Orville’s NBA Challenge Update

“I see where you’re going though Bronsteter, but I think you’re so fucking wrong, it’s unbelievable.” – Sid Seixeiro’s statement regarding Bronsteter’s idea that there’s a possibility that viewership would be greater during the Eastern Conference Finals than the NBA Finals; especially if the Miami Heat are knocked out by the Chicago Bulls.

Well, that theory didn’t transpire and the Heat did make it to the next round. Game 1 of the NBA Finals took place last night between the MAVS and HEAT and it’s time for Seixeiro’s TV numbers to start pouring in.

Bronsteter’s Eastern Conference           Seixeiro’s NBA Final
Game #1:   11.1 Million                                         *Game #1: 12.8 Million
Game #2: 10.0 Million
Game #3: 10.6 Million
Game #4:    9.7 Million
Game #5: 10.4 Million

Total #:    51.8 Million

* The numbers for Game 1 of the NBA Championship Finals are still being tweeked and are un-adjusted. This is an estimate from several sites this afternoon on the 9pm – 11pm time period.


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