Cliques & Donnie Wahlberg

“Today on Tim and Sid, It’s a veritable sporting buffet: from Bron Bron to Bobby Lou, we offer all the prey, cause to quote Rebecca Black, it’s Friday. Yes I did, and Famous did too.”

Hello Tim and Sidizens! Another Friday is upon us and I’m sure all of us can’t wait to finish off the work week. It’s my birthday today so I know I’m going to enjoy my Friday evening once I’m out of here. On today’s show Brevin Knight and the ever elusive Dana White will be joining Tim; behind the glass we have Bronsteter providing support and in the absence of Johnny Noon, Dave Coulson is covering for him. And remember folks, especially those with Team Live, if you use the Hastag #timandsid, you can get into the conversation as it happens. Topic for today’s Friday include: Bobby Lou again, Bron Bron again, Michael Jordan again, Dana White again, and for the love of God, thankfully, not Tony Weiner again.

However, Tim didn’t shy away from Weiner again because he just found out the news that our man Tony, the man responsible for all the recent sex-ting, is expecting a child with his wife. “To quote the great Wu-Tang, the Saga Continues.”, said Tim. Apparently, this dude just won’t go away. God knows what news will continue to leak in the coming weeks.

Bron Bron & Bobby Lou Meet Pressure
To get today’s show rolling, Tim begins some chat about the pressure that both Roberto Luongo and LeBron James are currently feeling in their respective sports. In the case of Luongo, who thought that the pressure couldn’t get any worse than it did in game 7 of the first round series against the Blackhawks? But here we here, with Lou giving up 12 goals in the last two games. According to the boys, the Vezina nominee just needs to “Go out there and prove it.” Bronsteter makes a valid point that Boston hasn’t won a game in Vancouver in this series yet and until that happens, there’s no need for Canuck fans to panic. And in regards to Sid’s Statute, whoever wins tonight’s game should win the cup.

In regards to the pressure faced by LeBron James, it appears that he’s also facing some uphill battles of his own. In game 5 of the NBA Championship, James finished with a triple double, but the boy only had 17 points – with 2 of those points coming in the 4th quarter. Are you kidding me? I’d love to know when Jordan scored only 2 points in a 4th quarter last when it involved such an important game. In game 5, the Mavericks won and have a stranglehold on the series and again Sid’s Statute came into play. Tim said he’s sure not if the statute really counts as the series is 2-3-2, but in my opinion, when it comes down to it, each team still has to 4 games, it doesn’t matter. Micallef hopes it at least goes to seven games as this may be one of the best finals in NBA history – right up there with Jordan’s final shot against the Jazz and the Magic/Bird Final in ’87. A little bit of the conversation then steered into the mocking of Dirk Nowitzki by Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. If you’re not aware, supposedly, both players were making fun of Dirk getting sick in game 5.

According to Bronsteter, he feels that Wade and James are like High School bullies and Bosh is the guy that’s trying to fit into the pack, while everyone knows he is actually a punk. If the Heat are trying not to look like Heels, this is not the way to go about it. Tim wonders if maybe the team is doing this on purpose (they like being the Heels), “They’re like kids. They’re immature and that’s why people don’t like them.”

Baby’s Momma or Your Momma?
Conversation continued to stay on LeBron and the recent news that Rashard Lewis supposedly slept with James’ girlfriend, Savannah Brinson. To help clarify some comments on who would you rather someone slept with, the boys brought in Pizzo. “Would I rather someone bang my mother or bang my wife (baby’s momma)? It’s a very difficult decision. It’s a difficult decision and nobody wants to see their wife get banged by somebody else. If I’m in LeBron’s situation, to have your own teammate sleep with someone in your family is worse.” Pizzo gets some flack for making this statement and most of the opposition is coming from Bronsteter, and I don’t blame him, it’s hard to believe that Pizzo would rather a guy bang his wife than his mother. But I think Pizzo is observing the rumour as a sports owner/fan/teammate, and the effect it has own a team. Whereas Bronsteter, it seems, is taking the view point of what and how it can affect a family as a whole (i.e. Children). The guys then play a clip of Rashard Lewis responding to the accusations and he says it’s all nonsense, it’s crazy! “It’s crazy for people to think that and they are 100% false…..They need to leave the man alone and let him try and win a NBA Championship.” Tim said he wasn’t overly convinced though, Lewis didn’t sound like a man who was telling the truth. I should also note here that Brevin Knight failed to call in or answer his phone, “Could be taking an afternoon nap or out with his family.”, Bronsteter.

