“The Joys of Victory Overshadowed by the Agony of Defeat”

“Vancouver loses and the city forms a Mob, Weiner starts looking for a new Summer job, blame both on the Tuborg and Kebab. Famous, run that bitch….”

Happy Thursday and Good Morning Post-Riot Tim and Sidizens! Congratulations to Timmy Micallef for bringing the “WOOOOOO!” back on today’s show. It was absent for the last couple of day, so it was nice to hear for a change. Seixeiro is still on holidays, but Noon and Bronsteter continue to provide A+ support behind the glass. Today’s show is chalk full of sports and edu-tainment that includes: Lord Stanley, Lebrongo, Phil Pritchard’s White Gloves, Timmy T, Phil Pritchard’s Hair, Granville, Chapters, Rob Brown, Syria, and the Newest Fetish on the Block – Riot Sex.

Well Tim and Sidizens, the Stanley Cup finals finished kind of flat and the Boston Bruins are now the 2011 Champions. But unfortunately, what seemed to overshadow the whole hockey experience was the aftermath that took place after the game on the streets of Vancouver. The Twitter Feed was going crazy last night and was filled with emotions from the riots that were taking place on the streets of Granville. You can check out the blog entry from yesterday for full pictures of what took place. Crazy shit and as a hockey fan from Canada, I was disappointed. According to Bronsteter, “It was a crazy day in the history of this country. A cumulation of insanity.” In order to get a grasp for some of the thoughts felt by Tim and Sidizens, Tim read out some twitter messages from the listeners living in the City of Vancouver and British Columbia. Some included:

Tim probably made the best comments about the whole thing by saying, “I would love to send those rioters to Syria, Iran, or Egypt and see how tough they are. See if they’ll lie on the floor or on the ground in front of the police in Syria or Iran. I appreciate all the tweets and I appreciate the ability to protest, in fact, it is a fantastic right to be able to do things like that, but last night was not that.” #Realtalk

Cliff Ronning and the Stanley Cup Finals
As soon as Tim said hello to Cliff, he wasted no time in discussing about the riots that took place and what Ronning’s reactions were about the whole thing. First off, Cliff felt the game in particular was disheartening…seemed to be no effort from the Canucks. And in regards to the riots, he felt that people were going to riot win or lose. There were individuals who were preparing to riot before the game had even started. Ronning felt that most of the rioters were not hockey fans, but what seemed to disappoint him more were the bystanders that stood and watched and sometimes joined in. For me personally, I think that’s all bullshit. There definitely were some Vancouver fans who were involved with the rioting. However, he did have some relief when he found out that some of the citizens had gone downtown to help clean up some of the mess. Micallef went on to ask Ronning if this was a terrible representation of the city and Ronning responded by saying that he felt it was. “The people in Vancouver and B.C. are very friendly – this is shocking.”

Conversation then swayed into the actual hockey game and Tim asked Cliff if it was hard watching these guys get so close to winning the Cup. According to Ronning, he’s a huge Canuck fan/supporter and he knows how tough it is to swallow defeat when you’re so close; but he’s still proud of how far they did go. Ronning experienced defeat in ’94 in the Stanley Cup Finals but he doesn’t believe the pressure was the same as it was now. Back in ’94, “we grew as the playoffs went on. We were the underdogs and were not supposed to be there.” But this team – they had so much pressure since day 1; they were supposed to win it all. From the sounds of it, I think Ronning also felt the lack of toughness and the play of Luongo were some of the reasons for the loss. “Luongo didn’t have his best hockey…when he struggled, the team struggled.” Ronning also made a great point about the incident where Sedin was punched in the face several times without any repercussions. Back in the days of Gretzky and Lemieux, if someone took a shot at them, the offender would, for a lack of a better word, had gotten his ass kicked. No one on the Canucks team stood up for Sedin – there was no toughness at all. “You can’t have one of your best players punched five times in the head.” 

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Before any updates, Pizzo weighs in on Ronning’s comments about the Vancouver Canucks not being very tough and he agrees completely. “Boston were just too tough.” Pizzo also makes note of how impressed he was with Claude Julien throughout the whole playoffs, “Julien was playing for is life here.” And what do you know, the guy wins a Stanley Cup.
1. For the second time this year, the losing team of a final was considered the odds on favourite to win the title the following year. First the Heat and now the Canucks; after losing their respective series, they’ve been named the teams to have a best chance to win it all next year.
2. Bruins season ticket holder, Joyce Eby, donated $10,000 she won in a 50/50 raffle to victims of the Massachusetts Tornado. Pizzo said they did it for charity and good karma in hopes the Bruins win the Cup. Great, great story.
Pizzo also spent some a little of time discussing the riot and his disappointment at what happened. Check out some of the footage below.

Seixeiro Calls into Tim and Sid: Uncut
In honour of the great Seixeiro, Bronsteter pulls out one of the more horrible songs that was once erased from my memory to introduce Sid.

