For the Love of Gasol!

Not long after the Los Angeles Lakers got bounced by the Dallas Mavericks, there were several questions brought forward during Tim and Sid: Uncut on whether or not the Lakers blow it up, leave it alone, or release some players. Well, it has recently been rumoured (ESPN, HoopsWorld, Lakers Nation, etc.) that the Minnesota Timberwolves have put an offer on the table that looks like this:

Pau Gasol (Lakers) for Kevin Love and No. 2 Pick (Minnesota)

My thoughts are best summed up in point form:
– Kevin Love would LOVE this! UCLA Alum and who has a girlfriend still living in the L.A. area (courtesy of podcast interview he did with Bill Simmons).
– Pau Gasol would probably hate this. First he loses his girlfriend supposedly and then gets booted out of town to Minnesota of all places. From the Spanish News Service, Gasol is reported to saying, “My desire is to stay with the Lakers. I don’t have control over it but I want to stay with the Lakers for as many years as I can to be able to remain eligible for the maximum possible championships.”
– Minnesota could benefit from this trade because it could present a pretty sweet Spanish Duo of Gasol and Rubio. But making fans in Minny enjoy this? A different story.
– The Los Angeles Lakers could benefit as it rapidly makes their roster younger. A 22 yr. old Love and possibly Derrick Williams at No. 2 is pretty sweet.

Again, these are only rumours….just like the hundreds more we’ll hear over the next couple of days before the NBA Draft. Either way, they’re still entertaining to discuss and talk about #realtalk.


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