Christy Clark & Stanley Cup Riot “Losers”

As discussed today on Tim and Sid: Uncut, one of the disappointments that came out of the Stanley Cup finals were the riots that broke out last night after game 7. It’s a shame really because it seemed to overshadow why everyone was gathered together in the first place – The Stanley Cup. I was watching CBC this evening and it does give me some relief to hear that Christy Clark was going to prosecute and bring those responsible for last night’s riots to justice. She did have some firm words and ensured that those responsible will be made public “so their neighbours know, their families know, and their employers know.” You have the photos Clark, time to get some douchebags.

I do want to point out though that it wasn’t just rioters, as most of Vancouver and their politicians want you to believe. It does shame me to say that Canuck fans were part of this riot as well. I spoke with my friend Brian today who was at the game last night and he assured me that, “Tobe, there were guys at the game several rows in front of me, cheering for the Canucks, and then looting and throwing shit at windows. They were Canuck fans too. It was utter chaos.”


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