NBA: Purist vs. Transient

“The B’s gave Van City a beatdown, the Mavs don’t want to go 3 – 1 down, and Mr. Weiner gets caught with his pants down, (I believe Tim said Darie wrote this down on twitter shout-out!)”

Wooo! Woo, woo, woo, wooooo! Hello Tuesday boys and girls, and all the Tim and Sidizens from all over the world. Another big show today as Tim is joined by Scoop Jackson for some B-Ball talk. Sid is still on holidays rocking the Sour Cream & Onion Chips w/Sleeman beer, but Bronsteter and Noon are still here so all is well in radio land. Topics for today’s show include: Roberto Luongo, Mike Murphy, Bosh Spice, Mark Jackson, Dana White, Jason Terry’s mouth, Fingers in mouths, and Weiner’s in trouble.

Don’t Tweet the Meat!
First order of business today however, was the recent news that Anthony Weiner had admitted to sex-ting with several ladies through Facebook and Twitter. I repeat, not only sex-ting, but doing it with 6 ladies on Twitter and Facebook in his first year of marriage. “Where does he get the balls to do this on Twitter, especially Facebook?”, said Tim. Bronsteter found it shocking because supposedly, anything that goes through a government office server is public information. It’s hard to believe that his guy would even risk it – especially since it’s public property, so to speak. This brings up the other news that 20,000 emails of Sarah Palin will be released shortly online and made available to the public for a fee. Noon followed this with a great line, “That’s 20,000 pages of duhhhhh……”. But however you look at it, our boy Tony has got balls!

As noted in a previous entry, this Weiner story had Tim tweet out a game for the Tim and Sidizens in which he wanted to hear our best headlines for Weinergate. Some of the better entries included:
– Weiner, I Hardly Knew Her
– Weiner Goes Limp & Confesses
– Weiner Lets It All Hang Out on Monday
– Weiner Softens, Folds to Pressure
– Anthony Weiner Has Discovered A New Type of Junk Mail

NHL Playoffs and Late Hits
Who would of thought Tim’s mini rant would have jinxed Luongo? The guy was praising Roberto on Monday for how well he’s played and how does he repay him? Luongo coughs up a shit load of goals. What a horrible game – the Canucks lose to the Bruins in game 3 with a score of 8 – 1. I don’t smell a Conn Smythe for the netminder or it’s not in the bag at least.

But discussion about game 3 was mostly focused on the late hit delivered by Aaron Rome on Nathan Horton. Basically, Rome destroyed Horton after a pass and the Bruins player was taken off the ice on a stretcher. Rome was eventually delivered a game penalty, but it was later announced aftter meetings, that Mike Murphy handed down a 4 game suspension – the rest of the playoffs. At this point, Tim brought in Pizzo to discuss the hit and find out what his thoughts were on the whole thing. According to Pizzo, “The hit was late. Do I think he was trying to do it on purpose? No. I think 4 games was a little excessive.” Pizzo also felt the hit should have been a 1-2 game suspension at most; he thought Horton may have put himself in a vulnerable position, he watched his pass. Tim thinks that whole idea by Pizzo is bullshit, “He knew what he was doing….it was predatory.” But Pizzo makes a great counter point – what if Horton popped back up? Rome would have probably been given a 5 minute major at most. “You can throw water bottles at people, bite their fingers off, but if you hit someone late, you’re gone for 4 games. There’s just no consistency Tim.”

After the discussion on game 3 between the Bruins and Canucks, Tim did a little shout-out to the City of Winnipeg. After all the sulking that Gary Bettman did at the press conference and threatening the city that they had to buy tickets, the people of Winnipeg responded by buying up the remaining 13,000 season tickets in 10 minutes. But where’s Gary now? Nowhere to be seen – no even a congratulations. Douche Alert!

Hainser’s Corner
Please see blog entry below for a full indepth Hainser’s Corner

Prior to Pizzo’s Update, Tim was able to get a few more _________#getsdisrespectedmorethanchrisbosh entries from the match game yesterday. Some include:
– Tiger Woods’ Mistresses
– Roy Foss
– Toby Flenderson

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. Another ex-wrestler is pimping his shit out. Razor Ramon, aka Scott Hall, is selling old memorbillia to anyone who wants to buy it. One of the items up for sale is the leather vest he wore when he fought against Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 18. You can check out his video here.
2. The Major League Baseball Draft took place recently and the Chicago Cubs, in the 7th round, selected Trevor Gretzky – Wayne Gretzky’s son.
3. Plaxico Burress was released from prison after his stint in jail for carrying a firearm. The best story about his release, it appears he was the filthiest prisoner ever. He was always told by the guards to clean his room.

Scoop Jackson and Uncle Timmy
Today’s special guest on Tim and Sid: Uncut was Scoop Jackson, American sports journalist and culture critic for, ESPN The Magazine, and SLAM Magazine. And guess what basketball fans, it was all hoop talk. “Tim, What’s happenin’ man?”

