Timmy’s Maverick Rant & Phil Collins

“The Stanley Cup lies in the hands of Vezina Nominees, LeBron James contracts some sort of Asphyxiation Disease, and Chris Bosh gets to the locker room on his knees. Run, Run that Bitch….”

Another Monday is here kids which only means another episode of Canada’s number 1 Sports radio show/podcast, Tim and Sid: Uncut. Just a little note, Tim has announced that the “Woo” has been removed – it could be due to the fact that he’s out of breath at the end of each intro.; I could hear the guy huffin’ and puffin’ this afternoon. Lots to discuss today as it was a crazy weekend in the world of sports and Tim couldn’t sum it up any better, “I feel like that mosquito at a Nudist Colony.” John Noon is back in the booth and he’s joined by the ever-dependable, Aaron “Orville” Bronsteter. Topics for Monday’s show include: The King, Lord Stanley, Dan Gilbert, A Missing Crown, Mike Bolt, Dirk Diggler, Connie Smyth, and Mr. Larry O’Brien.

Tim is finding it hard to figure out where to start, but it seems only logical that he and boys begin discussion on game 6 of the NBA Championship finals. For those of you that live under a rock, the Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions and upset the Miami Heat to win the series 4 games to 2. It’s been an amazing series for any basketball fan and Bronsteter agrees. He thinks it’s the best NBA finals in his lifetime; even Noon was consumed during the playoffs and he’s not even a huge fan of basketball. Micallef seemed to trail off again and started ranting quotes about adversity in response to the NBA and NHL finals:

: “A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity till he has tasted adversity.” Way to go Dirk, Kidd, and Terry!
Shakespeare: “Sweet are the uses of adversity, which, like a toad, though ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in its head.” Compared to James, Wade, and Bosh.

Tim does go on and gives some major credit to the Mavericks for winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy. “Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry….you did it boys!” The guys have managed to shaken the title of not winning a championship. And a big shout-out to Mark Cuban….all that dough and money you made finally paid off. Tim also brought up the fact that “LeBron James was terrified by the moment.” He was passing the ball instead of taking the big shot, and even guys like Chalmers and Wade passed up giving LeBron the ball near the end – at times he seemed scared. The win last night by Dallas also renewed Tim’s faith in TEAM. Tim felt the Heat were taking the team concept out of the game, but thanks to the Mavs, they showed how TEAM is important if you want to win a championship. There was also some discussion on Chris Bosh and his ability to give others reasons to call him weak, fake, or a pussy. His collapse in the tunnel looked downright weak – but for once I’m going to pick up for him. I truly believe he wanted it more than LeBron.

Chris Broussard & the Real LeBron James
This is what I’m talking about Tim and Sidizens – you want A+ quality guests? You get them. This afternoon, Bronsteter managed to snag ESPN analyst, Chris Broussard. Broussard mainly covers the NBA and in my opinion, he’s one of the best out there. He’s most notably known recently for breaking the news of James’ decision to head to Miami. So if anybody could give us some insight about what happened to James, it would be him. Micallef started off the interview by asking Chris if he was surprised by what happened last night in Miami? “I don’t think you could help but be surprised.”, said Broussard. “But what happened to LeBron James is the story. The dude just faded.” And who can argue with that, James fell off Planet Earth during crunch time on many occassions throughout the series. Chris believes that by Miami not winning the championship, the season could be considered a failure. It was basically win it all or bust – “He could of stayed in Cleveland and got close. And if he wants to win 7 championships, he better get started.” Uncle Timmy wondered if Rick Carlisle or Dwayne Casey might have anything to do with James’ inability to score or get to the basket? Broussard felt while the coaching was good, it really had nothing to do with shutting down LeBron. He felt LeBron has been in this position before and there isn’t a defensive scheme that he hasn’t faced. Chris just felt it was straight up nerves – James wasn’t aggressive, he was giving up the ball, and was missing his strut. James just didn’t show up in this series.

Micallef followed with a great question and asked if the Big Three were now questioning themselves and their collective decision? Broussard felt “the Big Three were actually questioning LeBron.” How can you not? As mentioned before, “He wasn’t playing with his swagger, there was no aggressiveness, he was not the LeBron James from the last 8 years. You look at a guy like Dwayne and he went out swinging…..But it looked like LeBron went up there and didn’t even swing.” Broussard still feels that while LeBron failed to win, “you can’t write his epitaph – he’s only 26 years old.” He believes that all the greats had their struggles in the NBA finals – Shaq, Bird, Magic, Kareem, it’s normal. “It’s not that he can’t be one of the all time greats anymore. He just can’t be Michael.” Apparently, he can be all the other guys. As a huge fan of MJ, I was happy to hear that. To finish up the interview, Tim asked Chris if he thought if LeBron will learn anything from this. Chris believes that LeBron “works on what he wants to work on. He doesn’t work on his weaknesses.” And this is an interesting statement from a guy who is very close to James’ camp. Great interview Timmy!

