Paper Cuts, Scrotums, & George Stroumboulopoulos

“Rory Mac attacks Congressional, Nick Lidstrom’s back for a 20th season, plus…it’s good to be back.”

Sid Seixeiro is back in the building people, Sid Seixeiro is back in the building. Happy Monday Tim and Sidizens, Seixeiro is back from his 2 week vacation and seems somewhat firing on all cylinders. Also to note, thanks for all the kind words recently, this site continues to grow everyday and the reception has been positive. Items in Sid’s goodie bag today include: Jackass, Albert Pujols, Rory McIlroy, Black and Yellow, Pledge of Allegiance, Nick Lidstrom, FIFA, Dwayne Casey, the MMVA’s, and Me (Sid Seixeiro).

By now, you’re probably also aware that a voice is missing from the top of the introduction. Tim tweeted earlier in the day that he was going to be absent due to flu-like symptoms; so it’ll be another day or so before the dynamic duo join forces again. “So Noon, what did I miss? Wrap up the last two weeks in a minute for me.”. In true sarcastic fashion, Noon responded with, “Hainser’s an idiot, you were away, and I’m cool.” Sid went on to discuss his holiday – the boy enjoyed his time off. He’s apparently a “pretty simple guy” who loves the simple pleasures and if he’s not at the Score, it’s like he’s in fucking Maui. It sounds like he pretty much stuck around the GTA.

BREAKING NEWS! In Toronto Raptor news, it was reported by the that Dwane Casey, Dallas Mavericks Assistant Coach, will be the next Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors. Nothing has been made a official as of yet and when Bronsteter contacted the Raptors, they gave him a “no comment“. In regards to the actual hire, I think Sid feels the same way I do. Great news for Raptors fans as it looks like we might finally have some defense minded people on the team, but boy does Casey have his job cut out for him. It’s one thing to write down set defensive schemes, X’s & O’s shit, but when it comes to getting the players to actually play defense, that’s another thing. “Mr. Casey, I wish you all the luck in the world because this is going to be very, very difficult.”, Sid.

Top O’ the Mornin’ to Ya & Rory McIlroy
What a weekend for the young man, Rory McIlroy. The 22 year-old Irish youngster won the U.S. Open over the weekend, winning his first major title. “Have you ever witnessed an ass kicking that was so awesome?”, Sid. I have to admit, the dude played some golf – he went out there and not only destroyed the field, but he destroyed a course that is usually difficult for golfers. Rory finished the tournament with a 16-under (268) and set the record for the lowest score in the tourney’s history. Sid believes that the kid’s level of play was so high, they “should call it the Northern Irish Open.”

And speaking of Irish Open, the guys got into a discussion about the fact that Rory’s Dad had the Northern Ireland flag draped over him. This will probably be a huge debate for people in Ireland as they’ll question whether Rory plays for the Repulic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. During the 2009 U.S. Open, Rory played under the Republic’s tricolour flag despite being from Northern Ireland. And then over the weekend, McIlroy’s father, as mentioned above, was sporting the Northern flag. I’m sure it’ll be talked about among pub go’ers for weeks to come, that’s for sure.

Of course the next logical thing to fall into was discussion on whether or not Rory will compare or be as good as Tiger. Sid thinks Rory is good, but doesn’t quite think he’ll hit that level of play. It’s hard to believe that anyone will ever be as good as Tiger Woods was during his 7 year stretch of unbelieveable golf. Tiger has 14 majors and Rory has 1, I’m not sure whether or not we should be comparing just yet. Seixeiro believes that Rory will probably win 7 majors, Noon says 4, and Bronsteter goes with 10. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future but I think we need to slow down with the comparisons. Who remembers Sergio Garcia? Most felt he could be the guy to challenge Tiger and look what happened, he pulled a Houdini.

Other notable areas of the discussion included Rory McIlroy’s twitter, Shane McMahon, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
1. McIlroy had some great tweets after his U.S. Open win. One included drinking out of the cup with a couple of dudes at the pub/bar.

2. Shane McMahon was standing next to Mr. McIlroy, Rory’s Dad, during most the tournament. Why? Well, Shane is on the Board of Directors for International Sports Management and International Sports Management represents Rory McIlroy. I don’t think we’ll see the kid in the ring anytime soon though.

