German Fever & Studded Thongs

“Dana White with Mauro as the glue, the Bruins go in search of win number 2, and your boy Dirk is sick like the flu. This is Tim and Sid: Uncut….”

It’s hump day kids and welcome to another edition of Tim and Sid: Uncut. Sid’s still on vacation rocking the Sour Crean & Onion/All Dressed chips with Sleemans on the side and Tim has the Captain’s wheel all to himself. Noon and Bronsteter continue to give support behind the glass; they’re joined by Ms. Nadine Liverpool as they continue to try and erase the Intern title. Great day today as the topics include: Bill Russell, Juan Jose Barea, Roberto Luongo, Tony Weiner, Aaron Rome, Lady Gaga’s thong, the Individual and the Team.

First up, a little question about Lady Gaga’s studded thong that she wore recently at the CFDA fashion awards show. Tim sounded shocked that she was wearing such a thing – Bronsteter however, thought it was a litle conservative. The chick’s got balls. Check out the pictures here.

NBA: The Individual vs. the Team
The conversation finally got into my favourtie topic, m**therf’n b-ball. A huge game last night from the NBA Championship finals; so many stories to discuss. If you’re not aware, the Mavericks, being down once again in the fourth quarter, came back and defeated the Miami Heat is the last few minutes of the game. Another collapse for this supposedly “super” team. Tim also points out that he was wrong – he believed that the Heat would win the series in 5 games, now it’s looking more like 6 or 7. Either way, he stepped up and admitted defeat unlike other co-hosts of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast 😉

One of the big stories last night was Dirk’s ability to play tough in a finals game while battling the flu. Definitely not the flu game that Jordan had in the 97 Finals, but a flu game nonetheless. MJ had 38 points during that game against the Utah Jazz and in my opinion, they were a much tougher team than the Heat. Other stories that evolved from the game were:
– Lebron’s disappearance
– Jason Kidd was scoreless
– Jason Terry finally showed up
– Peja was so bad, he was replaced with Brian Cardinal who rocks the Micallef/Hasselbeck.
According to Tim, there were alot of individual stories that took place, but he pleads with the Tim and Sidizens that we understand and realize that this is a team game; it’s not just about the individual. Tim is not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy the individual performances, such as Wade’s monster block on Chandler, just remember to keep it in perspective. If one of these teams are going to take a strangle hold on this series, it’ll probably be the TEAM that shows up.

Also discussed in this section was the recent article written by Tim and Sid: Uncut alum, Jason Whitlock. The article is about the idea that the media sometimes attempts to drive a wedge between Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. The article also discusses a little bit about James’ change in jersey number from #23 to #6. I couldn’t do the article justice by summing it up, so it’s better if you click here and check it out yourself.

Kelly Hrudey Returns to Uncut-ville

It was great to have Kelly Hrudey back on the show today. He actually stopped by several weeks ago when Tim was on vacation. Hrudey is a retired NHL goaltender and now hockey broadcaster with the CBC. The first thing Tim asked was in with regards to the hit on Horton and the suspension given to Aaron Rome. Hrudey thought the 4 games was harsh and he’s still trying to get his head around this suspension. He said he knows for a fact that Rome wasn’t trying to do anything dirty and it’s just one of those unfortunate things that happens in a sport that’s so fast. And was it cheap? Hrudey doesn’t believe it was a cheap hit either; Basically, Rome isn’t going to play unless he hits, that’s what the guy is there to do, “If you’re not going to pay attention, it’s not up to everyone else to safeguard you. That’s your own duty.” Kelly is definitely not happy that Horton is in the hospital, but if it wasn’t Rome, someone else would of dropped him. The ironic thing about the whole situation is that during that same night, the finalists for the Mark Messier award was announced and those kinds of hits that Rome threw were what we once praised Messier for doing, now we’ve gone a 180.

Conversation then flows into the psyche of a goalie and how Roberto Luongo would deal with letting in 8 goals the previous night. Before this though, Tim drops the stats on Hrudey and his ’93 playoff run with the Los Angeles Kings. During that time, Hrudey let in 9 goals to Calgary in one game, and then 7 goals to Vancouver a series later. Even though they won both series, it was still pretty funny to hear Tim call out Kelly’s shitty games. Tim asked Hrudey if he thought the Canucks were in a similar position and how do you bounce back from it? Kelly believes that Luongo has been a different goaltender since the Blackhawks series and history says he should bounce back. When you experience crappy games, it can have an affect on the psyche of the athlete, and sometimes that can keep you down. But if you experience fortune and come out on the good end for a change (i.e. Finally beating the Blackhawks), it can have a great effect on the person. Other areas of conversation focused on how deep each team were, the players that have been stepping up, and cohesiveness. Kelly Hrudey has got to be one of the nicer guys in sports broadcasting.