Once the interview was over, Tim and the guys broke into another classic match game in honour of LeBron James: #LeBrondisappearsmorethan_____________________. Some of the great suggestions included:
– My (Tim) own hairline
– Polkaroo
– Women who meet up with Hainser on a blind date
– Lindsay Lohan’s dignity
– Hainser’s Pride

Timmy’s Dallas Mavericks Celebration Rant
We all know what this is! Who doesn’t like a Tim Micallef rant? Big shout-outs to the Dallas Mavericks and the supporting players. Tim felt that Nowitzki was a monster, but it was the team that helped him out – the guy shot 37% in the final 3 games, so a huge thumbs up for guys like Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, JJ Barea, and Tyson Chandler. “Forget the Cowboys, America’s team sleeps with Larry O’Brien….the underdogs got the job done. You did it for those that came before you.” Some of the names that Tim threw out included: Rolando Blackman, Derek Harper, Michael Finley, Shawn Bradley, Roy Tarpley & his cocaine, Jamal Mashburn, and Toni Braxton. The boys also give a shout-out to Keith Van Horn; he got paid for a year of bench sitting – well, I don’t even think he dressed at all, mainly helped the Mavericks with the Jason Kidd trade.

Interesting Facts From Robert Pizzo’s Update
1. After the Dallas Mavericks finished off the Miami Heat, some of the players received some very interesting party favours. One in particular was the t-shirt worn by DeShawn Stevenson. Simply amazing! It said, “Hey LeBron! How’s My Dirk Taste?”
2. During a recent Pirates and Mets baseball game, over 39,000 fans showed up to watch the game. Strange you say? Well, people only showed up because there was a post-game concert by the one and only, Huey Lewis and the News. Noon had a great line here, “Little known fact, it’s still 1987 in Pittsburgh.”
3. Nate Robinson got into a little trouble of the weekend. Around 2:30, Friday morning, he had to be taken to Police Headquarters for public urination.

Tim’s Ultimate Pump-Up Song

I’m not sure that it really works for me – the jury is still out. Bronsteter should have played this song in the background during the Timmy Mavericks rant.

Hockey Talk with Mr. Update
After the update with Pizzo, he stuck around a bit longer to discuss game 6 tonight of the Stanley Cup final between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. The boys discuss whether or not the game tonight is a must win? Pizzo believes that the Canucks have to win now, the pressure is too great. The Canucks do not want to go home and try and win a game 7. Some interesting statistics were thrown out by the guys and supposedly, the Canucks are 3-4 in elimination games so far this season and during those 7 games, the Sedin Twins are a minus -18. SHIT! In saying all that though, Micallef and Pizzo are convinced that he Canucks win tonight and take home the Cup. The guys then disucss the Conn Smythe and who they believe it should go to. Pizzo is adamanet that “you don’t give it to someone who loses in the finals”on speculation that if Boston lose, there’s still a good chance Tim Thomas takes home the award. There’s also the thought that if Luongo can have a shutout tonight, he could redeem himself, otherwise, Burrows could be considered a candidate. Whatever happens, Pizzo would also like to see it end because he’s got a graduation to go to during game 7 – let’s hope the restaurant has a T.V. If not, get your PVR ready and stay off Twitter Rob.

Rapid Fire
Nice little Rapid Fire by Bronsteter here. It was good to have some sweet-ass questions.
– Sylvester Stallone was recently inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame over the weekend. Do you think an actor should be inducted into a Sports Hall of Fame? It’s a tough one and I’m going to sit on the fence. Rocky was huge for the sport of boxing and therefore, Stallone was responsible – but when it comes to all the work an athlete puts into the sport, it’s hard to put a guy in there that spends maybe 6 months of training for a movie role and then give it up.
– What is your all-time favourite Steven Spielberg project? Hands down, The Indiana Jones Trilogy (I don’t count the 4th film because it was no good).
– Dirk Nowitzki is bringing home a championship to Germany. Who is your favourite International NBA player? I would have to say Toni Kukoc or Drazen Petrovic…leaning more towards Toni though.
Extended Rapid Fire was not required as Tim and the boys were able to discuss all topics today.

Good Post-NBA Championship show today. Massive thanks to Bronsteter for getting Chris Broussard on the phone – especially after what transpired last night. You know Broussard was busy today and for him to fit in Tim and Sid: Uncut was huge props to how popular this show has become. It’s legit! Tim also was huge in asking thought provoking questions – not the standard, he did a good job. The Mavericks Timmy Rant was golden once again – loved hearing some of those old names of past players. Awesome, excellent show. Maybe I’m biased, but when the guys are on the topic of basketball, I tend to get the most excited. What the hell are the Tim and Sidizens going to do when the NHL Stanley Cup finals are over? 9.5/10. 


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