TOUT, Helen Mirren & Sexy-5

“The Heat thought it was done, Dirk wasn’t quite done, and we can tell you Shaquille O’Neal is officially…what’s the word…what’s the word, walking away? DU..the game, um interest level was low, it’ll come to me…DONE! Oh, you got done. Hopefully we didn’t blow out your speakers if you’re listening to this.”

It’s Friday boys and girls and the weather is pretty amazing – after work, it’ll be a good day for patio beers and wings. But until then, we have another jam packed hour of sports and edu-tainment. Bronsteter and Noon are working behind the glass today and the topics up for discussion include: Sidney Crosby, Johnny Walsh, Manny Malhotra, Celebrations, Dwight Howard, Jack Kevorkian, Rafael Nadal, and Pat Williams.

The NBA, Shaq, and Studio Farts
First in the NBA news, it was made official today that Shaq, “the man with the big ass shoes“, was hanging them up for good. Drafted in 1992, Shaq has been one of the most dominated big men in the game and his 19 seasons were filled with drama, excitement, and quotes. In honour of his retirement, the guys brought in Pat Williams to discuss the big man and his legacy. But prior to Williams’ interview, Tim and Sid dove into some talk about what transpired in game 2 of the NBA finals. Sid said he couldn’t believe what happened, “The 15 point looked huge…Dallas looked deflated.” It’s hard to believe that Dallas were able to overcome such a deficit with so little time left. While Dirk’s shooting and overall play was a big factor, it seems that  motivation might have had been a big factor. If you’re unaware, during the game, with the Heat up, Dwayne Wade posed in front of the MAVS bench and the crowd after a 3-point score. During the post-game media scrum, Jason Terry said it was that act that motivated/pissed them off, whereas Wade just dismissed the action. Tim doesn’t really care because this kind of ego/bragging goes on all the time during games but Sid’s adamant that Wade’s actions were the wrong thing to do, at that time. If he didn’t act that way in front of their bench, Dallas may have not found the motivation. If you check out the following video, you’ll see what everyone is talking about at the 10 sec. mark.

I should note that during this whole segment, Bronsteter was playing fart sounds in honour of Sid ripping one the day before while in the booth. If you play back, you can clearly hear it come through the mic. Sid is doing his best to try and deny the whole thing ever happened, but he’s failing. Noon sums it up best, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

Pat Williams & The 7 Principles
As mentioned earlier, with Shaq’s official retirement announcement today, the guys brought in Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic and motivational speaker. Of even greater significance, Williams was the man who drafted Shaq Diesel in 1992. First off the guys asked Pat what his thoughts were on the ‘Wade posing in front of the MAVS bench’ incident. He thought it was an “ill-advised” action of the part of Wade, it was as though he was ripping them and telling the bench that they’ve got the game under control. Not a good move, it motivated the MAVS, they chipped away at the game, and now the series is tied heading back to Dallas for the next three games. It sounds as though Williams thinks the MAVS have their arms around this series. Sid – 1 Tim – 0.

Discussion then flows into the topic of Shaq’s retirement and the Orlando Magic. Pat believes that O’Neal is the 4th most important centre of all time and also goes down as one of the most entertaining athletes ever. He tells the story of when Shaq first visited Orlando with his father and brother – during the stop, Pat, the owners, and Shaq’s family sat down to dinner and before you know it, Shaq was having a food fight with his little brother. “His personality and physical ability is hard to find, maybe in the last 20 years.”, said Pat. He’s just a big kid at heart. With regards to Shaq’s future, Pat believes that he’ll be in law enforcement, t.v., or somewhere in the media. He actually thought Shaq should have left years ago, but it seems he’s walking away at the perfect time; the knees just got the best of him.