After Hrudey hangs up, the boys have a little reflection period and remember the doo-rag that he used to wear. Noon figures, “It’s with his shitty helmet with the flat mask.” Tim, Noon, and Pizzo all go with Vancouver to rebound from the bad loss, but Bronsteter believes that Boston will continue with the momentum. Was Orville ever correct! Cam Neely, Bobby Orr…. I’d say bring in Ray Bourque now.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
A little interesting stat brought forward by Pizzo before update. Of 12 playoff games where Luongo gave up more than 6 goals, the guy has rebounded by winning 8 of those with games allowing 1.5 goals/game and had 3 shutouts in those 12 games. The guy clearly bounces back (that stat failed to hold up last night).
1. Ron Artest is working on a new reality show called Last Second Shot. It’s focused on rehabilitating paroles. I wonder if JJ Barea will watch this.
2. Kobe Bryant held a press conference with his wife to discuss their new charity for Homeless Youth. During the Q and A period, he got quite testy with reporters who asked him anything on basketball.
3. Mark Teixeira, injured Yankee, takes to twitter and asked fans for prayers. Sorry, you got hit by a ball, make millions of dollars, and I’m stuck in a cubicle. I’ll save my prayers for myself.

The Over-Caffeinated Canuck, Mauro Ranallo
The man with the newly shaven head, MMA commentator and announcer, Mauro Ranallo is in the house. As the boys are waiting to get Dana White on the line, they do some pre-chat on the upcoming Score Fighting Series in Mississauga this weekend. Accoring to Ranallo, next to the UFC, it’s the best MMA card that Canada has ever presented. Some of the huge match-ups include:
– Jordan Mein vs. Marius Zaromskis
– Joe Doerksen vs. Luigi Fioravanti
– Josh Hill vs. Roland Delorme
It’s going to be a great night and from the sounds of it, Ranallo believes the card has something for everyone. Tim asks Ranallo is he thinks a win at this event will put Jordan Mein on Dana White’s radar? Ranallo believes that the guys Mein has fought in the past haven’t been pushovers, they were tough fights. He could easily see him make it to the UFC in the future, so it’s not a matter of if, it’s just when. But there’s no rush, the kid is only 21.

I should mention here that Dana White still hadn’t picked up his phone and time was running out. Hey, that stuff happens, especially with a guy like White. Ranallo hasn’t even gotten the guy on his show – props to Bronsteter for almost snagging the guy up. Apparently White will guest on Tim and Sid: Uncut in the future. Either way, Tim and Mauro got into a little UFC 131 chat happening in Vancouver shortly. The big fight of the night is Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos. Ranallo feels that Dos Santos pulls out a win and the fight doesn’t get out of the first round. According to Ranallo, other fighters to look for in this card is Canadian Sam Stout and Jesse Bongfeldt. Personally, I want to see Stout fuck up someone.

Since the Dana White interview didn’t happen, the guys get into some random chat that included:
– The fact that Tim and Sid have mentioned guys on their show, who then die days later.
– Ranallo loves all the Tim and Sidizens.
– Noon and Ranallo used to call Bingo games.
– There doesn’t appear to be support for the UFC in the State of New York.
– In regards to the hit on Horton, Ranallo believes in “an eye for an eye.”
– Tim’s old man used to play hockey and it was never as violent then, as it is now.

Rapid Fire
Bronsteter thinking outside the box today! A new game introduced called Who Would Win a Fight Between ________ and __________.
– Sid Seixeiro and Tim Micallef. I love you Sid, but I think Tim outweighs you. His weight might take him to victory.
– Today’s version of Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik. I’m going to take the Sheik in this one. Hogan’s divorce took a toll on the guy.
– Hainser and Frank D’Angelo. This is a hard one. It will depend on the sugar content of both Cheetah Power Surge and Orangina. Sugar crashes can take you down and deplete your energy.
– Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Federer reminds me of Bond somewhat. Silent ninja kick to the head.
– Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo. Tim Thomas kicks this guy’s ass all over the ice.

Extended Rapid Fire
Again, discussion about items that weren’t mentioned or very briefly talked about.

1. Juan Jose Barea: JJ had a big game in game 4 of the Championship finals. The PG had 8 pts. 3 rebs. 4 asts. in 21 minutes with only 1 turnover. A solid night.
2. Tony Weiner: The dude continues to suck. I just found out that his wife is pregnant. This just keeps getting better.

Well, I’ll admit, I was disappointed in not hearing Dana White today. But I completely understand that this shit happens, especially in the radio business from time to time. But hey, between Mauro and Kelly, the show was still jam packed with information and edu-tainment. Another great interview with Hrudey – I really like the fact the guys tap into his wealth of knowledge from time to time about the game. And Mauro, what else can you say about him? The guy is a ball of energy and it sounds like he’s going to explode everytime he speaks. I liked the new game in Rapid Fire Bronsteter – well done, definitely questions that people could debate about. Well done boys. 9/10.


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