Sid and Tim: Cut Anniversary

Well, it’s been exactly 1 month today since the Sid and Tim: Cut blog was started and I wanted to give a shout-out to all the Tim and Sidizens who’ve been checking out the site. We’ve had over 5000 readers in the last 4 weeks; not quite up there in Superstar status, but way better than the average 14 readers/month on my previous blog (and most of those were probably my mother).

A big shout-out to Seixeiro, Micallef, Pizzo, Bronsteter, and Noon for inspiring the review blog and a huge thanks to all the listeners of the show who have been checking out the review blog on a regular basis. All the best guys and keep up the great work.

* If I can make fun of the boys from time to time, it’s only fair that I make fun of myself periodically too. Thank God that particular MJ was a phase….later replaced by Air MJ. A special May 2-4 review edition will be posted later: The very 1st Tim and Sid: Uncut show ever! Gone for some deck beers with the missus, later Tim and Sidizens.


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