3. During NBC’s opening introduction to the U.S. Open, they had children singing the Pledge of the Allegiance. The only problem? Someone edited out the “Under God” lyric. Some be shoppin’ for a new job maybe? NBC did issue an apology later on in the show.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. Nathan Kotylak turned himself into police over the weekend for his involvement in the Vancouver Riots after the game 7 loss by the Canucks. The 17-year old not only lost his scholarship to the University of Calgary, but he will also no longer be training with the Men’s National Water Polo team. If you ask me, he deserves what he gets.

2. Bookie shops in England are much different than those here in North America. You can go into a shop over there and propose a bet and they’ll give you any line. Apparently, a guy (who didn’t want his name released) went into a bookie shop when Rory McIlroy was a teenager and bet that the kid would win a major before he turned 25. The man put 25 pounds down and he’s now 25,000 pounds richer. Nice little payday if you ask me.
3. In the 9th annual list of rankings published by ESPN, the sports broadcast giant listed Toronto’s sports teams among the bottom in some eight categories including bang for the buck, fan relations, affordability, stadium experience, and overall franchise performance.

Boston Bruins Sing Black and Yellow
The next segment was interesting as Sid, Noon, and Bronsteter went through a number of topics but never staying on one long enough to make it boring. Good job. The first area up for discussion involved the Boston Bruins and their parade back home. For starters, Sid was impressed how the Red Sox allowed the Bruins to have their day. The ball club pushed the starting time of their ball game back, had Bruins day at the Red Sox game over the weekend, and let about 30 hockey guys take the first pitch at Fenway. Good showing by the team. But according to Sid, the highlight of the parade and all the goodwill was the following involving Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand; I agree with him 100%.

Muchmusic MMVAs
I was very glad to hear Sid talk about the Muchmusic Video Music Awards from Sunday night because they were utter shit. I had tweeted during the Red Carpet and was fully disappointed with what I saw. Again, it could be my age and I know the show is not directed towards my age group, but come on, the VJ’s need to touch up on their interviewing skills. Sid summed it up best, “If that’s what we got for young broadcasters (in Canada), that was awful.” I remember the days of Master T, George, Rick, Erica, Sook-Yin, etc.; when music meant something. Not the fabricated pop shit. And let’s be honest, this isn’t the first year where the show was pure “craptastic“.

Jackass and Ryan Dunn
Near the end of the show, Sid mentioned the unfortunate news of Jackass star, Ryan Dunn’s passing. The 34 year old was involved in a car accident and I would assume he died on impact. According to Sid, Dunn’s “Sticking a Toy Car in his Ass” was one of the best skits ever. He doesn’t remember laughing so hard at anything.

Rapid Fire
– Charlie Boghosian has invented and showcased Deep-Fried Kool-Aid at the San Diego County Fair. What is the strangest Deep Fried food you’ve ever eaten? I don’t think I’ve ever had anything deep fried that I didn’t like. My favourite would have to be the Deep Fried Mars Bar. I had one of those puppies after seeing the Blue Man Group several years ago.
– Ozzie Guillen was recently rushed to a hospital and ended up passing a kidney stone. What’s worse. Passing a kidney stone or watching people getting a paper cut? I think passing a kidney stone could be worse – I’ve heard the pain experienced from kidney stones is unbearable for some. Bronsteter had the best comment for this question though, “Even on the scrotum I could watch it. But in between the fingers, I couldn’t watch it.”
– Who is your favourite Jackass cast member? It would be kind of corny to say Dunn at this point, but both himself and Bam formed a pretty good duo.

Good return by Seixeiro. Glad to see the foul-language sports and edu-tainment savant return from his holidays. The first segment involving Rory McIlroy was well done and interesting. My only problem is that it did run for quite some time – a lot of golf talk. It doesn’t bother me, but I know for some, it may have run a little long, especially if they don’t like golf. Great updates by Pizzo and the highlight here had to of been the crying Nathan and the Vancouver riots. The second segment was great – rapid fire of topics and never staying long enough to bore anyone. I’m glad Sid spoke about the MMVA’s as it was something that was sort of pissing me off since last night. Not that I believe I could do better, it’s just disappointing to people not 100% into the interview. Good show, a little rusty Sid, but great golf chat 8.5/10.


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