RuPaul & Leader of Men

“Rafa (Rafael) lookin’ like a boss, Luongo is gettin’ his point across, and Chris Bosh? Getting treated like a foss, again, with one eye? it’s tough.”

Welcome kids! Another week of sports and edu-tainment is upon us. Uncle Timmy is flying solo this week as Sid is taking a much deserved break. “With Sid gone folks, there will be plenty more opportunities……about a half-hour of talking has been removed from this podcast.” Noon and Bronsteter are both behind the glass and topics up for debate this jam-packed Monday afternoon  include: Roberto Luongo, The Matrix Reloaded, Like a Bosh, Stephen A. Smith, Rafa Nadal, DJ Bennett, Todd Macklin, A Biting Commentary, and Respect.

But first, a little pre-game chat among the boys. Over the weekend Noon got his Boating Operator’s Craft card. He’s had a boat, but never been able to drive it around legally I guess. And Bronsteter has slowed down his TOUT submissions in fear of more ribbing from the guys. But if you noticed last night, Bronsteter provided one on how to make sweet tea in 15 secs. Also Tim and Sidizens, take note because sometime this week, Tim and Sid: Uncut may open the phone lines briefly for you to call in – maybe get 15 secs. before they cut you off 😉

“In sports, respect is never given.”, Tim Micallef. There are some athletes that get too little of it, then there are some dudes that are Chris Bosh; who pretty much get none at all. Last night in the third game of the NBA Finals, Bosh was treated like a foss and got no respect from his hometown, his peers, and media; even after he scored the game winning basket. Kevin Durant has called him a “Fake Tough Guy”, Shaq has called him the “RuPaul of Big Men”, and the list goes on. The guys then get into a little match game called __________#getsdisrespectedmorethanchrisbosh. Some great suggestions included:
– Hainser
– Roberto Luongo
– Terrell Owens
– Andy Roddick
– Osama Bin Laden
– Rodney Dangerfield
– Colin Campbell

Also check out the disrespect from one of TIME Magazine’s favourite blogs of 2011, The Basketball Jones

Amazing! Congrats to the guys at the blog. Ever need pro-bono work? Let me know. Tim’s not sure if the disrespect is fair to an extent. The guy went to Miami to take a paycut and be the third fiddle. No Tim, he wanted to be the second or third fiddle and he does deserve the disrespect.

Tim flowed into a little NHL Stanley Cup finals. All the guys were convinced that Burrows should have played, while some felt that he should have been suspended for the little biting incident. If you are a Bruins fans, you’re probably a little pissed because it turned out to be Burrows who scored the OT winner, just 11 secs in game 2, in the extra time frame. Uncle Timmy also gave a huge shout-out to Luongo because of his stellar play (I think Tim jinxed him because the shit that’s happening now in game 3 is not Conn Smythe worthy) and his .940 save percentage since game 6 of the Chicago series – the guy has been playing great.

Nadal vs. Federer
Tim’s first guest on today’s show was the Score’s very own Todd Macklin. Macklin is the Director of Production at the Score and has been covering the last 14 Wimbledon tournaments for BBC Radio and Radio Wimbledon; the guy has quite the resume. The main order of discussion was on whether or not Nadal is better than Federer and by the sounds of it, after Nadal’s French Open win, Tim is leaning toward Rafael being named the greatest tennis player of all-time. According to Todd, while Nadal is closing the gap, Federer is still better; it’s 16 – 10 in Grand Slams titles. Tim finds this a fair argument but when Nadal is 6 – 2 in Grand Slam finals between the two, how can you outright say that Federer is better? Todd believes the answer to that is simple, Federer is still winning Slams that Nadal isn’t even getting past the quarters and semis in. You can’t fault Federer for who he plays in the finals if Nadal can’t make it there. Even if Nadal is able to win this upcoming Wimbledon final, Federer is still 16 – 11 in Grand Slams considered by Macklin to be greatest of the two players.

