Migraines & the Swedish Chef

“The Canucks move on, the Heat are on the verge of moving on, and does Andrea Bargnani want to…what’s the phrase I’m looking for here, turn the page? Move on? I think move on is what I’m looking for.”

Huge show today Tim and Sidizens! The boys spoke with the one and only Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo. I’m only guessing he was responsible, but a huge thumbs up to Bronsteter for getting him on the show. As usual, Noon and Aaron are working behind the glass, while Tim and Sid have some #realtalk. Topics for today’s show include: Derrick Rose, Bounces, Kim Kardashian, 4 More Wins, Dwayne Wade, Andrea Bargnani, Mike Brown, Jojo Reyes, Joe Thornton, Vancouver, the city of and now the “high” that the city is on!

Reverse Rants and Migraines
Congrats to the City of Vancouver for making it to the finals for the 3rd time in franchise history! WOOO! The reverse rants was successful once again. But come on Canuck fans, quit your bitching and be happy that you made it there. It’s your time to rejoice, not complain and worry about shit. You wouldn’t see me whininig about shit if the Leafs got into the playoffs, let alone the Stanley Cup Finals.

However, unlike most of us who were watching the game, Micallef actually missed out on most of the VAN/SJS and CHI/MIA games. Last night, Tim went out to play a game of touch football and later went to his friend’s Mooses, possbily for a post-game drink. Anyways, Tim began seeing a little dot that didn’t seem to go away and he became a bit concerned. He went home and was drinking fluids like crazy but ended up getting a massive migraine – probably only the second migraine he’s ever gotten in his life. The poor guy had to eventually shut off the television at the end of regulation during the CHI/MIA game because he’s head started to hurt like hell. Luckily, he was able to PVR both games (VAN/SJS & CHI/MIA), but the dude started puking afterwards. It was obviously a legit mirgraine Tim – when puke is involved, it’s serious business. Tim wondered if a past trip to the dentist had something to do with it; not 100% sure though.

The guys have a little discussion about medication and what to take and what not to take. Tim will take some T3s if the pain occurs, and Noon says he goes with three Advil when it’s really bad because Tylenol doesn’t do anything for him anymore. Sid, however, is a lucky bitch because he hasn’t had many migraines himself – knock on wood Sidney.

After sidetracking for a little bit, Tim and Sid again congratulate Vancouver on their victory. They believe that Luongo, Kesler, and Bieska deserved huge horns; all three had a big series. Sid was surprised how Roberto Luongo was able to bounce back since the Chicago series. “Who the fuck thought that Luongo would regain his confidence back since being pulled in game 6 of the Blackhawks series?”, said Sid. 

There’s also some discussion on how well some of the European Canucks speak English, especially the Scandinavian and Swedish players. There’s hardly any accent. There are certainly no Swedish Chefs on that roster.

Also of interest regarding the Canucks visit to the Stanley Cup Finals is that according to StubHub, the average ticket price for 1 of the potential 4 home games in Vancouver is $924. Sid thought it actually seemed kind of low; he was expecting something along the lines of $1500 – $2000. Can you imagine what Leafs tickets would be if they ever got back to the finals? You’d have to sell your kids.

LeDouche and the Miami Heat
A little chat between Tim and Sid here regarding the fact that the Miami Heat are one game away from the NBA Finals. The boys were pressed for time here because Bryan Colangelo was around the corner, but Tim asked Sid if he was surprised that the Heat could be in the finals? Sid said, “I’m surprised. I didn’t think they would be at this point, this quick.” What got Sid riled up however, were the people on twitter who were telling everyone who would listen that it was time to eat their words. Fuck that! The Heat haven’t won anything yet, there’s still 5 games left. I’m not eating any words until they win the title – especially after they crowned themselves Champions before even playing a game.

BREAKING NEWS! The L.A. Lakers have just announced that they have found their new coach – Mike Brown. WHAT! I actually expected to see Brian Shaw in that role. I wonder what Kobe’s thoughts are on this. From my perspective, I thought Brown was a defensive-style coach? Will this mesh with the Lakers fans? Or the celebrities looking for pizzazz? It shall be interesting to see what happens. “Phil is not the act I’d want to follow.”, Sid”

Bargnani, Colangelo, and the Toronto Raptors
Check the blog entry below for the full, uncensored interview with Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo. The guys discussed everything from the draft, Jay Triano, prospects, and the recent Andrea Bargnani comments and statement. Bargs comments while in Italy definitely stirred the pot over the last couple of days and how could it not – Raptor fans have seen this before, ala, Hedo. Best part of this interview though, Colangelo kept referring to Bargnani as “The Kid”….hilarious.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. A Rays fan and his son were recently asked to leave a baseball game because their matching shirts had the slogan, “Yankees Suck” on them. Apparently this goes against their policy. Are you kidding me? Completely ridiculous…..
Pizzo was cut short here because Bryan Colangelo was on the phone ready for rapid fire questions from Tim and Sid.

Rapid Fire
Huge horns for the interview! Amazing. Both Bronsteter and Noon liked his answers; it’s just too bad they didn’t have longer than 30 mintues with Colangelo. I’m sure Tim and Sid could have kept going.
– Who do you think is the best GM in all of sports? Is it fucked up for me to say Brian Burke? For some reason I like how he’s always straightforward.
– Who’s the most disliked of the MLB’s steroid era? Bonds, Canseco, or McGwire? Both Tim and Sid believe that Clemens is up there – but I choose Canseco and it has nothing to do with baseball. It’s all his post-baseball antics that have me heated. His boxing matches, reality t.v., etc.
– Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries (NJN). Cut or Uncut when marrying someone with the same name as your mother (Kris Jenner)? This one’s hard…I’ll say cut for the hell of it.

FUCKING unbelievable show today guys. A big thank you to all of you from the Tim and Sidizen Nation. The 30 minutes went by very fast and I just wish we had the whole hour. I can’t even comment on anything else. For the interview alone – 10/10.


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