Tim & Sid Meet Marty McFly

“In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth and after a week of doing shit, God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. But on the 8th day, God realized the world was missing twitter and #realtalk; he ended up creating the Tim and Sid: Uncut show to fill the needs of those less fortunate and help those uneducated in edu-tainment.”  

I’ve had numerous requests from readers asking me to do reviews/write-ups on past episodes. One episode in particular that seemed to be on interest was the very first radio show/podcast every done by Tim and Sid. So, this little review is from the very first Tim and Sid: Uncut podcast that took place on Monday September 14, 2009. It’s a blast from the past that only McFly and his Delorean can help us with. Wow, what a change a couple of years make. It wasn’t even called Tim and Sid: Uncut at that time; different producers, no sound bytes, production value almost = 0. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to. Enjoy and reflect how “boys became teenagers” 😉 “Famous, Run that Bitch!”

……………oh wait, the show didn’t even have an official theme song at that time. It was using this little diddy below to introduce the show.

Tim and Sidizens, the very first podcast, was worked by Sid Seixeiro, Tim Micallef, and Sacha Kargl (I’m only guessing it’s him because the boys don’t say his last name). According to Sid,“We’re gonna talk about stuff. Sport stuff and other stuff. Just a lot of stuff.” Tim suggested that they might call the show 50 Minutes because 60 Minutes was already taken and they were going to let the fans decide if a 50 mintue podcast was long enough. Topics for the podcast included: Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Adrian Peterson, Michael Jordan, Jake Delhomme, Lady Gaga, Mark Sanchez, Gus Johnson, Brian Urlacher, Serena Williams, Little Momma, and the Immaculate Deflection.

The guys briefly began their very first podcast discussing the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards that took place the night before. Lots to talk about (most of it was saved until the end of show), but they briefly discussed the Little Momma incident. Near the end of Jay-Z’s and Alicia Key’s performance, Little Momma jumped onto the stage with the two and saddled up beside them both – giving the ol’ gangster, arms crossed look. The best part was that she wasn’t part of the act. “What the hell was she thinking?” Tim’s favorite part was Jay-Z’s and Key’s expressions. My favorite part that wasn’t talked about was Beyonce’s attempt to stop Little Momma in the first place.

Monday’s NFL Wrap-up
Being that it was week #1 yesterday, Tim and Sid immediately got into the story that was the NFL. According to Sid, “The story of week #1 was Mark Sanchez. For a rookie to go into Houston and do what he did, good stuff.” Everyone was getting down on him because his numbers were not outrageous, but the dude was 7 – for- 7 on third downs. Not bad for a rookie QB. The other story was Adrian Peterson and his monster game, “He’s an absolute PIMP. He’s the best player on Planet Earth.”, said Micallef. Sid summed it up best though in regards to Peterson’s performance,“He brought peace to the Middle East. A huge game for him in Week #1 and good afternoon for the Vikings. But I can’t wait for Favre to wake up and realize that he’s not the man.”

During this segment of the show, it was the first time I could hear Sid wanting to rant and trail off into other topics. During the discussion about football, he randomly mentioned how he almost got into an accident with a woman who looked as angry as Serena Williams at the U.S. Open. Plus, he saw District 9 over the weekend. Continue, please.

Follow Me on Twitter
Both the guys introduce their twitter accounts and suggest all the listeners to follow them. Tim is convinced that the only people that are actually going to listen to the show are those that follow them. “The Score is not going to pump this.”, said Tim. Boy were you wrong! Discussion then flowed into how much both of them love the re-tweets. The best thing is when someone retweets the retweeter, you know you got something special then.

Oh, Back to Football
Chatter flowed back in the NFL and up next on their list of topics were the Indianapolis Colts, Marvin Harrison, and Anthony Gonzalez. There was some debate about the receiver situation and how good the Colts actually are. Tim wants to know, “Where do you put them in the AFC?” Sid thinks it’s tough because “you know they’re going to win 10 or 11 games, but do you really put them in the Top 5 in that conference?” It’ll obviously depend on how Gonzalez matures.

Topic Slide / Gus Johnson
Tim a deep voice….”Topic sliiiiiiide.” There’s no production whatsoever so Tim does his own sound effects to introduce the next topic. According to Tim, “If fans don’t start supporting the show, they’ll have to start singing the show’s introduction.” The guys then get into a little discussion about Gus Johnson and his ability to always end up with an absolute gem whenever he announces a sporting event. This weekend was no different as he ended up with a complete dud (game), but then we get the Immaculate Deflection, and his dud turned into amazing.

Tim, “It’s like Gus has a horseshoe  in his ass. And during that game, he basically has an orgasm on the air.” Both agree that he needs to cover the Masters sometime in the future.

Another topic transition, “Yo, yo, yo, and away we go. Let’s go Sid.” (these are hilarious). There was some more football chat on whether or not Drew Brees is underrated? Sid says no, but his top QBs of choice right now are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlsberger – they have W’s and championships. His play on Sunday was great, but it was against the Detroit Lions and that is to be expected. To end the football chatter, the guys finished off on how shitty Jake Delhomme looked, how great DeShawn Jackson was, and how amazing the Score mobile is. Download that app. on your BB or iPhone immediately.

Who’s Worse? and Shut Up!
A short segment involving Jake Delhomme and Lady Gaga. “She looked like a chicken” (at the VMA’s), Micallef said. “I can’t believe she went to the awards show looking like that. You can perform however you want to perform, but I’m not listening to ya, you jackass!” Sid doesn’t seem to mind how outrageous she is, but Tim obviously has hatred toward the gal. Another segment introduced here was Shut Up. The first person to ever receive the award was Kanye West for his interruption of Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for best video. Tim threw done the short-lived segment, “Shut Up!”

Michael Jordan’s HOF Introduction
Tim, being the basketball guru he is, wanted to express his sentiments on how disappointed he was with the Michael Jordan HOF acceptance speech. In a time when he should be thanking people, Jordan was taking shots at people, especially Byron Russell. Tim thinks he should of just said thank you and moved on. He forgot about Phil Jackson, Dean Smith, Pippen, etc. According to Tim, “He used the stage to further Michael Jordan and nobody else. He should have used the platform given to him differently.”

The Big Finale
Tim discussed a little bit about the recent Western and Laurier football game. He felt Western looked really impressive and was probably going to win the Yates Cup. In Amercian College football, he was pleased to see the rivalry between Michigan and Notre Dame heat up again. And in the tennis world, Serena Williams spazzed out during the U.S. Open and told a line judge, who called a foot fault, that she was going to shove the ball down her throat. During this debate, Sid was convinced that the line judge had reason to be scared while Tim felt it was all an act and there was no reason for the line judge to have felt threatened. Best line during this whole debate came from Tim, “Make your point and then I’m going to crush you.”

And that was it Tim and Sidizens, Sid finished up with a “Seacrest Out” and Semisonic’s Closing Time was played to sound off the podcast.

Wow, what a difference 2 years make. No production, no sound bytes, no chatter with the producer(s), no official title, and no set-in-stone segments. But do you know what? I thought it was fucking awesome. It really felt like two dudes just sitting around and shooting the shit – talking about everything from sports, to music, to the weekend’s events. No wonder this thing blew up and became so popular. There did seem be a lot more topics thrown into the show, but at the same time, the guys weren’t able to spend great lengths discussing each one. The format they have set up now is perfect. Good podcast, great chatter, and for nostalgia reasons….10/10


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