I first want to say how genuine Scoop Jackson sounds and how much I think the guy is a cool cat. I’ve heard interviews before and at times the person being interviewed can come across as being cold, not really interested, or look at the interview as something they “HAVE” to do. But Scoop came across as smooth as could be and conversation between him and Tim seemed effortless. Now mind you, I don’t know whether or not Tim has interviewed him before or whether or not they have a history (that would make the interview easier), but the interview came across the radio as some real “boy” talk and I appreciated it. I’d definitely try and have Scoop on again to talk about anything. He’s a bottle of positive energy.

As we are all aware, Tim believes that the Heat are going to win the Championship 4 games to 1 (obviously, this won’t happen after last night’s colllapse) and Scoop agrees with our boy. What impresses him the most is that when Miami has lost in these playoffs, they’ve gone back to the drawing board and have been able to figure shit out. The loss in Boston and Chicago are all examples of the team’s ability to brush off a loss and come up with a better game plan. Tim asked Jackson whether he thought Spoelstra should be getting more credit for Miami’s wins? Jackson gave some great insight into his answer: Spoelstra has done an amazing job up to this point, but you can’t be naive enough to not think that Pat Riley is running things from behind the scenes, or least giving some solid advice. At this stage of the game, with a guy who has his experiece, it would be wrong not to talk with him about strategy or seek advice. “Pat Riley is the Puppet Master from Air Traffic Control.”

The interview then flowed into who Scoop thought needs this title more. Dirk or Lebron? According to Scoop, there are 2 answers: One, the basketball purist. This person understands the game of ball and realizes that Dirk needs it more. All the shitty appearances in the playoffs, the collapse in 2006, and the age of the team – you better be rooting for Dirk. And then Two, the basketball transient. This person only watches the NBA during the playoffs. He believes that Lebron needs to win the title because of all the hype surrounding him. He feels the pressure is on Miami and that they have to win this year.

In the last few minutes of the interview, Scoop threw down some respect for the Heat’s defense and their ability to shut down teams in this playoff run. He also discusses the Chris Bosh disrespect with Tim and believes that Bosh tends to do things that lend to people being able to take shots at him. For example, the recent “finger in the eye” during game 3. Rather than roll to the sidelines, Bosh lay there on the floor, clutching his eye, and crying like a bitch. Then eventually, he returns to the game, only to score the winning bucket. Are you kidding me? Were you really that hurt or are you simply a drama queen?

Rapid Fire
A sweet ass Either Or was brought to you by Aaron Orville Bronsteter.
– A bigger story. Anthony Weiner or Eliott Spitzer? I’m choosing Weiner on this one. First he lied, then re-nagged and instead of admiting to the one chick, he said 6. Plus it’s foss because he was married.
– Better analyst turned coach. Doug Collins or Mark Jackson? Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for Doug Collins. He be the guy on my list.
– Better free agent signing this year. Yao Ming or Greg Oden? I hate to say it, but I feel both of these guys could be done for good. I’m taking Yao Ming on this one.
– Better debut album. Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic? Jay-Z or NAS, I’m not answering this question.

Extended Rapid Fire
This may or may not be a new blog segment I throw in here – it will depend on the feedback. Bascially, I’ll take the topics mentioned by Tim or Sid at the beginning of the show that wasn’t addressed and I’ll attempt to give a brief description as to what I think is important about that topic. (Mind you, it may have been mentioned in the Rapid Fire, but not fully discussed). I’ll also add an ol’ school tune of the day to this entry. Let’s begin.

1. Dana White: The guy is on the show tomorrow. Plus, he’s been under fire for comments made recently by Joe Rogan. Listen, I’m a huge fan of Rogan and his podcast is the only other one I really listen to religiously besides this one. Give the guy a break – he gives a great explanation of what went down between himself and Maggie on his recent podcast. People need to relax.
2. Mark Jackson: Jackson is now the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.
3. Jason Terry’s Mouth: “If we score 100 points, they can’t beat us. I can say that.” He’s been mouthing off all series.
4. Fingers in Mouths: During game 3 of the NHL Stanley Cup, more Bruins players continued to try and put their fingers in Burrows mouth. My fiancee saw that on the t.v. and gave the astonishing – “WTF?

Boom Goes the Dynamite!!! Great show today Tim, Bronsteter, and Noon. Fuck, they just keep getting better. Maybe it has to do with the topics or the special guests; but damn, it’s enjoyable all the time. Sid’s missed, but it’s alright, I can deal, especially with the way you’ve been bringing the heat. Huge highlight today was Scoop Jackson, I still have the very first SLAM Magazine tucked away in my closet – kind of a memento. Huge day today boys. I look forward to Dana White tomorrow! 10/10.


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