NBA Finals: Comic Book Edition

The 2011 NBA Championship Finals is turning out to be a real life comic book adventure. This is the first edition of several entries that will introduce our comic book heroes.

1. The Flash aka Dwayne Wade: The road for the Flash has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Once paired with Superman (Shaq), he experienced success in 2006, only to watch the “Man of Steel” leave not long after and lose his powers due to Green Kryptonite (Celtics). For a period of time, the Flash spent time all by his lonesome under the .500 mark where injuries plagued the hero. However, a rebirth arose in the 2010-11 season when he joined forces with two other Superheroes who will be introduced later in the series and the Flash has finally returned to the promise land.

2. The Matrix aka Shawn Marion: The Matrix has had a much harder time getting to the NBA Championship. While experiencing success at times, he’s bounced around the league for years forming alliances with Superheroes such as STAT, Captain Canada/Kid Canada, and even the Flash at one time – but unable to ever make it to the NBA Championship. However, it wasn’t until he aligned with Dirk Dagger that the Matrix will have a chance to fight in the final scene.

Two more comic book characters will be introduced this week – the final battle will begin on Tuesday, May 31st.

* Remember, tune into the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show tomorrow at 4pm ET. 


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