Bob Cole & Dirk’s Finger

“The Heat win game #1, Dirk gets hurt in game #1, and Shaq is done. Yeah, seriously, Twitter. Interesting story. Good thing we have an hour to talk about it. Yeah, and Bob Cole.”

Big show today Tim and Sidizens! Bob Cole will be checking in later, Shaq just retired, Campbell is out, and the list goes on. I don’t see how the guys can actually fit in all these topics. From the sounds of Tim and Sid, you can tell they’re jacked to start the show. Bronsteter, Noon, and Liverpool are behind the glass and topics for today’s show, and may or may not be discussed include: Jose Bautista, Colin Campbell, Sepp Blatter, Erik Spoelstra, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry Bird, Brendan Shanahan, Roberto Luongo, Dirk’s finger, and Bob Cole.

As mentioned above, you can tell that both Tim and Sid are excited for their special guest, Sid in particular. He mentioned that he was nervous prior to the broadcast, “Bob Cole is the reason I got into this business. Odds are that I’ll sound like a moron.” It’s good to hear sports anchors still get excited when doing interviews. Too many times I see or hear reporters or journalists not give a damn who they cover. The guys’ excitement is contagious – and it should be, Bob Cole is the voice of hockey.

To Tim and Sid, the guy represents not only hockey, but generations. “He’s the Canadian Dan Rather, even better maybe. He’s the hockey guy.”, said Tim. Sid agreed with his sentiments and followed with, “Everyone wanted that chair and no one could touch him, no one could touch him.” This was in regards to the numerous hockey announcers that have been involved in the game throughout the years on different stations – no one was ever as good as Bob Cole.

Colon Cleansing & Brendan Shanahan
That little wordplay belongs to Rob Pizzo….News came out today that Colin Campbell has stepped down as the league’s disciplinarian. Tim said that once he heard the news, a huge smile came on his face and he knew that once the show started, he was going to let Sid have the mic and rant to his heart’s delight. “I think Colin Campbell stepping down is a hockey play.”, Sid. Tim completely agrees and believes that if one thing comes out of today, it is that they get rid of the term “hockey play”. It’s definitely great news for hockey fans who were tired of Campbell’s inability to discipline consistently.

There was a little discussion about the timing of the announcement as well. Just before game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals? Sid thinks it sounds pretty cowardly – and I’d have to agree with the guy. If you want to downplay a particular story, you announce it on the same day, an even more important day, so it’ll get swept under the rug. The guys did feel this was coming though. In an interview not long ago with the 3-letter network, Campbell sounded like a guy that just didn’t want the job anymore. One of his stranger quotes during that radio interview, “I’m not sure what a suspension is anymore.” Strange words for a guy whose nickname is the Sheriff.

Rumours are that Brendan Shanahan will be taking over the position, but that also brings up questions on whether or not Shanahan is the right guy for the job. Shouldn’t this be the time to look for a non-hockey guy to be put in the position? Whatever happens, Sid feels that if Shanahan wants to succeed in the position, he should just do what he thinks is right.

Canucks vs. Bruins!!!
Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals take place this evening….wooooooo! Tim asks Sid who he thinks is going to take the series, but Sid seems to pussy foot around the question ūüôā He said he may wait and ask Bob Cole, but he does wonder if the extended break will be good for the Canucks. Unlike the Bruins, they finished their Conference Final foe pretty quickly. Sid does throw out a prediction eventually and said that he usually picks the favorite to win in 6 games; the safest template out there. Whatever transpires, it’ll be good to see two hockey teams that want it just as badly.

Adios Shaq and the NBA Finals
In the other championship final, the Miami Heat defeated the Mavs convincingly in the first game of the series. According to Tim, “Miami Heat were impressive as hell.” The guys discuss how everyone in the sports world were just looking for a flaw or crack in this Heat team, but just haven’t found it yet. Their defense and offense are stellar at this point. Tim¬†believes that he hasn’t seen a team turn it on like this since Jordan’s¬†Bulls.¬†Chat then¬†begins to focus on the other news from game 1 about Nowitzki’s torn tendon in his middle finger. It’s in his non-shooting hand and it shouldn’t be a problem. But Tim makes a great point in saying that it could affect him a little when he’s driving to the hole and has to shift hands. Whatever happens, whether or not Dirk’s injury affects him, it’s agreed upon that he’ll need to get more support from his supporting cast.

Time was running short here before Pizzo’s update, but the guys did manage to discuss a little Shaquille O’Neal and his recent announcement on twitter that he was retiring. After 19 seasons, Shaq Fu is putting away his hightops.

Tim felt it was a great send-off video¬†for the big man – he’s¬†going off into the wild, blue yonder, but in Sid fashion (ha), he disagreed. “It was foggy, you couldn’t see. It wasn’t a good omen.” There was then some discussion on whether or not you put Shaq in your top 10. For me personally, I put the guy on my list. I dare anyone to try and explain why they wouldn’t when he was in his prime – hands down, one of the greatest. Sid appears to have the same belief, “Shaq made Kobe early on. Shaq was at the centre of what they did.”

