Conn Smythe Watch & Alex Anthopoulos

“From the tears of a Clown to another, Beantown Beatdown as the Canucks suffer another meltdown. Ernie said let’s play two, Timmy says let’s play seven for Lord Stanley’s crown. You down? Okay Famous, now you can run that Bitch.”

Happy Tuesday Tim and Sidizens! We have another great lineup of guests and a number of topics that are screaming goodness. Sid is still absent and enjoying the couch, but Tim’s not worried, “I miss Sid, but the guy didn’t pump my tires when I was off.” Have no fear though, Noon and Bronsteter are working behind the glass and all three are ready to deliver an action-packed episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut. Topics for your sports and edu-tainment fix today include: Lord’s Stanley, Phil Pritchard, Kyle Drabek, Mark Recchi, Realignment, Connie Smythe, and of course, Alex Anthopoulos.

NHL #Realtalk with Pizzo and Macklin
Tim wasted no time today and immediately got into the discussion of game 6 in the Stanley Cup finals that took place last night. To help him deliver some great discussion, he had our boy Rob Pizzo and Director of Production, Todd Macklin join in the segment. If you remember correctly, Tim attempted to quote Sadi and Shakespeare yesterday to help explain the mind of an athlete, but sometimes quotes and poems are not needed. “Luongo melted down in Beantown. I’ve never seen a guy go from brilliance to incompetence.” Macklin agrees, but believes that the Canucks should win at home, “Vancouver is his phone booth, and Boston is his Kryptonite.” It’s hard to believe that Roberto’s GAA is 0.67 at home, but 8.11 on the road – absolutely horrible. The guys then get into some huge Conn Smythe debate; Macklin and Micallef believe that Luongo will take home the trophy, but Pizzo just doesn’t see how you can give it to the guy, even if the Canucks win. According to Pizzo, Luongo has been pulled twice and has hardly played in Boston, you just don’t give it to him. The guys discuss the possibility that Tim Thomas takes home the award and Pizzo is on board with that theory; remember guys like Hextall (even after the slash) and Giguere who won the trophy in the past while playing on losing team in the Stanley Cup finals?

But Tim can’t even believe we’re playing a 7th game. How the hell does a team with the two top point scorers and a Vezina nominee be pushed this far in the finals? It’s hard to believe that we’re even here – it has to be in part because of Luongo. I can see where Tood and Tim are going when it comes to giving Luongo the Conn Smythe even though he had some shitty games. The Sedins have been absent, Kesler fell off the map, and other supporting players are non-existent. While he’s sucked at times, he is responsible for the W’s that Vancouver did collect – “The Sedin Twins are all Swedish and no Finnish.”

The three guys then get into how physical this series has been so far. There’s been no respect or love between any of the guys from either team. It’s been a straight-up dog fight and the penalties from game 6 show just how bad the blood is. It should be an entertaining finale for sure. Finally, the boys throw in their picks for game 7; Pizzo and Todd think that Vancouver will edge Boston and become the champions. I should note how hard it was for Todd to make that pick because he’s supposedly a huge Boston Bruins fan. Credit to him for being objective.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. After the game 6 loss of the NBA Championship, it appears that ex-Mav and now Miami Heat, Erick Dampier was seen partying with the team. What Pizzo failed to mention that supposedly several Heat players were there too – but Dampier was the only one mentioned. That’s two Championship parties that the Heat have attended now: Championship Parties – 2 Championship Rings – 0.
2. On Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared the Dallas Mavericks Honorary Ohioans. Apparently, he’s still bitter over James leaving for South Beach.

