Get Your Facts Right Johnny Seixeiro!

“Johnny Tim and Sid Blog didn’t like the golf talk yesterday. I’m thinkin’, well if he can’t talk golf after a weekend like that, you can’t talk golf at all on this show. Seriously, I was perplexed.”Sid Seixeiro

Hey Sid, much like you hate getting called out for people putting words in your mouth (i.e. City of Vancouver, #whydoessidhate), I’d like to do the same thing. If you read the blog correctly, you’d see that I in no way said that I didn’t like yesterday’s show or the golf talk. As you’ve said before, you can do whatever the hell you want on the show, and hey – talk about golf for an hour if you’d like. You’re a charismatic speaker and I’d find any topic you discussed, whether it’s “shit” and “vagines” interesting. But my words were:

“The first segment involving Rory McIlroy was well done and interesting. My only problem is that it did run for quite some time – a lot of golf talk. It doesn’t bother me, but I know for some, it may have run a little long, especially if they don’t like golf.”

I was just speaking for the few people that wrote me through email and twitter #Realtalk #KeepUpTheGoodWork


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