Sid then focused the interview on Williams’ new book, Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours. The book was based on the seven principles that basketball great, John Wooden, lived by his whole life. These principles were planted by his father when John was just twelve years old – and basically, if you live by these principles, you’ll have a good life. The 7 Principles include:
– Be true to yourself
– Help others
– Make friendship a fine art
– Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible
– Make each day your masterpiece
– Build a shelter against a rainy day by the life you live
– Give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day

It appeared Williams wrapped up the interview himself, thanked the guys, and went on his way. Sid wondered what principles he’d tell his child if he ever had one. Some popular choices were: Being fat is fine, Losing weight is overrated, It’s not good to send your junk over Twitter.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update 
1. A-Rod and Cameron Diaz broke up recently. His last 3 girlfriends were Kate Hudson, Madonna, and now Cameron Diaz. Pizzo thinks there might be a trend of young, old, young….
2. Best sign at a sporting event? In Vancouver, there was a sign that said “I’m Not Gay, But I’d Suck Roberto Luongo’s Dick”. The dude must be a real fan.
3. Joe Montana’s son, Nate, was charged with a DUI the other day. The kid pleaded NOT GUILTY.

The best part of Pizzo’s Update however, was when all the guys were ripping on Bronsteter’s new TOUT account – check out all his videos here. Some of the better ones include interviews with Hainser and his dog, Olive. TOUT is the newest app. that allows users to post a 15 sec. video on twitter. It’s like a live tweet. Tim’s not 100% sure he’ll get into this TOUT craze, but will see what happens.

NBA Inside Stuff: Tim and Sid Edition
The boys eventually flowed into some NBA chat and the Championship finals. One area of the discussion was in regards to the Heat’s collapse and loss to the Mavs in game 2. Sid, “The learned that they can’t take their foot off the pedal. There’s no problem celebrating, but in this scenario, Wade fucked up.” Tim doesn’t agree because he believes that we see posing more often than we think and it’s only part of the game, part of the celebration. Either way, Tim’s convinced that while it might be a better story if the Heat lose, this is just a wake-up call and the Heat are going to win the next three games in Dallas. Chat also involved Bosh’s defense against Dirk in the final play. Sid doesn’t think you should get mad for his defensive play – get mad because they had a foul to give and he didn’t foul Dirk. Someone fucked up that time-out huddle prior to that play, was fouling not mentioned?

Things That Tim and Sidizens Learned This Week
– Bronsteter and TOUT are a match made in Hell.
– Sid admires the career of Dana McKiel.
– Pizzola wears Capri pants (* Interesting point here though. Hainser could be getting the story wrong. What would Pizzola be wearing Capri pants in the Winter?) Either way, Summer or Winter, Pizzola wears Vagine pants.
– Hainser gets confused.
– Bob Cole loves hockey so darn much.
– FIFA has a better track record than Gary Bettman.
– Sepp Blatter doesn’t know what a crisis is.
– Tony Weiner is the victim of an enourmous prank because of his last name.
– People don’t fart, their chairs do.
– Noon is foss.

Rapid Fire
Great Rapid Fire by Bronsteter here – especially because it allowed Sid to talk about his love for the Queen, Helen Mirren.
– A Cleveland restaurant recently got rid of it’s Jim Tressel sandwich. If a sandwich was named afte ryou, what would be in that sandwich? There’d be lots of cheese in Sid’s sandwich. For me, Pesto Mayo would be an ingredient.
57 year old Ellen Barkin is dating a 26 year old man. How many years older can a woman be when dating a man before thinking it’s creepy? Sid thinks if her hair is grey, it might be too much. But Helen Mirren is the exception – that lady can GET IT! I agree here completely. Have you seen Helen’s bikini shots? Noon thinks Helen is “Sexy-Five”.
– CUT or UNCUT? Roy Foss was a softball sponsor for a listener’s little league baseball team. Would you wear this jersey? Well, at little league age, I’d probably have no idea what being foss was, so this is UNCUT for me.

I loved today’s show – a little funny, randomness, and sport talk. The interview with Pat Williams was pretty good. I think it was good to reflect on how good Shaq once was. There’s too many kids in the business now (25 and under) that either diss the guy constantly on twitter or only take in account his years of playing ball when they’ve watched him. Shaq definitely deserves to be in the top 10 and for those who don’t agree, time to wake up. The chat on TOUT and Sid’s inability to keep his flatulance to himself was funny stuff. I especially liked all the NBA talk. Keep up the great work guys – 9/10.


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