Brick Tamland vs. Sid Seixeiro

“JR hits the wall, Barcelona wins it all, and is John Danks a douche? Yeah, Probably. I just wanted to say I know that doesn’t rhyme. Like normally we rhyme – like really, what he did yesterday? By the way, you’re 0 – 8, so shut the fuck up.”

It’s Monday Tim and Sidizens – the last Monday in May. I can’t believe that the mid-way point of the year is right around the corner. And judging by all the warm weather we are experiencing this week, it’s safe to say that Summer is officially here. DECK BEERS! Tim is back after having Friday off and Bronsteter, Noon, and the lovely Nadine Liverpool are behind the glass working production. Topics for today’s show include: Mike Brown, Jason Terry’s tattoo, Ohio State, John Danks, the Revolution will not be televised, Jose Bautista, Bribes, Barcelona, and game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Before any sport talk could occur, the boys wanted to give a shout to Gil Scott-Heron who passed away over the weekend at age 62. What blows Sid away is the fact that they brought him up during the show on Friday. It’s the third time the guys have discussed someone on the show, only to have them die not long after. If I was a Tim and Sidizen, I wouldn’t be looking out for anymore shout-outs. Anyways, Scott-Heron, who many say is responsible for the beat movement in the 70’s and hip-hop in the 80’s, will be fondly remembered. Most will remember and know Scott-Heron for his early work, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” It’s scary to think that Tim and Sid are becoming grim reapers, so to speak.

Eastern Conference Finals Baby! 
Since game 7 of the NHL Easter Conference playoffs happened awhile back, Tim and Sid only briefly touched on the subject. The boys thought it was unbelievable for a game 7, that was so intense, to have no penalties. Players were delivering clean hits, no one was being a douche, and guys were playing hard. And according to Sid, it was the first time since 1950 that a game 7 was tied after two periods. Tim said he got chills from the game because after the Bruins scored the first goal, most of the fans stood for the final 7 minutes. And thanks to Bob Cole, he brought an intensity to the game that was simply amazing. #BobCole was trending like crazy during that game.

Indy 500 and the Art of Choking
A huge story over the weekend however, was the epic collapse of rookie racer, JR Hildenbrand, in the Indy 500. Before you read further, I’d advise that you check out the video to get an understanding of what transpired during the race if you’re not aware.

Anyways, the kid completely screwed up. Rather than breaking and slowing down on the last turn, he kept his speed up and crashed into the wall. Tim wonders if this could be considered one of the biggest chokes in sports history? Sid said he wasn’t sure at first, but after watching the video again a few times, he’s convinced it was indeed a major choke. Of course, Tim and Sid then turned to the listeners on Team Live to suggest some of the biggest chokes in the sports world. Some suggestions included:
– Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills
– Bill Buckner in the ’86 World Series
– Chris Webber’s Time Out
– 2005 Champions League Final
– Rory McIlroy and the 2011 Masters

Random #RealTalk
1. Sid’s weed issue is fine for now. It looks like it’s all under control – Tim thought it was CUT though for him to be asking viewers if they could help him out. It was later found out that Bronsteter is the one who actually tweeted the question.
2. If you go to Indianapolis for anything, it should be the Indy 500. It’s a party and a half.
3. Sid has a bit of a problem because he needs to have some work done on his roof and he only has a half-a-day available to take off from work. What if the workers have to piss? Do I let them piss against my fence?
4. Fairview Mall in Toronto have finally made a beverage only line – Tim believes that Tim Hortons have been listening to the show. I hate to burst your bubble, but St. John’s have had a “beverage line” in some stores since ’06. It’s still progress in Toronto though!

Sid’s Soapbox
Sid was allowed to do some venting in this section. He’s main complaint? Environment Canada – “Thanks for the warning Environment Canada, fucking piece of shit. Thanks fucking guys!” Apparently Sid was caught in that crazy rain/thunderstorm that occurred in Southern Ontario last night. He felt that someone was lazy because just as the weather people announced the warning, it was already directly above him. There was no warning! It just happened; someone at Environment Canada was lazy. He just doesn’t understand how some places are able to get accurate readings 24 hrs. in advance, but he got nothing last night – “not even a fucking head’s up.”

Hainser’s Corner
* Hainser’s Corner was GOLD once again. I’m currently in process of finishing Hainser’s Corner Episode #5, and it should be up later.  

Tim’s Soapbox
It was Tim’s turn to speak, bitch, or whatever you call. Unlike Sid’s complaint though, Tim actually made sense and his topic was relevant. Micallef got straight to the point and questioned, “Why isn’t the Memorial Cup bigger in this country than it is? Is it because it’s the worst formatted tournament ever?” On Sunday, the game raked in 544,000 people. Tim compares the Memorial Cup to the NCAA (due to it being college sports and it’s importance), but it isn’t even close – it’s not “must see t.v.” Most of the guys all agree with Tim and think the Memorial Cup should be bigger than it really is. Noon made some good points into why the Memorial Cup is not as huge as the NCAA: Money, Hype, and Culture; pretty valid points.There was a suggestion that Canada is just hockey’d out, but I don’t think that holds up. If that was the case, we’d see numbers for the Stanley Cup Finals decrease.

Champions League Soccer & Joey Bats
As anyone who follows the Score or the show on twitter, they should be aware that Barcelona crushed Manchester United over the weekend at the Champions League Final. Tim asked Sid whether or not he thought Barcelona were the best team of all time. Sid said he’s not sure if it’s the best team of all time, but it’s definitely the best team he’s ever seen. He was pissed however, the way that MANU went down without a fight. According to Sid, they should have played more physical and wore Barcelona down. At least that way, they would have given themselves a chance.

Conversation then shifted to the recent verbal spat between Jose Bautista and John Danks over the weekend and the Ken “Hawk” Harrelson’s comments during the game when he said, “If you didn’t know better, you’d say his bat had a little cork in it.” What a douche! Sid makes a valid point though when he said that if Bautista’s bat was indeed corked, the last thing he would have done was throw the bat on the ground (causing it to break) – doesn’t add up. What I hate about this shit though is that all it takes is suggestion or a rumour for people to start digging. Just leave stuff alone until you know for sure. But Harrelson completely sucks anyways so I’m sure anything he has to comment on is bunk.

Take note of the commentators. They completely agree that Bautista is in the wrong for chirping with Danks.

Rapid Fire
– Jim Buss has said that the Lakers should have contacted Kobe Bryant before officially hiring Mike Brown. Is this lip service or is he being sincere? I completely believe this is lip service – at this stage, I have a feeling that Buss is only saying what he thinks Kobe wants to hear, in order to keep him happy.
– 6 of the top 10 guys are still left in the French Open field. Who do you predict is going to win the whole tournament? I’m picking Novak Djokovic – it’s his to lose.
– The Hangover: Part 2 dominated the weekend movie sales. Can you think of a Comedy sequel that dominated the original? Most of the guys think that the second Austin Powers was huge, and I have to agree. The Spy That Shagged Me was beyond funny.

Great Monday show by the guys. Pizzo was absent today because he lost his voice, so Hainser’s Corner took place. To be honest, I would have liked a Hainser’s Corner and an Update from the guy. I’m pretty sure the savant could have knocked both of them out of the park. I liked the fact that there was a lot of sports talk today, mixed with some random edu-tainment. Maybe the guys need to start introducing the Soapbox more often – it seemed to work. Great start of the week. 9/10. 


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