NBA Finals: Comic Book 2nd Ed.

This is a continuation of the previous blog entry – see below.

3. The Chosen One aka Lebron James (also known as “The King” or “L-Train”: This will be the Chosen One’s second visit to the Championship battle. He once made it there in ’06 – ’07 with his band of misfits only to be destroyed by the Big Fundamental. Although disappointed with the performance, the Chosen One continued to have success but was always stopped just short of making an appearance in the final battle. Finally, after growing tired of his home and allies, the Chosen One pulled a Loki and betrayed his Magical Kingdom. He seemed unable to resist the Darkside and he joined forces with the Flash, and another character to be named shortly. The Miami Heat will need the Chosen One to play at his best if they wish to experience ultimate glory.

2. Mr. Triple Double aka Jason Kidd (J-Kidd): The oldest of Superheroes in this current story, Mr. Triple Double is making his third trip to the NBA Championship Battle. While known for his abilities to collect multiple stats in any given showdown, Mr. Triple Double hasn’t been able to perform his power since March 1st of this year. However, he continues to provide solid stability and maintains his playing ability throughout these playoffs by taking lengthy breaks to conserve his energy. If not, his energy level could deplete and he’ll become mortal.

The final two Comic Book characters will be introduced shortly – the final battle will begin on Tuesday, May 31st.

* Remember, tune into the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show today at 4pm ET. 


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