Interesting Facts from Rob Pizzo’s Update
The guys have a great debate about Colin Campbell, Brendan Shanahan, and the Stanley Cup Finals. Pizzo really throws out some good points and wonders if Shanahan’s relationship with several active players in the NHL will affect his decision making (he’s not long retired). He believes that the NHL needs a committee when it comes to disciplinary actions and I agree with him. There needs to be a group of individuals to provide feedback and different points of views on hits to the head, bodychecks, etc. Running the show as a so-called dictatorship just doesn’t cut it and that’s why suspensions vary so greatly.
1. Lew Alcindor wrote an open letter to Scottie Pippen regarding his comments on comparing Michael Jordan to Lebron James. It seems he wrote Pippen to remind him of past NBA generations and the fact that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest ever. Best line from Tim here, “He may not know karate, but he knows a little crazy.”

Legendary Robert Cecil Cole
“Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland”
If anyone has watched Hockey Night in Canada on CBC over the last 40 years, you’re familiar with the voice of Bob Cole. On today’s Tim and Sid: Uncut, the boys were lucky enough to get a chance to interview the hockey legend before game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. This segment was great¬†to listen to as you could tell both Tim and Sid were smiling from ear to ear – it definitely came across the radio.¬†While I’m doing a brief review of the interview, I highly recommend listening to the podcast and hearing it for yourself.

Great beginning to the interview because it was obvious that Mr. Cole is a true gentleman – “And with whom am I speaking with now? Okay Tim and Sid, nice to be here.” That should be a soundbyte Bronsteter.¬†Bronsteter played a clip¬†from the Best of Bob Cole, and then Tim got right into the interview and asked Bob if there were any signature calls that jumped out at him? Bob didn’t really quite answer this question and who could blame him, there’s thousands to choose from. But what he did say was that he loves hearing them everytime. They bring back a lot of memories for him. Discussion then flowed into some of the legendary games he’s been a part of and how’s he entangled in hockey history. But it seems that Cole doesn’t reflect to much on it. He’s well aware of it, but he’s always thinking of the next game, so to speak – the task at hand. It was great hear him say that he still gets butterflies before every game – that has never changed. For me personally, his love for the game and what he does, really separates him and puts him head & shoulders above all the other hockey announcers.

Mr. Cole spoke briefly about his history and how he became a broadcaster. He got his first gig in St. John’s, Newfoundland and during that time, he was both heavily involved with broadcasting¬†and flying. He received a flying scholarship with Air Cadets, went on to get his commercial license, and it looked as though he was going to make a career out of it. But during one of his training sessions in Montreal, he was at the forum and Boomer told him if he couldn’t play with them (Canadiens), he had to stick with broadcasting. Next thing he knew, he was doing Sunday night games with Foster Hewitt and Danny Gallivan and the rest was history – he’s been there ever since.

Another interesting area of the conversation was in regards to his thoughts on Brendan Shanahan replacing Colin Campbell and the issue of concussions. Cole said he couldn’t answer that question but said he doesn’t remember it (concussions)¬†ever being like this years ago. Maybe players are skating faster, maybe players are getting bigger – he didn’t see that many concussions back in the day. But one things for sure, he believes that taking hitting out of the game will not be good for the game. He told a little story about being in Moscow in the early 70’s¬†covering¬†the WHA. During his stay, he thought he would take in a game between¬†2 Russian teams. “They played beautifully, lovely passing, up and down play… score was 9-7, I believe. But I was completely bored.” It wasn’t¬†the hockey he grew up with –¬†he didn’t realize it until he watched the¬†Russian game. “You can’t change the game. So zillioners, please don’t make too many changes.” It’s clear to me that more people should listen to Bob Cole.

Other notable facts that came out of the interview were:
1. Bob never thinks about quitting. If anything, he just hopes that they don’t kick him out. But if ever a day came where he stopped liking what he does, he’d give it up.
2. Cole has sometimes been accussed of getting too involved in the game. I don’t believe it Mr. Cole. You can never get too excited or revved up for a good ol’ hockey game.
3. He has never given predictions on games and never will. The only thing he hopes for is that both goalies are on their A game.
4. He’s very happy for the City of Winnipeg. According to Bob, they have great fans and deserve it.
5. He doesn’t like to be called Mr. Cole.
6. The 1972 Summit Series¬†between Canada &¬†Russia won’t be matched. He still gets goosebumps thinking about it.

The interview was simply amazing and I urge you to listen to it. My writing doesn’t do it justice. Tim and Sid, great job with the interview. Good questions, consistent flow, and you let the man speak. And Sid, don’t worry – you didn’t fuck up.

Rapid Fire
Good¬†Rapid Fire¬†from Bronsteter – even though he didn’t have a lot of time to work with, he was able to fire off a bunch of¬† questions.
– Sepp Blatter was just re-elected and renamed the president of FIFA. Thoughts? This is fucked up. This is real life Mafia crap – he doesn’t belong.
– Lady Gaga admits to going bankrupt. She went $3 Million in debt. Are costumes necessary for her success? I don’t think so – have you seen the amount of fans she gets at her shows. I understand the costume is part of the act, but I’m convinced that if she was to take the stage in regular wear, it would still be sold out.
– Jason Terry sleeps in a pair of his opposing teams game shorts the day before a game. What’s the strangest superstition you follow? Tim doesn’t have any, but Sid keeps a penny in his back pocket.

I want to be front up and just give today’s show a 10/10. They guys managed to have Bob Cole on their show – that effort alone deserves full marks. The interview was conducted with the utmost respect, the admiration for Bob from the guys was there, and 30 minutes felt like 5. Thanks for getting him on the line Bronsteter – your rolodex continues to be filled with the best.


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