Sid starts singing the song’s lyrics, “and I miss you, like the desert (Shut the Fuck!), like the desert miss the rain.” In good Sid fashion! There’s so much that Sid has missed out on over the last couple of weeks and his first topic of discussion is how he’s going to miss Anthony Weiner; that guy was full of jokes. Tim allowed Sid to have a soap box to stand on and started first with “Riots. Go. Be funny now.” Seixeiro took the unusual not ‘funny route’ and gave a proper shout-out to the Boston Bruins. He gave credit to Thomas and Bruins because no one was talking about them today. The story of Tim Thomas and what he turned into was something we need to give respect too. They deserved it, they had the best goaltending and they stepped up. Seixeiro also weighed in on Tuukka Rask and said the boy will not be anything. “A nearly 40 year old guy made him irrelevant.” According to Sid, no one saw Thomas coming. The boys also discussed the riots that took place. Sid couldn’t get over with what happened, but he also wanted to give a shout-out to Rob Brown and the anchors that were covering the riots. They did a great job! But with regards to CBC and Peter Mansbridge, all they wanted to do in that company was to throw to pre-packaged stuff (economy) with a riot on their patio; ridiculous. Sid finishes off with a great line though, “Quick tip to the people who run the city of Vancouver. Next time you want to get 100,000 people in one place to watch a hockey game, don’t do it. Because for whatever reason, and I’m not gonna get into it, your city can’t handle it. You embarrassed yourself Vancouver, fucking deal with it.” Sid also had a little story from the golf tournament he was at yesterday. Apparently, Steve Kouleas was supposed to show up for the same event but bailed. Anyways, the iPad he supposedly won was given to someone else that went. #fail

Derek Sanderson and the City of Boston
Tim’s second guest on the show today included retired NHL hockey player, Derek Sanderson. Nicknamed Turk, Sanderson was one of the most popular Bruins out there. Tim got right into hockey and asked Sanderson what’s the feeling with the Stanley Cup coming back to Boston? Derek felt the city is pumped and pretty excited. However, it seems the media have been unable to handle it, they didn’t really have the knowledge to cover it. Tim then went on to talk about the series from ’72  and how popular it was and whether or not this brings the team back to the forefront. Sanderson believes it does and they really proved how good of a team they actually are. Everyone stepped up and Tim Thomas really played well. Sanderson then went on to tell the story of how Thomas bounced around for awhile before he was found by the Bruins. “He’s just as solid as a rock, he’s humble….he’s a classy guy. I met him several times and he doesn’t act like the celebrity or the star, he’s just a good person.” Micallef also discussed how tough the Bruins were and compared them to the team from ’72. Sanderson seems to agree and gives a huge shout-out to Marchand and believes the guy is going to be a star. Micallef went on to ask how the Bruins celebrated in ’72 when they won in New York? According to Derek, “They went on a charter and got out of dodge. Staying around in New York was only asking for trouble.” Apparently, when they landed in Boston, the city was that excited, people were on the wings before the plane even stopped moving. Huge fans in ’72 man! Great interview with Sanderson! He was a great person to interview today Tim – thanks.

Rapid Fire
Great game of Cut or Uncut on Rapid Fire today. Not bad
– Suspenders. Cut or Uncut? Cut. Not a fan of suspenders. If they are needed for a suit though, hide that shit under the jacket.
– Tipping a delivery man less than 10%. Cut or Uncut? Cut. If tipping is required and you’re not tipping at least 15%, you’re a douche. I’m a huge tipper and if the service is great, you’ll be taken care of
– Someone offering you a sip of their drink and then asking you not to put your lips on the bottle. Cut or Uncut? Cut. I don’t think you should be sharing drinks with anyone. Fuck knows where THEIR lips were. This will depend on who is asking though – family members may result in being Uncut.
– Rioting for any sports related reason. Cut or Uncut? Cut. It’s sports people – I think rioting is completely foss after a sports event. A big shout-out to those that tried to stop it though.

Great Thursday show guys. As much as the topic sucked, it was good to discuss the riots that took place after the Stanley Cup Finals. Quite disappointing, but definitely a moment in history. It was also good of you guys to get comments from the citizens of B.C. and Vancouver in order to get their opinions on what went down last night. Good interview with Cliff Ronning – I’ll be honest, the guy seemed pretty disappointed in how the city of Vancouver responded. I also thought it was interesting on how he thought Lu basically choked during the series at times. Real perspective from a guy whose been there before. A huge shout-out and surprise to hear Sid. After all that’s happened over the last couple of weeks, it was fun to hear that trailer trash language we’ve all grown to love. Thanks Sid. Great show overall from the guys, I’m going to give the show a solid 9/10. And just a head’s up, a new review scoring strategy will be introduced soon. There will be no more piggy-backing for those that don’t produce. Stay Tuned.


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