Gary Bettman & Skim Milk

“Congrats Randy Bachman, Congrats Portage and Main, and Congrats Boomers…you got your team back. Woooooo! Don’t fuck it up like you did the last time.”

Happy Tuesday Tim and Sidizens. Another great show lined up for you today with lots to talk about, especially regarding the recent news that transpired several hours ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tim and Sid are both in the booth joined by Noon and Bronsteter behind the glass. Topics for today’s show include: Jo Jo Reyes, Relocation, Mohamed Bin Hammam, Jason Terry, Rob Ford, Dustin Byfuglien, Dwight Howard, the NBA Finals, Jim “Tattoo” Tressell, and the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Winnipeg ___________ and Pissing Parades
Wow! It has officially happened. One of the biggest hockey stories in at least 10 yrs. – NHL hockey is returning to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tim was obviously floored with excitement, but Sid still had some hesitation and negative tones. And if it wasn’t for Tim, there would be no one to call out Seixeiro. If you heard Sid’s comment in the intro., he pleaded with Winnipeg not to fuck it up again. “Why are you pissing on Winnipeg’s parade?”, said Tim, “There’s people playing road hockey, kids are leaving school early, and everyone’s drinking beer!”  It’s not that Sid hates Winnipeg, he’s just leery of the situation. It’s similar to when you take your girlfriend back – you’re always making sure the same shit doesn’t happen twice.

The majority of frustration however, in this first segment, was directed toward Gary Bettman and the real “pissing on the parade”. If you missed the press conference, I’d advise you to check it out because it clearly shows a man who hates admiting defeat. The rundown of what happened was that during the opening statements, it was apparent that Mark Chipman was thrilled! happy! excited! to have hockey back in Winnipeg. He discussed a little bit about how long he’s worked to get the deal done, his love for the city and his family. But when Bettman got to the mic, he sounded like a mom who said she was going to take away t.v. privileges if you didn’t do your homework. “With this background, the best way for our fans to celebrate the opportunity is to buy season tickets….the best message is to buy 13,000 tickets. This isn’t going to work very well unless this building is sold out every night.”, said Bettman. WTF! Tim summed it up best, “Take out your penis and piss on the parade.” C’mon man! It’s the first day, Winnipeg just got the NHL back, it’s something for city to look forward to. But rather than let the good news breathe a bit, Bettman decides to threaten the city that they could lose the team again if sales aren’t huge. It’s definitely disappointing to hear – take your lip off the floor and just be happy for once.

Seixeiro said he can sympathize with Bettman though and that’s why he said what he said at the beginning of the show. I bet it was hard for him to agree to bringing the NHL back to Winnipeg, especially after he took it out in ’95 – ’96. It’s definitely an ego crusher on his part – he’s pissed and he’s not going to pretend to be happy for anyone. Sid just feels that there’s no way he can fault or be mad at the guy for being pissed, “This is Gary’s world Timmy, and we’re all just trying to get a nut.”

Tickets prices for the upcoming NHL season in Winnipeg was also discussed. The breakdown of prices are ranging from $39 to $129 or a total of $1,755 to $5,805 per 45-game season. If you ask me, that’s not bad compared to what people in Toronto are paying – according to Noon, the numbers for some season tickets could hit $75,000. The boys also discussed the possibility of a new name. During this morning’s annnouncement, it was stated by True North that a name, logo, etc. hadn’t been decided on yet. The question from Tim is do you you call them the Jets again? Sid’s adamant that there’s no way they call the team the Winnipeg Jets again. And the guy makes some sense. How are they going to sell Jets jerseys when half the town already has one. It wouldn’t make sense in regards to marketing and merchandising the team. Tim did hear a rumour that Manitoba would actually be part of the name, Manitoba Monarchs? For me personally, I think they have to go with the city, not the province. Stephen Brunt again got a shout-out from Sid, and rightfully so – the guy was the one to originally crack this story. While he was telling everyone the deal was complete, he was getting shit thrown at him left, right, and centre, especially from the 3-letter network.

