John Noon’s Beer Mug & Other Merchandise

During Pizzo’s Update on Friday’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut, it was again discussed how the guys believe there should be some Tim and Sid: Uncut merchandise – mostly of the t -shirt variety. And when the #1 sports podcast in Canada does not have merchandise, it’s a shame because I’m pretty sure theScore‘s merchandise store would do quite well.

Anyways, Bronsteter sent out a tweet asking for Tim and Sidizen’s ideas for possible t-shirts. But why stop at shirts? Beer mugs, hats, thongs, sweaters, jackets, etc…would all be a hit. Check out some of the ideas from listeners and the guys below. To be honest, I may just buy some t-shirt transfers and make my own – it’s pretty easy to do.

1. “I Carpooled With the York Rapist and All I got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”Aaron Bronsteter (currently being designed)
2. “Ranting Teams Out of Championships Since 2011”Josh Doan
3. “Tim and Sid: So Sick, You’ll Need to Call Dr. Lipschitz”Colin Withers
4. Hainser’s Corner with a picture of a circleBrad Spencer
5. “Fuck Tea”Rich Lane
6. “Ketchup Chips and Moosehead, Diet of Champions”Sean Holmes-Smith
7. “Cut or Uncut. Wearing A Shirt to Promote a Sports Radio Show”Eric Zubert

More to come Tim and Sidizens!


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