Uncle Buck & Pre-game Rituals

“The Big Bad B’s and Orca Bay’s whale, every goal, a register on the Richter scale. Tonight we settle the fight for hockey’s Holy Grail. Could of used Doug Smail.”

Hello Hump Day and welcome Tim and Sidizens to another exciting review of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast. As mentioned every day for the last week or so, Seixeiro is still on holidays. Apparently, the guy is playing in a golf tournament today that both himself and Tim had signed up for, but because Sid took holidays – someone had to stay back and do the show. Anyways, you suck Sid! I think I’ve seen Noon call you a fuck numerous times on Twitter. But have no fear, Noon, Bronsteter, and the Lovely Nadine are working behind the glass and everyone’s ready for a jam-packed show. Topics for today’s episode includes: Lord Stanley, Phil Pritchard and his White Gloves, Tristan Thompson, Cam Neely, Cory Joseph, Conn Smythe, Timmy T., and of course, Bobby Lu.

Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals
“To quote Bill Parcells, this is why you lift all them weights.”, said Tim. It’s game 7 tonight Tim and Sidizens, the last hockey game of the season. Can you think of anything better than a game 7 of of the Stanley Cup finals? Both teams will be playing their 107th game of the season and it should be a dogfight. Tim asked the guys if there’s a particular ritual before the big game: Noon has some beer in the fridge, will be taking the dog for a pre-game walk, and doing up a little BBQ with the wife. Both Bronsteter and Micallef don’t really have a ritual besides the fact that they like to watch the game at home – and most often by themselves.

With all the hockey discussion, Twitter was going nuts this morning with the idea that Timmy might do a final rant on the Vancouver Canucks. After some thought, and with the belief that he had reversed the rants fortunes in game 7 of the Blackhawks series, Tim felt it was safe to do another one. Again, this kind of rant really needs to be heard in podcast form and I’d suggest listening to the show for yourself. Some of the highlights included were:
– “Where the Streets have no name. Prove your franchise best in points, prove why you deserve Lord Stanley.”
– “Don’t just do it for Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure.”
– “Win that thing for Toni Tanti, Russ and Geoff Courtnall.”
– “Do it for the biggest party since….well, last year in the Gold Medal Game of the Olympics.”

Cory Joseph and Pre-Draft Workouts
With all that’s been going on with the NBA and NHL finals, everyone seems to have forgotten about the upcoming drafts for both leagues. As mentioned several weeks ago, Bryan Colangelo hinted at the possibility of going with a guard (i.e. Kemba Walker) and this week, the Raptors continued working out possible prospects and one of the potentials included Canada’s own, Texas PG, Cory Joseph. Bronsteter managed to track the kid down for a little #realtalk about the workouts and the upcoming draft. Obviously, Tim asked Cory how the pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors was going and how he felt? Joseph felt it has gone great, a good practice so far. He finds that it is still kind of surreal to be working out with your home team – it’s a huge honour for him. He mentioned his first Raptors game was around the same time that T-Mac was trying to make up his mind about whether or not he was leaving the Toronto Raptors. Some of the discussion also surrounded Joseph’s decision on not hiring an agent for the upcoming draft. According to Joseph, his mom is his agent right now and all he can do is go with his heart. I’m kind of glad that Joseph is not going with an agent – I remember Newfoundland’s boy Carl English that entered the draft early and hired an agent. The poor guy didn’t get drafted and because he had an agent, he couldn’t return to Hawaii for his final year.

During the interview, there was also some discussion on Joseph’s teammate and Canadian beast, Tristan Thompson. Both players have been going through the process together and Cory is glad to have him by his side. They talk a lot, he feels like a brother, and is just part of the family. For those Tim and Sidizens that might be unaware, Thompson is a guaranteed pick in the first round and definitely one of Canada’s up and coming basketball stars; Canada’s Basketball future looks really bright. In saying that, Tim asked how bad Cory and his fellow Canadian ball players want to rep for Canada? Joseph says that they are always thinking of their country and always looking to represent Canada. Unfortunately though, there are times when schools won’t allow the boys to represent Canada in particular tournaments and the players have to stay down South. Great little chat with Cory Joseph – it was good to hear what he had to say and he sounds like an overall good guy. I’ll be pulling for him in the upcoming draft.

