Bronsteter’s Challenge Update

“I see where you’re going though Bronsteter, but I think you’re so fucking wrong, it’s unbelievable.” – Sid Seixeiro’s belief regarding Bronsteter’s idea that there’s a possibility that viewership will be greater during the Eastern Conference Finals than the NBA Finals; especially if the Miami Heat are knocked out by the Chicago Bulls.

Well, the NBA Finals are set and the Heat didn’t get bounced from the playoffs afterall. The Dallas Mavericks will indeed face the Miami Heat for the championship title. Question is, will the NBA Finals T.V. ratings be higher than the Eastern Conference Finals? Bronsteter threw the first punch – Here’s the breakdown of the 5 ECF games.

Game #1:   11.1 Million
Game #2: 10.0 Million
Game #3: 10.6 Million
Game #4:    9.7 Million
Game #5: 10.4 Million

Total #:    51.8 Million

Seixeiro’s up next.  


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