s favourite storyline involved he Mega Powers’ (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage) rise and fall within the WWF. What a storyline, two of the greatest wrestlers fighting over Miss Elizabeth – I remember watching that scenario play out like it was yesterday. Check out the video below – it sums up the rise and fall of one of the best WWF tag teams in history.

1. Besides wrestling, the Macho Man also played minor league baseball. He was once a prospect for the Cardinals and Reds where he played from 1971 – ’74. According to Baechler, he didn’t think that Macho Man would of made it past the steroid era. Horns!
2. Aaron Rodgers is one of those guys that keeps grudges. He was recently in an interview and the reporter asked about the Superbowl incident where Christina Aguliera botched the National Anthem. Rodgers said he knew right away that she screwed up – that reminds me, I’m still pissed when he was 17 for 35 against Tampa Bay in 2009. I had money riding on that game.
3. It appears that Lee Westwood is thinking of getting rid of twitter. He’s convinced it has turned into social slagging and he’s tired of all the criticism and mean-spirited words towards him. Don’t engage then Westwood, enjoy twitter for what it is.

Random Chat
I’ve broken this section into point form because Sid seemed to jump from topic to topic filling time with the guys. He didn’t spend enough time on either topic that would warrant a full length write-up.

  • Autopsy report came out today regarding Derek Boogaard’s death. It appears that his death was an accident due to a toxic mix of alcohol and the painkiller oxycodone.
  • On Sunday Night, everyone should tune into 60 Minutes. Tyler Hamilton is giving an interview claiming he saw EPO in Lance Armstrong’s house and witnessed him use the drug as well. I have to agree with Sid when he says that someone in this story is lying. “Someone here got fucked. Either 60 Minutes or Lance Armstrong. I just don’t trust anyone. If I see a cyclist on the road, I don’t trust you.”, said Sid.
  • It’s Hainser’s 33rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Ryan Hains….Eat Cake!
  • The Rapture is supposed to be taking place on Saturday; that shit ain’t happening.
  • NBA Draft – Sid wanted to know if any of the boys had any thoughts? JT believes the Raptors are a lost cause but believes the NBA Draft Lottery is fixed. He’s happy to see the NBA get is first player from Brampton, Ontario, but thinks that Tristan Thompson should have stayed in school.
Rapid Fire
Well, there was no Bronsteter today for Rapid Fire and Tim and Sidizens had to rely on Fienberg to bring the heat. But surprise, surprise – Bronsteter actually wrote Rapid Fire for today so all is well in Tim and Sid: Uncut-ville.
Who’s the best wrestler to wear a mask? I’m going to pick the craziest ass wrestler that was once out there, Mick Foley’s alternate personality, Mankind. I know wrestling was fake, but this guy put his body through hell.
Who’s the best manager of all time? Amazing question! It’s a tie between Jimmy Heart and Mr. Fuji….Hands down the best managers out there.
When you were a kid, what wrestler did you hate the most? King Kong Bundy was a bad man…and Lex Luger for being suspected in the death of Miss Elizabeth.
Who is the hottest woman from the world of wrestling? All the guys on the panel agree that Stacy Keilber wins the title – I agree with the boys.

And the things we learned this week?
1. Tits McGee loves the Canucks.
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to fuck you.
3. Shrek is hotter than Schwarzenegger’s mistress.
4. Jose Bautista is a good baseball player and thus deserves air time.
5. Ben Eager is a putz.
6. Rebecca Black may or may not be pregnant.
7. Sid was right the whole time about the Kendrick Perkins trade.

Great show today – New voices, new people, and new thoughts. Sid called them the “Boys from the Wheel”: Andy, Jason, and Phil. Great to hear their thoughts on Sports and edu-tainment. Fienberg did a pretty good job with Rapid Fire, but a huge fail for Coulson. I didn’t hear that guy engage at all. If you did Dave, I apologize and take it back. While I did enjoy the show, it no way lived up to when Noon or Bronsteter are there. I have a theory that when “3 or more of the Original 5 are missing, the show’s not as good.” That’s not a slight against anyone, it’s just a fact. You take away Pippen, Kukoc, and Rodman during any game of the 90’s Bulls’ teams, they’ll probably still win because of Jordan, but I’m sure the same cohesiveness between the players on the floor won’t be there. I enjoyed the show however and give today’s episode an 8.5/10.

* The photos of Andy, Jason, and Phil were all guess work. If either photo doesn’t belong to said guest, my bad.

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