Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 4

Hainser’s Corner #4
I thought when Tim came back today, it would be a long time before we heard our favourite savant, Hainser, ever speak again. But to the surprise of all the Tim and Sidizens, we were treated to a special shot-gun Hainser’s Corner.

1. Do you enjoy teabagging? “Are you for real? Hell No!” (Tim: Why not? That’s a great question.)
2. Will the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA Finals? “I sure hope so. I hate Lebron – Go to Hell!”
3. Would you pay $2 million for an engagement ring for Kim Kardashian? “No.”
4. Who has more chins. Me or Sid? “Sid.”
5. Why are you an asshole? “I was born that way.” (Sid: What are you? Lady Gaga? Fuck)
6. Are you right, or left wing politically? “Oh, I’m definitely left wing, unabashed. I’m actually a libertarian. So if people want to, uh, ask me any political questions.” (Sid: You’re getting too much rope.)
7. When was your last date? “Ohhhhh, personal questions eh, I’d say about 3 or 4 months ago. And to follow up, no – it didn’t end up to well.” (Sid: I knew how it ended.) (Tim: You didn’t have to tell us how it ended.) (Sid: Did she wear a boa constructor?) “No, she didn’t wear a boa constructor.”
9. Are you a lover or a fighter? “I’m a lover man.”
10. What does Oprah Winfrey mean to modern society in North America? “Oprah Winfrey wastes America’s Housewives three hours of their time everyday at least.” (Sid: It’s an hour long show.) “Okay, Fine. She’s terrible. How’d she shut down Chicago? Just, just go away girl.” (Tim: Really?) (Sid: Well, she’s going away now.)

Questions from Twitter Listeners
1. Volcano Ash Clouds? “Um, something very interesting to look at.”
2. If you could be an athlete for a day, who would it be? “Charles Oakley. I wanna be Michael Jordan’s right hand man running through those casinos.” (Sid: Okay)
3. Which Kardashian would you rather bang? “Ahhhh, Ummmmm, Dirty sex with Khloe. I don’t know.” (Sid: I don’t even know what that was.) (Tim: You’re going to take Khloe over Kim?) “I’m not a fan of any of them.”
4. The Rapture? “Yeah, this guy Camping, hey. Holy Crap.”


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