But with all that took place today, the guys are happy to see hockey back in the city of Winnipeg. It really is great news to have another Canadian franchise, especially one with so much history. Tim said he’ll be dancing on the Atlanta Thrashers grace and gave a “WOO!” for retired players like Phil Housley and Dale Hawerchuk. But “What the hell is a Thrasher?”

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s Update
1. Greg Wyshynski, from Puck Daddy Radio, called the Atlanta Thrashers ticket box office today to see if he could buy tickets for this upcoming season. What do you know! They were still selling them – an hour before the press conference. Either Atlanta has a lot of dumb people working the box office, or someone didn’t get the memo from NHL’s head office. You really need to listen to this secion as Pizzo and Sid read out the whole transcript.
2. I can’t sum up this update on You really need to watch the video below.

3. This past weekend at a Seattle Mariners game, four different people had run on the field during the game. The last one was actually a streaker. Pizzo wondered what sporting event would the guys run on the field? Sid basically said that he wouldn’t do such a thing unless there was money involved. If you click here, you can see video of all four individuals.

Tourism Winnipeg
Tim & Sidizens and listeners of the show tend to come up with some of the best twitter hashtags out there. Since the NHL was heading back to Winnipeg, there were some suggestions online about what some slogans for the city could be. Some of the better ones included:
– The City Global Warning Forgot About
– At Least We’re Not Detroit
– Free Sled Parking
– Home of ‘Winning’ Peg
– Mike Keane Loves It Here!
– Bring Your Parka Bitch

And that hashtag immediately flowed into another one called – #HasABetterTrackRecordThanGaryBettman
– Dick Cheney
– George Bush
– Ben Johnson (Nooner)
– Bob Rae’s NDP Party (Bronsteter)
– Hainser
– Snookie
– FIFA (Nooner)

That particular suggestion got a lot of laughs and the boys then go into talking about he recent FIFA news. Tim wondered “Who’d you rather have as a commissioner, Sepp Blatter or Gary Bettman?” After what transpired recently, Sid said he’d go with Bettman on this one. Basically, Blatter took the only guy running against him for FIFA Presidency and had him charged with allegations of bribery and has now been suspended of ethics violations. “He screwed over the one guy that was running against him.” Either brilliance or just plain scary – Tim compared him to the DON; might as well just have whacked him – where’s Joey Bats. Blatter did say “they (problems) will be solved within our family.” I have to agree with the guys on this one, what the hell is going on with FIFA right now. It bewilders me.

Rapid Fire
A little game of Either Or from Bronsteter. Again, a lot of randoms, but funny stuff just the same.
– Toasted or Untoasted Sub? I’m a toasted guy. The only good subs at Subway or Mr. Sub are those that come with the toasting option.
– Skim or 2% Milk? Unlike the guys, I like the skim milk – you can consume more.
– Better NBA running mate, Scottie Pippen or Dwayne Wade? I’m taking Scottie Pippen. I never break my allegiance to the 90’s Bulls.
– More fun to watch, U.S Open Golf or French Open Tennis? I don’t have a comment. There’s too many factors involved, players, etc.
– Worst hockey market, Atlanta or Phoenix? Well, seeing as Atlanta is no longer the town of the Thrashers, I say that they win that title. Time to get Phoenix out of there too.

Most of the conversation on today’s show centered around the new Winnipeg franchise, and rightfully so. The guys definitely hit all the areas that I was questioning and I’m sure it won’t be the last bit they discuss. Pizzo’s update was solid; best bit of news there involved the Thrashers attempting to sell tickets. I would have liked to of heard a little bit more about the NBA, especially since game 1 was taking place tonight – maybe should have subbed it for the FIFA. Either way, great stuff all around. Still no word yet on who won the Sid Seixeiro Soundboard, but then again, there might have not been any submissions. 9/10


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