Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 8

The guys received an email today from a Tim and Sidizen asking whether eating on the shitter was CUT or UNCUT? There was huge debate and they felt it would be good to have an impromptu Hainser’s Corner to get Ryan Hains’ take on the whole thing.

During the opening theme, Tim and Sid were both pretty funny while ensuring Hainser knew his place.

Sid: “This is gonna be the shortest Hainser’s Corner ever.”
Tim: “Play the beat, play the theme. Don’t open the computer, you’re not staying long.”
Sid: “Don’t open the computer! Don’t take off your jacket.”
Tim: “I’m against this.”

Sid: “We’re gonna ask you one question and then I need for you to get the fuck out.”
Hainser: “It’s just…it’s like that?”
Sid: “It’s always been like that.”
Hainser: (Hainser starting screaming) “@RynoHainser on Twitter.”
Sid: “Shut the fuck up! Don’t even, don’t even start. Don’t Babba Booey this. Shut the fuck up! One simple question.”
Hainser: “Yes.”
Sid: “Actually two. Have you ever eaten while on the shitter and two, how recently if the answer is yes, have you done it?”
Hainser: “No. I don’t eat while I’m on the shitter but I love reading my magazines when I’m on the shitter. I do that all the time. Lots of great reading time there.”
Sid: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Hainser’s Corner”


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