BREAKING NEWS! Tony Wiener has come clean and admitted that it was in fact his weiner that was sent out to ladies on Twitter. He admitted to sex-ting with approximately 6 women. Douche! According to Noon, if Sid was here today, “He’d be all over that wiener.”

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s Update
1. Another athlete has been busted for taking a picture of themselves naked. It looks like Tito Ortiz has a photo of him that’s been leaked to the press/media. Not a huge surprise seeing as he’s wife is a pornstar. Pizzo said he’d be curious to check it out; much like Chyna’s upcoming film. Remember Pizzo, curiosity killed the cat.
2. Lenny Dykstra is again up to no good. The retired ball player has just been arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto, Identity Theft, and a shit load of other felonies. He’s looking at close to 12 years in prison.
3. Apparently, the City of Vancouver is going to re-light the Olympic Flame in honour of the Vancouver Canucks. Most of the guys claim this to be CUT and I agree. It’s something sacred – you’re asking to be jinxed (oh, what do you know, the Canucks lost 8 – 1).

Stephen A. Smith and Leader of Men
Great second guest today Tim and Sidizens. Tim was able to connect with columnist for, a basketball guru, Stephen A. Smith for an afternoon of some NBA Championship final talk. As discussed earlier in the show, Tim again brought up the fact of the lack of respect for Chris Bosh and wondered what Stephen A. Smith thought about this. Smith made some great points – “Everyone always has known him as soft….his play is there, but he’s known as soft.” Smith believes there’s also a huge jealousy factor there. Bosh is making $100 Million, he’s living in South Beach, and he’s probably going to win a Championship title. From the interview, it’s pretty much a given that Smith believes that Miami will win the Championship in 6 or 7 games. He believes that Dirk Nowitzki is a fighter and competitor and will push the series because he’s a superstar.

During the interview, we keep hearing some voices and it turns out that it’s actually Smith’s GPS. He usually never needs a GPS because he knows how to get around everywhere, but in this case, he’s not familiar with Dallas and needs it. I would have liked Tim to of asked him what he was driving.

The interview resumed and Tim asked Smith whether he thought the Miami Heat were James’ team or does it really matter? According to Smith, it used to matter, but not anymore. He believes this is Wade’s team; he got Bosh and James to Miami, he was here before, and he’s the one with a Championship title on his resume. Just because Lebron James likes to get in people’s faces means nothing, Dwayne Wade is a “Leader of Men“. Best line ever…..Conversation then flowed into the comparison of Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki. During this section, it was really hard to hear a lot of what Smith was saying; his phone continued to break up. But what I could make out was that Smith thought that Bird was a beast on the court, he was all about winning. Dirk is only getting to this point now, it’s all about the killer instinct. Tim brought up the passing abilities between the two and Smith thought Tim was completely wrong. There is no comparison – Bird was a way better passer than Nowitzki. Dirk is not looking to pass like Bird used to, he’s looking to shoot.

Rapid Fire
Before Bronsteter started his Rapid Fire, he mentioned the upcoming Score Fighting Series that was happening in Mississauga this weekend. According to the guys, it’s the best MMA in Canada outside the UFC. You can find tickets at ticketmaster.
– Donald Brashear won his MMA debut. If you could think of any athlete you’d like to see in MMA, who’d it be? Tim’s picks would be George Laraque or Jimmy McMillan. In a weird choice, I’d like to see the Rock. He’d probably get his ass kicked, but it could be entertaining.

Wow! Amazing show. Usually when one of the guys are absent and it’s the start of a new week, it tends to go slow. But hey, Tim came out firing. Great start with the lack of respect talk for Bosh and the interview with Todd Macklin. I don’t remember the last time the show actually spent time on tennis. And the interview with Stephen A. Smith was fantastic. Love him or hate him, Smith is a cool cat. If anything, I just wish the interview could of been longer – but isn’t that always the case. Great show, rare 10/10.


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