CUT or UNCUT: Larry O’Brien Tattoo #2

In May, it was brought to our attention on Tim and Sid: Uncut that Jason Terry had tattooed the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the inside of the his right arm bicep. Call it cocky, motivational, or straight out crazy, Terry backed it up by not only winning the NBA Championship, but also playing an integral part of the Dallas Mavericks postseason run. Well, it looks like another Dallas Maverick has jumped on the bandwagon and tattooed the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his neck.

CUT or UNCUT: A player sporting a Larry O’Brien Trophy on his neck after scoring less than 43 NBA career points and never having played a postseason game?

After an injury sidelined Dallas Mavericks’ Caron Butler, Dominique Jones was called up from the Texas Legends of the D-League in January of this year. Jones went on to play 18 games for the Mavericks and averaged approximately 2.8 points per game. Yesterday, news surfaced that Jones tattooed his neck in celebratory fashion and claimed one of his influences was Jason Terry himself. For someone who received perfect O’s on the stat sheet throughout the playoffs and 0 minutes on the floor, this is pretty ballsy. Between the Larry O’Brien Trophy and NBA Logo, it seems as though he making sure people know he plays in the NBA; because you sure as shit wouldn’t know it by his play on the court.

* Stay tuned Tim and Sidizens, the full transcript of the Dwane Casey interview with Tim and Sid will be up shortly.


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