Random NBA Notes
1. Tim: The Mavericks have had to be almost perfect in their 3 wins in this series.
2. There are rumours circulating that Dwayne Casey and Maurice Cheeks could be the next Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors.
3. LeBron James has only gone to the line 3 times in all 5 4th quarters.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. Big Papi, David Ortiz seemed to blame the media the other day for getting hit by a pitch from CC Sabathia.
2. Scott Martini from the suburbs of Chicago and huge Cubs fan, burned all his Chicago Cubs memorabilia after his son Nick Martini was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. Talk about a Dad being there and supporting his son. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get traded in the future to the Cubbies.
3. Tony La Russa, the Manager for the St. Louis Cardinals, just managed his 5000th game. Talk about an era. Unfortunately for him, the Brewers spoiled the 5000th party and won the game.

Once Pizzo finished up with his update, Bronsteter played some classic Canadian Hip-hop from the ’90’s. Please tell me you remember Northern Touch featuring Rascalz, Kardinal Offishal, Choclair, CheckMate, and Thrust!

The boys follow the tune with some talk on the City of Vancouver and the fact that it could be considered the Centre of the Universe right now. Between the UFC, the Olympics, and now the Stanley Cup Finals, the city definitely has lots to celebrate. It’s not only one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, it’s becoming a sports and entertainment hot bed.

Dana “Motherfuckin’ White
* Please see the official transcript shortly for the entire interview between Dana and Tim. Amazing job Tim, you really knocked that interview out of the park.

The guys then discussed the recent New Kids on the Block concert that took place at the Rogers Centre the other day. Tim mentioned how he was on his way home from Co-ed Softball when he noticed “there were more 40 year old fat girls than I could take a stick to; all Cougars.” Bronsteter said he experienced the same thing when he was on his way home and both guys suggested that Hainser and Cabbie could do some serious damage in amongst all those uglies.

Rapid Fire
What We Learned This Week:
– Popeye Jones son Seth, is a legitimate NHL Prospect.
– According to Sid’s Statute, the Mavs will win the NBA Championship.
– Brian Cardinal is the NBA’s Tim Micallef.
– Tim and Nooner are jealous of John Buccigross’ golf score.
– Mauro thinks you would beat Sid in a fight.
– Anthony Weiner is a lier.
– Hainser hates Frank D’Angleo.

And to finish off Friday’s episode, Bronsteter threw out some interesting Rapid Fire questions.
– Which League Commissioner would you most like to interview? Tim thinks it would be Gary Bettman, but for me it would be David Stern.
– Have you ever seen a woman walk around topless in the City of Toronto? I’ve only seen this once up by the bus station near Nathan Philip’s Square. She could have been a crack-whore though.
– What is the worst sports facility you’ve ever been to? I would have to say the old Memorial Stadium in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It was the old home of the St. John’s Maple Leafs – definitely a building that was falling apart.

Great show today guys. There was no need to do an extended Rapid Fire as Tim managed to get to all the topics. To bad Brevin Knight didn’t show up but I think I was more interested in the discussion about the MAVS/HEAT series anyways. I have to give a huge thumbs up to Tim for a great interview with White. Dana White is definitely a personality and I think the questions directed at him were original and they gave him something to think about. HORNS should definitely be directed towards Bronsteter for even getting him on the show. Thanks Aaron from all the Tim and Sidizens – It’s very much appreciated. 9.5/10.


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