Toronto Blue Jays & Alex Anthopoulos
It’s that time of year again – The NBA season has concluded, the NHL is about to wrap up Lord Stanley, and baseball will be the main focus for many. On today’s show, Bronsteter secured Senior V.P. of Baseball Operations and General Manager for the Toronto Blue Jays, Alex Anthopoulos. Prior to any baseball discussion, Tim first asked Alex if he remembered the old OK, Blue Jays song from years ago? “Yes sir, no sir.” Alex has been around baseball for a long time – but he still remembers his first game; he was in the 500 level and looking over was initally worried because of how steep it was. My guess is that his seats have improved greatly since those days. The big news in Blue Jays World today was the fact that the club sent down their rookie hurler, 23 year-old, Kyle Drabek. Drabek has been pitching poorly lately and after Sunday’s game against Boston, Alex felt it was time for the pitcher to go down and work on his mechanics. Anthopoulos believes that this will not only help his pitching, but will build his confidence and get his emotions under control. Anthopoulos also believes that Kyle has never experienced failure before, he’s always been a star and has never been hit like the way he’s being hit around lately. Hey, Roy Halliday was even sent down to the minors in the past – and look at him now. This could be a good thing.

Tim then went on to ask Alex how Brett Lawrie was making out. The Jays prospect was injured not long ago after getting hit by a pitch in Triple-A. Alex said the kid was still in Florida and going through rehab and it appears to be going well and could be 10 days before he starts batting practice. As of right now, he’s taking some ground balls and doing light workouts. Alex is hoping Lawrie could return sometime in July. There was a litte discussion about the Jays’ scouting department and staff and compared to last year, Alex is happy with the way things are going and it feels like a tighter group. The next challenge now is to ensure they can sign some of the young guys.

Tim finally points the interview into some discussion on the Big Boys that are playing for the Jays right now. Tim gave Alex some credit for securing Jose Bautista and asked what Anthopoulos believed to be different about Jose when he went out on a limb last season and signed him to a big contract? “I’d be lying if I thought it would be a slamdunk.”, said Alex. He did sweat it out a bit. But they believed that Jose’s performance last season was for real and thought the changes he made to his swing were going to stay. They also felt the low number of strikeouts he had were a huge bonus. Plus the guy loves the Blue Jays organization and the City of Toronto, it’s a win-win situation.

This is one of the first indepth interviews I’ve listened to regarding Alex Anthopoulos. He sounds like a real stand up guy and I like how he doesn’t seem to shy away from the other teams and the hope of winning. Tim asked him about the recent news on a possible realignment and whether or not he would welcome this and the possibility of trying to get away from the Red Sox/Yankees. Bascially, Alex felt that it shouldn’t matter whether or not the Jays are in the same division with the powerhouses; if you want to win the World Series, you have to play the best teams out there to win. Either you face them now or later down the line.

Rapid Fire
Another great guest Bronsteter, good timing, especially with Kyle Drabek being sent down. There was a little Either Or game this afternoon kids.
– Ceasar or Greek Salad? I’m a big fan of the Ceasar Salad, always have been and always will be. I do like other salads, but this one takes the cake.

– A five hour flight or a 10 hour drive? I think this question would depend on where you were going. The 10 hour drive sounds good to me, but hopefully it’s a stretch with shit to look at. For example, Tim’s Scenic Route.
– Worst performance. Luongo in Boston or LeBron in the finals? My thought is that Luongo has had a worse series. I don’t think the guy even showed up to games that took place in Boston, he hardly played.
– Better wardrobe malfunction. Janet Jackson or Cam Stewart? Tim felt he’s seen enough titties and believes Cam Stewart is the answer to this. Apparently, he doesn’t see man boobs that often and would enjoy it more.

Tuesday’s show is in the bag Tim and Sidizens. All around great effot by all three of the guys. It was good to have Macklin and Pizzo discussing hockey in the booth with Tim today. Sometimes a topic/segment will go better when there’s more than one opinion. The Conn Smythe topic was a highlight here. Great interview with Alex Anthopoulos – Tim again brought some good questions to the GM. For me personally, I would have liked to hear a little more Major League than Minor League, but I was still happy. Overall good show – hard to believe basketball is over. I’ll have to deal. 9/10.


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