What is FOSS?

If you’ve listened to only one Tim and Sid: Uncut in your life, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve heard the word foss at least once. Usually used in a negative tone, foss has become ingrained in the vocabulary of every Tim and Sidizen. Usually the word is used to describe someone who is lame, fake, is cut, or just basically an idiot, so to speak. But did you know, according to Urban Dictionary, the word Foss has several meanings? Here are some of the more popular usages of the word:

1. Fresh off the ship. A person who thinks he or she is black; A person who moved from Africa to somewhere else.
2. Someone who is nosy, and wants to know everything.
3. A word to describe the undescribable.
4. State of feeling like the boss; state of power; being the shit for a minute.
5. A fake boss.
6. Arabic word for Fart or Flatulance – should be Sid’s definition
7. Word used for a gay person that acts extra gay.

On Friday’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut, Tim mentioned the fact they’ve received several emails with photos from listeners who’ve seen the word foss in various parts of the world. i.e. Foss Festival. I never really thought about adding the photos I’ve received from Tim and Sidizens until Tim mentioned it and I figured now would be as good of a time as any.  

Courtesy of Gerald Williamson – he left no explanation.

Courtesy of  Calvin W. – A computer course ad.

Courtesy of Matty Hamilton – A transport company.

Courtesy of David Cheng – A maintenance business.

Courtesy of Johnny Tan – This stuff fixes bike tires.

Courtesy of Casey Pyne – Another computer course ad.

We’ve been talking about this one for awhile. 

Keep them coming Tim and Sidizens!

* Friday’s review will be up later today. Cheers.


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