Sir Timothy Micallef, Poet

Our boy Timmy has dropped the “Woooo“, but picked up some great lyrical rhymes. I’ve noticed lately that he’s taken special care in coming up with some great intros. before he tells Famous to “Run that Bitch….“:

“The Stanley Cup lies in the hands of Vezina Nominees, LeBron James contracts some sort of Asphyxiation Disease, and Chris Bosh gets to the locker room on his knees. Run, Run that Bitch.”

“Today on Tim and Sid, It’s a veritable sporting buffet: from Bron Bron to Bobby Lou, we offer all the prey, cause to quote Rebecca Black, it’s Friday. Yes I did, and Famous did too.”

“Balsillie’s back in the clear, Roberto Luongo will have to persevere, and tonight is the biggest game in the Chosen One’s career. Believe that. Famous is an artist who made a song for us.”

“Dana White with Mauro as the glue, the Bruins go in search of win number 2, and your boy Dirk is sick like the flu. This is Tim and Sid: Uncut.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because during today’s show, Tim read out an email that the boys received from Craig in Ottawa. Craig suggested that some of topics to be discussed on the show should be sent out on Twitter – Tim and Sidizens could then come up with their own rhymes. From there, people can weigh in on the better ones, throw out the ones that are foss, and maybe add a different spin to the introductions. Tim thought the idea was pretty sweet……and to be honest, the guys might not even have to send the topics out through Twitter – all it takes is a look on theScore website, check out some of the headlines, and bam! You got yourself a Haiku/Limerick 😉 I look forward to hearing what some people come up with.


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