Follow Me on Twitter: Re-visited

I love doing this blog…hands down, the best thing to do after dinner with sports on in the background. It’s really been an eye-opener and since graduation, it seems to be something I’d like to get into eventually as a job, part-time or full, should I ever be lucky. And to be honest, most of this stuff writes itself – it’s literally a play-by-play of one of the best sports/edu-tainment radio shows out there and a lot of times the words and inspiration come from the show and many of the people at the Score. But in saying that, it does take approx. 3 hrs. a night to do this thing and I look at it as homework or pieces of art. I appreciate all the comments, suggestions, and thoughts; and believe it or not I do read all the emails. But again, a lot of credit should be directed and given to the guys at the Score.

The reason for this entry is for a re-introduction of the guys responsible for Tim and Sid: Uncut. I still get the scattered email from readers looking for information behind the show, where to listen, and where to follow the guys on twitter. I find it strange that many people found this site before they found out about the show, but after looking at the search engine site link on wordpress, I found out that many people find this site merely through their searches on Google. In past wordpress links, people have found my blog by using search words such as “The Iron Sheik“, “Backdoor into Chyna“, “Vancouver Tits“, etc. When I write an entry, I always use tags and it then gets sent into the search engine world. For example, during Sid’s rant on Melissa Woo, I tagged her name at the bottom of the entry. If anyone, for any reason, types Melissa Woo, my blog will appear on one of the search pages of Google.

I received 2 emails in particular last week that required attention and realized that I might as well do another entry with most of the show’s information; just so people knew where to go to get their Tim and Sid: Uncut fix. One email was from Gerald in London, England and the second email was from Mark in Utah – who knew there were fans worldwide? Here’s a rundown of who to follow and where to go #realtalk

Tim Micallef: Co-Host, Basketball Guru…tends to be Sid’s Ritalin.

Sid Seixeiro: Co-Host, Loves his Soccer and Cricket…can destroy you in an ego contest.

Aaron Bronsteter: Producer; man behind the glass…Basketball nut and works the Rapid Fire.

John Noon: Producer/Stud; man behind the glass…savant of all sports and ladies.

Robert Pizzo: Works the update during the show…co-host Puck Daddy Radio. Named best on-air sports personality in the world.

Other honourable mentions should go to Mike Gentile (Program Director), Ryan Hains (………..), and Nadine Liverpool (Intern & Lady Behind the Glass).

The show airs Mondays to Fridays 4pm to 5pm ET and can be found on SIRIUS Radio Canada, Channel 158. To listen to the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show live, click the following link. You can also find the guys on Apple iTunes – the show is usually uploaded immediately after; great for those commutes back home after work.

For first time listeners, enjoy the hour….it’s a hell of a time.


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