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s Update
Prior to any updates, the guys had a little debate on both John Candy and Chris Farley. Most of the guys were big Candy fans and believed some of his better films included: Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, and Canadian Bacon.
1. EA Sports had completed the usual game simulation before the series between the Canucks and Bruins started to predict a winner. According to the results, it shows the Vancouver Canucks winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games with Roberto Luongo winning the Conn Smythe. (After last night, #fail).

2. When Cabbie used to play NHL ’94, he always used Cliff Ronning because the guy had a high rating and was one of the fastest skaters in the game. He always had a rating of 99 out of 100. Here’s a little reminder of the classic game.

3. The Peroria Chiefs will be honouring LeBron James and his non-existent title by giving fans nothing as they walk through the gates during an upcoming game; plus the team has asked to skip the 4th inning to represent James’ disappearance during the 4th quarters of the NBA Finals.
4. Shaquille O’Neal is currently involved in a case with the police. The police are claiming that Shaq is involved in a case where a gang abducted a man who said he had Shaq’s Sex Tape. “That girl better be strong; that’s all I’m sayin’.”, said Micallef. The guys then go on to discuss Shaq’s bird and it’s possible length.

Marc Crawford and the Vancouver Canucks
What a great way to end the last half of the show than to have retired Canadian hockey player and once Head Coach for the Vancouver Canucks, Marc Crawford. However, the word on the street was that Crawford is a huge basketball fan and Tim decided to go against the grain for the first few questions and ask the man some b-ball questions. Crawford was once the Head Coach for the Dallas Stars and Tim asked him if he thought the Mavericks had it in them to win the title. Crawford said he was very impressed with Rick Carlisle. He also felt that the pick-up of Peja earlier in the year was huge for the team and he was also very happy with the play of Jason Kidd. Crawford also discussed one time when he was coaching the Canucks and “a young man came up me and said he was a huge fan of the team.”, turned out this young fan was Steve Nash.

Unfortunately, time was running short and Tim only had a few minutes to ask some hockey questions but discussion flowed into whether or not Crawford has ever seen the city of Vancouver like this before. Marc said he saw it in ’82, there was excitement in ’94, but seeing the crowd this time around that evening was really something special. There’s a real buzz in the city with the belief that they will win. Tim followed with a great question and asked Crawford, “If you’re the coach, do you talk to your players that much, especially in this scenario?”. Crawford said it really depends on the mood and it will ultimately depend on the guys. It’s important to read their emotions. As a coach, you might have to pump them up or calm them down. At times you might have to rely on the leaders of the team and the character guys in the dressing room. It also sounded like Crawford was pulling for Luongo to have a good game. According to him, the net minder position is one the loneliest jobs out there in the sports world – when you’re good, your good, and when you’re bad, you’re by yourself.

Rapid Fire
A pretty good Rapid Fire by Bronsteter. The first question sounded familiar, but after checking, he was comparing the US Open to the French Open – so no repeat questions here.
– The U.S. Open kicks off tomorrow. Other than the Masters, what is your favorite golfing tournament? I’m going with the British Open. For me personally, I enjoy the European flavour at times.
– Aaron Rodgers has started his own music label. If you could sign any artist from one era, who would it be? Tim figures it would be A Tribe Called Quest. I’m going to throw out Jon Secada 😉
– Mark Cuban has a new idea for the Dallas Mavericks. He wants to give out chains rather than rings. What would be cooler than a Championship Ring? Nothing. You play for the ring. Screw off Cuban – I like you, but this idea is shit.

Great show by the guys. Tim’s rant was epic as usual – let’s just hope the guy didn’t jinx the team. I was glad to hear how Cory Joseph was doing in pre-draft workouts. As a huge follower of Canadian Basketball, I’m pulling for him and I wish him all the best. It would be cool if Bronsteter could track down Tristan Thompson in the future as well. In regards to the interview with Crawford, I would have liked a little bit more time, but I understand these things happen. Guests can be unpredictable and I guess we were lucky to at least have him on. Not bad guys, a solid 9/10.


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